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RWBY: Combat Ready is a cooperative board game where 2-4 players join forces to take on fierce RWBY villains and slay monstrous Grimm!
RWBY: Combat Ready is a cooperative board game where 2-4 players join forces to take on fierce RWBY villains and slay monstrous Grimm!
8,629 backers pledged $795,979 to help bring this project to life.

Campaign Update #16 - The New RWBY Character Stretch Goal is UNLOCKED!

Posted by Rooster Teeth (Creator)
Backers. Backers. Have you seen what you did?  

You unlocked a new, never before heard of character! At this time very little is known about this character - their name, gender, race... is currently unknown! To explain the reasoning behind this, here is a brief note from Kerry Shawcross, Writer and Director of RWBY: 

“I am super happy and excited (and not at all sleep deprived) about announcing this brand new character who will be appearing in a future volume of RWBY. All we can tell you right now is that they are a sub-boss! We are taking the integrity of RWBY into every thought and development of this unknown character, so at this moment we have very little to share with you. But be prepared - we do hope you fall in love (or hate) with this character just like we have.” 

A few more business notes regarding the development of the New RWBY Character.

  • This character will be appearing in a future volume of RWBY. 
  • This character will be a Sub-Boss - 18 card deck with one objective card. (Hint: That means this character will be a bad person!)
  • This character will be shipped separately due to creative development and manufacturing time. This may mean it will ship later than July 2018. We will keep you updated.

CONGRATULATIONS! Every single one of you Backers has blown us away right and left, and we couldn't be more proud. We'll have another stretch goal for you all tomorrow with the fourth developer's update!  

From all of us here at Rooster Teeth and Arcane Wonders - thank you.  


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    1. Josh Tetreault on

      What needs to be done on the backers part to get this?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jarrett Holmes on

      I updated my pledge by $10, but do I need to update it more for the previous stretch goal ad ons? I pledged $125 initially for the best game level, and I’m a little confused as to how the add ons work.

    3. Missing avatar

      Fabian on

      Do we really need another stretch goal?

      I am So tired of stretching and scrolling...

      (Thanks for all those updates
      ...but deep down you know that our purses are finite, right?)

      We are combat ready!
      Have a nice day!

    4. Kyle Silverthorn on

      I hope the future stretch goal is "all Add-On content is now included for Backers with no additional cost" or "all Add-On and Backer content will be available for purchase separately after the game's launch." I really want those Villain minis, but I'm having trouble justifying $20 for three minis when I'm also getting five of them included with the $45 base game.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alisha Shah on

      Is this mystery character possibly available post Kickstarter as well? Just because I was excited to learn something, but since we don't have much - and I am already paying $55 + $30 worth of add-ons. It was just slightly underwhelming considering the hype that there is no reveal at all...

    6. Trueflight Silverwing on

      I was expecting to see Sun

    7. Maciek Stępiński on

      So, all this talk about the mystery character being a playable was a lie? Because I can clearly remember mods telling us that it was. And even if it was my delusion and it's Mendela effect in it's fullest, I don't think anyone ever denied that, despite all this talk we've been having in the comment section.
      Good job, team. You managed to dissapoint me even more than before. At least wait until the campaign is over before giving me the bad news.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Stancil on

      I'm making a prediction. The character will be named after a color, and will have a ridiculous weapon that doubles as a gun. (Risky bet, I know.)

    9. Nicole on

      No information except that they are a Villain that was kinda sad, but I guess they did say future Volume so it could still be several Volumes in the future that they introduce this character we are now getting 5 but this character could be in Volume 6 or even 7, but a little more would have been nice to know.

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew James Jackson on

      I knew it wasn't gonna be a sixth playable character.

    11. Trueflight Silverwing on

      @Shane H. After the campaign is over, there will be a pledge manager where you pick and choose the items that you want your pledge money to go towards. That is how they know what to send you (and what to manufacture to be honest).

      This add on is cooll, but risky at the same time. $10 for something, or better yet, someone, but no idea who or if I'll even like them.

      Is this something that we can add on at a later point (like during the pledge manager)? I'm already spending more on this game that I was originally planning on (hadn't noticed that several of the unlocks were paid add ons and not Kickstarter exclusive items included in the pledge). Would be cool to get everything, but the price is ever growing.

    12. Missing avatar

      Melissa Newman on

      Will there be any potential, even in the future, to play other good guys, like Nora? *My favourite*

    13. Missing avatar

      Shay on

      @Andrew, hey, I hoped for the same, but that's precisely the key word - "hoped". It wasn't ever as much as implied, let alone promised, that this is what we'll get. Assuming that you'll get something you weren't promised is just a recipe for disappointment. Saying we were "spat on" isn't really fair, in my opinion.

      But yeah... I really had hoped that some details about them would be revealed, and that they'd be a playable character... but oh, well. Still really looking forward to Combat Ready! It looks so fun.

    14. Justin Boehm

      Cool unlock, but I'm honestly super disappointed that this isn't a new female playable hero, both for the game and for the show. This is all the more reason you need to make the sub-bosses and villains as playable characters with some kind of "Redemption" add on with hero decks for them!

    15. KayFaraday on

      If I plan to get this and the Emerald/Mercury bundle, then will further stretch goals unlocked later after payment have to be bought separate?

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Wow, I pledged to this game hoping that if we made it to this stretch goal the character be it a name or an image would be revealed to us, and man I feel like I just got a giant middle finger and or spat on.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kayleigh Wimpee on

      @Shane H. An email will be sent after you change your pledge amount stating that RT will send out a sheet to fill out where you pick the add-ons you wanted your money to go towards I don't know what day but it'll most likely be after the kickstarter ends.

    18. Shane H. on

      So it’s a $10 Add On just like the Emerald and Mercury Sub-Boss? If I add both sub-bosses to my pledge for the additional $20, how will the shipper differentiate this pledge bonus from the $20 Villain Miniatures Add On, and know what to send me?

    19. Curtis Kam on


    20. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      So... No further Stretch Goal?

    21. ACGalaga on

      Okay... and here I thought it was going to be a hero. Okay, that’s cool. Thanks for the update!!