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RWBY: Combat Ready is a cooperative board game where 2-4 players join forces to take on fierce RWBY villains and slay monstrous Grimm!
RWBY: Combat Ready is a cooperative board game where 2-4 players join forces to take on fierce RWBY villains and slay monstrous Grimm!
8,629 backers pledged $795,979 to help bring this project to life.

Campaign Update #15 - Penny's Booster Pack!

Posted by Rooster Teeth (Creator)

Howdy y’all!  

We’ve unlocked another Stretch Goal! This one is specifically related to Penny and her deck. Due to your incredible support, we have unlocked the Penny 6-card Booster Pack goal. This pack includes six additional action cards for Penny to be used during game play. These cards represent exciting new attacks and actions you can upgrade to during battle. It’ll be INCLUDED for all backers of RWBY: Combat Ready.  

Something cool has also occurred during this Kickstarter, and it’s been happening in the comments section everywhere. People are learning about RWBY, the show, and the lore surrounding the characters and story. To help with this, we’ve put together two starter packs that are now available as Add-On Items!

 Are you starting to get excited? We’re closing in on the big, unknown, incredible Stretch Goal - the new RWBY-verse Character! Stay tuned for the next big update!  

Rooster Teeth

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    1. Missing avatar

      Klorix on

      I had a similar question when they presented the "Beacon arc" (Vol. 1-3) Steelbook. Here's the response I received from the customer support. But you might want to double check, whether this applies to the single-volume editions:

      Thanks for your interest! All of our DVDs and Blu Rays are region-free, meaning they can be played in any DVD/Blu Ray player in the world, regardless of that player's region coding.

      Most of our DVDs are presently manufactured using the NTSC signal encoding system, so they will only play on TV sets that use the NTSC system (countries which use NTSC include the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and most of Central America). They will not play properly on TV sets that use PAL or SECAM encoding. Some DVD players are capable of converting NTSC to PAL or SECAM formats, but most cannot -- check your owner's manual to see if yours can perform this conversion. The DVDs should play on any computer worldwide, but we recommend checking your computer manual or contacting the manufacturer to make sure.

    2. Missing avatar

      Clockworkclown - Amber K on

      Will these blu rays be Region 1 only? Because I can only watch Region 2 bluray.

    3. Missing avatar

      Derek Leal on

      So how does the addons work? I’m new to Kickstarter. How would I opt in?

    4. Martin Štěrba on

      Trueflight - not all of us live in the USA. For me it's still cheaper than the roosterteeth online store.

    5. dwbapst on


      Just a small note on your math: $125 + $75 is $200, not $190.

      You may want to double-check. If you are currently funded for $190, you are currently only set up for $65 of add-ons.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alessandro De Vescovi on

      @Daniel Alvernaz:
      You funded 125 (like I did), for the add-ons go to manage your pledge and increase the amount (NOT changing the pledge) with the cost of the add-ons you want. At the end of the campaign you'll get an email to say which add-ons you paid for.
      Just a clear example:
      I funded 125, I got the Best Game Level then, staying in that pledge I added 75 $ and now I am a 190, so I cover the villain miniatures and Mercury and Emerald and still have something to spare.
      I'm just waiting to see the cost of the mistery character add-on to finalize my donation.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Kudlick on

      Victor - if you click on "Manage your pledge" then you can add the amount required to get the add-ons.

    8. BlackCobra503 on

      Ok can someone explain to me how add on work like do we have to pay extra to get them or what?

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Alvernaz on

      So if I funded $125 already does this mean I got this and the penny pack already or do I have to put in another donation to get one of these packs

    10. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      Do the Soundtrack CDs include the Karaoke versions? The ITunes soundtracks don't include Karaoke...

    11. Trueflight Silverwing on

      I understand that it helps support the Kickstarter, but why is the DVD box set $15 more than it cost me to go to the local Target and get the same thing?

    12. Chris Grimes on

      Can we get those OSTs and Blu Rays now rather then waiting till next year?

    13. Austin Loomis

      Are there any stretch goals beyond our Mystery Guest?

    14. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      @Tony We're now 10K away from Mystery character. Can you tell us his/her Add-On price now? So that once we reach $350k, we'd know how much to pay? We did have to wait 24-hours to get the Penny Booster update...

    15. Curtis Kam on

      Reveal to US!!!!!!!!!

    16. Tyler Jeffers on

      But I already have them all....

    17. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      @Tony When will this be shipped to us? If we get this at the same time as RWBY Combat Ready, it's likely going to come out after Volume 5 airs (and likely after a couple weeks of RWBY Chibi Volume 3). Can we add Volume 5 to the bundle(s)? Or will they ship earlier, and hence can't come with Volume 5? Will they be in time for Christmas?
      I suppose the "when's shipping" question can also be applied to the Art Prints, T-Shirt, and Challenge Coin.

    18. dwbapst on

      Hmm, how about electronic downloads of the soundtracks as an alternative add-on? I never use CDs...

    19. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      Whoops. In my question: "Target for $45 DVD or $60 Blu-Ray?"

    20. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      @Martin Just looked it up. DVD: Yes. 4K Ultra HD: No. Blu-Ray... not clear, but I'd think so.

    21. Missing avatar

      RWBY-Panda on

      Will these add-ons ship before the game's release? It would be nice if the people who are new to RWBY could enjoy the DVDs/Blu-Rays and soundtracks while we all wait for the game to release :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      @QUESTION, but I think I already know the answer; I'm double-checking.
      Are these the basic bundles; the stuff we see in Target for $45 Target or $60 Blu-Ray? Or will this offer bonus items/features not included in the Target DVD or Blu-Ray editions?
      Or are they the super bundles from the RWBY online store? On the RT Store: RWBY V4 Special Edition comes with the Blu-Ray, the DVD, an 'action card', and bonus features like Behind the Scenes and Audio Commentaries?

    23. Missing avatar

      Alyssa Andersen on

      Literally had the CDs on my Xmas wishlist. SO CONVENIENT! lol super excited for all of it!!

    24. Martin Štěrba on

      Hello, I don't own any blu-rays and I recently bought PS4 Slim. Will I be able to play blu-rays on it? I heard they have some region locking . I'm from the EU.

    25. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      I already bought a lot of the music and all 4 volumes on ITunes...

    26. Missing avatar

      Bradley Shearer on

      So.... blu-ray and DVD are same price?