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Killspolosion is a competitive player versus player rules light RPG where there is only one rule: fight to live.

Overview: Role playing games are usually games of cooperation and collaborative storytelling. This game isn’t one of them. Killspolosion is a competitive player versus player RPG where there is only one rule: fight to live. It is a rules light game that supports a variety of genres and rule sets.

Design principles

1.  Light rules: All of the important rules will be written on the character sheet. The GM will have additional rules but players will only need their character sheet.

2. Fast action: Each player will be allowed only one roll of the dice per turn or one minute to describe their action and ask the GM questions. This will keep the pace fast and exciting.

3. Support more than 6 players: Because of the fast pace and light rules, games can support up to 12 players or even more, depending on the ability of the GM.

4. Reward creativity, fast thinking and risk management. Players have to weigh getting small but immediate benefits versus saving up their resources for risky but potentially devastating ambushes or traps.

5. Multiple settings and rule sets can be added in the game. Each setting comes with several rule sets to vary the gameplay.

RPPR Ransom levels:

I am setting the baseline for this ransom at $1,250. If the funding meets this level, I will create the base rules for Killsplosion, playtest them and then release a final PDF as a free download on the main RPPR site with the art by Ean Moody and Violet Kirk. However, there are several secondary goals. If this Kickstarter hits these levels I will release additional content for everyone. They are:

$1500: Designer's edition – I will create an audio commentary for Killsplosion and upload a designer’s edition of the PDF with the audio embedded inside the PDF.

$2000 – Killsplosion expansion: Zombies vs. Humans - Play as an intelligent zombie or human survivor in a post-apocalyptic battle royale! New rules for scavenging random weapons, zombification, insanity and splatterpunk combat. Gain bonuses for gory stunts!

$2500 –RPPR on Video! We will get a HD video camera and use it for future RPPR productions such as:

  • The RPPR group playing Artemis Spaceship Simulator in costume!
  • Interviews and panel recordings at gaming conventions!
  • Demos of board and card games
  • Short films and readings of fanfiction!
  • And more! 

$5,000 – A live action Killsplosion one shot video: Revenge of the Killer Assassin – a live action short featuring blood, bullets and explosions!I know people. People that set things on fire. I can make things happen.

$10,000 - a live action Killsplosion web series with real explosions, decapitations and copious amounts of gratuitous violence! 90 minutes of content altogether :D

What you get:

I will write the first edition of the game and release it as a free PDF after the contributors have playtested the rules.  Different contribution levels get additional rewards.

Vote for a subtitle: Every great RPG has a subtitle and Killsplosion should be no different. I’ve come with a few potential subtitles but I can’t decide which one to use. Once the ransom is over, I will create a poll and let contributors pick which subtitle I should use for the game. Feel free to add your own subtitle for the voting.

  • Killsplosion: The Bloodening
  • Killsplosion: Vengeance of the Revenge
  • Killsplosion: FightBattle
  • Suggest your own subtitle!

Playtest access:Contributors will get a rough draft of the rules and a month to playtest them and provide feedback. Those that actually provide feedback will be listed in the credits. As part of the playtest, I will run a mass PvP game over Skype - the more the merrier.

Preview RPPR Actual Play episodes: As you may know, it takes months for a recorded game to show up on the podcast. With this option, you'll get access to at least 10 actual play episodes long before the rest of the public listens to them. These episodes include a Slender Man based Hunter the Vigil World of Darkness campaign, Caleb's playtest of A Dirty World scenario for Gencon 2011 and a Delta Green scenario: A Victim of the Art.

Online Mini-convention: During December, I'll run 3 games over Skype for those that contribute $50 or more. I will set a schedule after the ransom's conclusion. This is not part of the playtest mass PvP game.

Run RPPR Actual Play for a week: If you contribute at this level, you can pick what game I will post next, listen to it ahead of time and write your own show notes. You can put up a banner of your choice on the site as well. 

Control the RPPR group for one game! If you contribute at this level, I will run a game of whatever you want using whatever you want as a scenario with a few exceptions (No FATAL) If we don't have the book for it, I'll buy it just for this game. I will then post the session on the RPPR AP site as per the previous reward. 

To Summarize Killsplosion and why you should support it:

BORING: A small band of underdog heroes fight hordes of villains and monsters to save the day.

FUN: A large group of violent and unstable killers are pitted each against in a fight to the death.

BORING: Each hero is part of a team, complementing the others with his specialized niche skills and powers. No one hero is more powerful than the others.

FUN: Each killer strives to become as powerful as possible with bizarre skills and the creative use of improvised weapons and traps.

BORING: The heroes are part of a larger story as they role play with neutral or helpful NPCs. 



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    Vote: A vote on the subtitle for Killsplosion.

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    Vote and playtester: A vote on the subtitle for Killsplosion. Early access to playtest rules and a slot at a mass Skype PvP game. You may be acknowledged in credits under any name you choose if you want.

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    Preview and playtester: a vote on the subtitle of Killsplosion, 10 preview AP episodes, playtest rules and seat at mass Skype PvP game, and acknowledged in credits.

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    Online mini-con - I plan to run 3 Skype games for ransom contributors during December. If you want to play, contribute at this level or higher. I'll also throw in the preview episodes, playtest access and a vote for the game's subtitle.

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    Control RPPR for a game! I will run a game of your choice for the RPPR group. You can join in over Skype/webcam if you want. I will NOT run FATAL nor will I run a game I can’t get. I will buy a new rulebook if necessary. Gain all the earlier rewards as well.

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