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Elegant and immersive – featuring a handmade scroll that unrolls as we travel revealing new roads, strange hosts, and perilous choices.
Elegant and immersive – featuring a handmade scroll that unrolls as we travel revealing new roads, strange hosts, and perilous choices.
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    1. Ross Cowman 10-time creator on

      DEEPWAY UPDATE: I've been talking this over with the development team and we might have a better way to add a map section to the game besides printing on the back of the scroll. I'll keep you all posted, but be aware the details of this goal might change.

    2. Jay Crockett on

      You know you are right, a title or even name change would have been appropriate at the end of game for my character.

      Sorry I meant to leave my comment in the main section. However I did tell my sons about the expansions and they are excited!

    3. Ross Cowman 10-time creator on

      You experience is reminding me of the game I played with a pair of 9 year olds, they were SO STOKED about writing down traits. They would visit the trait locations repeatedly, and love it every time.

    4. Ross Cowman 10-time creator on

      Hi Jay,
      So glad you asked these questions. You are right on with your first batch of questions, the answer is yes, yes, yes to all of them!

      One important note about Change: you can also change your Name and Title! I will make that clearer in future versions of the rules. The amount of Trait Prompts is one of the things I'm testing right now. I'd love to hear how other people felt.

    5. Jay Crockett on

      I just finished the first game with my sons tonight, after many evenings of storytelling in lieu of the traditional bedtime story. I have to say it was a very unique and fun experience. Many questions occurred to me during our play: can you backtrack locations, can you do the same scene twice, is the fox a real fox or an alias, etc. However I came to realize these questions don't have wrong answers, it's what ever makes the story work best.
      The only real question I was left with was concerning writing things down on your character card. My boys wanted to write all sorts of things down outside of the official "+word" mechanic, which I allowed, but I stuck to the rules. At the final location, where every scene has the * "change or remove something" effect, I really didn't have much to work with.
      I wonder if there should be more +word scenes or the * mechanic should include adding as well and changing or removing.

    6. Arsonor

      Jason Morningstar! Very nice.

    7. Ross Cowman 10-time creator on

      The first prototype canvas was thinner than the current round of prototypes. I'll make sure there is no bleed.

    8. Matthew on

      As we start adding content to the back are we sure that it won't bleed to the front?