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I've started this pledge to help fund my very first pin. Your support is appreciated. Let's get more Inuyasha pins out there! :)
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Inuyasha & Kagome

My Inuyasha and Kagome pin will be a 2" cutout, hard enamel, black plated, glitter flowers, with 2 pin posts and rubber butterfly clutches. My first 40 backers will receive wood crafted card backers and a 5x5 print of Kagome and Kikyo made by me! <3

**Remember, you will not be charged unless my project is fully funded! When and if my project is fully funded you will be charged the amount you pledged on 11/9/2017 at 11:00PM.**

If this project is fully funded it will take about 2 weeks for me to receive the funding. A survey will be sent out to every backer asking for your address. Please, make sure you type out your address clearly and correctly. I will then immediately put this design into production, which will take between 12-16 days to make and an additional 5-6 days to ship. I will be expecting this pin mid-December. When I receive the pins they will go through a QC (quality check) and shortly after shipped to you. I will keep you all fully updated on the process and notify each and every backer when I am shipping. Thank you, for your continued support! :)


Risks and challenges

If you receive this pin damaged. Shoot me an email at of a photo of your damaged pin and we will discuss further arrangements.

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    Inuyasha & Kagome Pin

    Pledges will receive 1 Inuyasha and Kagome pin!
    First 40 backers will receive wood crafted card backers and a 5x5 print of Kagome and Kikyo made by me.

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