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This project was successfully funded on February 16, 2014.

About this project

Mental Illness impacts so many people, we want to tell many different stories, but we cannot do this without your financial support.  Since this project began, all sorts of people reached out to me hoping to tell their stories about living with a mental illness. For so long, we have allowed society to classify us, now it's time we share our own stories. In sharing our stories, we can control the way we are viewed. I am not a depressed person, my title goes beyond that. Through this project, I want to show you, my story AND MANY OTHERS and what defines all of us. 

But we need your help to do this.  Help us "kickstart" this project and it's ability to change the way you, I and EVERYONE thinks about Mental Illness!  We CANNOT do this without your financial support!  Every dollar makes a difference and whatever amount you give, you will be part of this and help us!  I, like so many others, have mental health issues.  But I am not crazy, I am not mental, and with your help we can truly change the way the world looks at me and everyone else who suffers from mental illness!

Episodic Format

With your help the production team will continue to release short episodes that feature various people living with mental illnesses through youtube, vimeo, and . 

The team will also produce a feature length documentary that ties together the episodes in a thematic format. The final documentary will also be available online for FREE.

The Team

Lola Visuals (David Cowardin and Joe Olivieri) will be producing and editing all material.

The Human Development Center (HDC): Dr. Carolyn Phelps, Ph. D., LP, of HDC will provide clinical expertise. 

YOU can also help. This Kickstarter is important for two reason: your financial and networking support. We will break the stigma of mental illness, but only if we all collaborate to make it happen. 

Use of Funding

In order to continue telling these important stories we NEED your funding  We need to show people who struggle with mental illnesses that they are not alone. Our funds are always managed frugally. We, like you, want to see this project go as far as possible. By sleeping on couches and buying our food at grocery stores we are able to travel where the stories lead, at a minimal cost. 


Risks and challenges

The challenge is simple: break the stigma of mental illness. For that to happen, we need your support.

If this project doesn't happen, we are risking the well being of a large segment of our society. We shouldn't be defined by our mental illnesses but by who we are as people. For that to happen, we have to show the faces of mental illness and reveal the humanity that is hidden behind labels and statistics. We need YOU to help spread the word and to challenge the way you think about mental illness. We need to challenge each other!

Our work relies on the sentiment of our supporters to create social change. As a production team, we will tell meaningful stories. With your help, those stories will be heard far and wide.

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