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The Rose Language infuses meaning in new ways--by ascribing concepts to letters. Give someone you love a card rich in significance.
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Share the Love--and get the payoffs.

Posted by Deena Larsen (Creator)
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Well, we are nearly half way there! And we have 22 days to go!  First off, thank you thank you for your support. It means a lot to me as I launch this first Rose language product.

For these greeting cards are actually a hypertext (that is, a text overladen with meanings). And this hypertext has an immediate pay off. You give the card that says Love with Rose symbols that mean L for love, O for wonderful, V for valued, and E for now and in the future. And the person you give it to understands that you care deeply about them and cherish them.  So there is an immediate "reader payoff" in hypertext terms. Your mother hugs you and stops nagging for a while. Your children snuggle up to you and trust you with their secrets. Your lover...well, let's just say there are some payoffs there, too.

Thus, you can send cards to everyone you love, as a tangible reminder of your love--something that they can hold onto, put under their pillows, paste in a scrapbook, put on a bathroom mirror to know how very loved they are.

I need your help. We are half way there--but we have to get the rest of the way! So, every day for the next 3 weeks, could you go to the Kicktraq (at and click on the Share to put this on your FB, your Twitter, your media? And let all of your friends know:

Say love in a new way with secret coded greeting cards. Preorder on this Kickstarter.

Thank you!!


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