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We are filming a documentary about the culture of animal cruelty in the south and the grassroots effort to change it.
We are filming a documentary about the culture of animal cruelty in the south and the grassroots effort to change it.
389 backers pledged $10,471 to help bring this project to life.

A message from Bonnie

People Please, Please, donate so that this documentary can be finished. All the horrible photos in the squares are things that I have investigated. I have poured my life into investigating cruelty for over 5 years without a dime of pay. This county has no animal shelter, so my husband and I have footed the bill. We usually house around 40 dogs at a time. We have spent all our life savings. This has all taken a huge toll on my family, but if I had one week left to live I would want to see this documentary finished. I know that once it has circulated, people will see the horrible things that are going on with animals, and I believe that it will make a huge difference. I cried when I saw the photos although I have seen them many times. I just hope that their voices will finally be heard. LIsten to your heart and please donate. Thank you Joe and Dave and thanks to Pam Montgomery for the lodging! God Bless.

Bonnie Miller 


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      Jane Ammon on April 20, 2012

      Jo and David - You two rock! and THANK YOU! You deserve a big applause, a hug and humanitarian award for giving your time, your heart and soul into creating a great medium to film the holocaust of animals. Rescue animals and the poor animals abandoned or killed because they had no one who cared, have needed people like you to champion for them. Rescue groups are so overrun, swamped with the everyday grief of caring for the animals, we have little energy left and resources to campaign at Legislative level to make BIG CHANGES in animal law that could end the misery. Your documentary along with a plan, a bill, which I've drafted and needs edit and staffing to present to a person (have a name) in the Legislative Branch, may be the combination that could "KickStart" a serious Reform in creating and enforcing very strict laws, in every county, every township, state, etc., to stop the illegal greedy puppy mills, the backyard breeders, and wake up the AKC who should have better control over the indiscriminate breeding they contribute to as well. Please contact me anytime if interested to discuss this plan 334-347-3111 6pm to 10pm cst. Know you are in process of developing this production, appreciate this, know it takes precedence over any further commitments. When you have time, please contact me at number above to discuss. Thank you again for your awesome donation to help save lives. Jane Ammon

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      ManiBerti-Kuffel on April 20, 2012

      We are almost ready to rock-n-roll Bonnie! Hang on to your hat, girl. It is going to be a bumpy ride :-).

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      Sandra Nathan on April 19, 2012

      Donating and Sharing - Kicking it up for Kickstarter ROOTS OF RESCUE!

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      susan mcclung on April 19, 2012

      I agree. Same here but 15 years and into the savings. Who cares. Rescue from the South are so brave and courageous. And individual independent rescuers are heroes and heroines. However we haven't even made a dent in the real issue. Agriculture ignorance, poverty, state laws are missing, puppy mills. Please support this video.