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RWBY: Combat Ready is a cooperative board game where 2-4 players join forces to take on fierce RWBY villains and slay monstrous Grimm!
RWBY: Combat Ready is a cooperative board game where 2-4 players join forces to take on fierce RWBY villains and slay monstrous Grimm!
8,629 backers pledged $795,979 to help bring this project to life.

Campaign Update #12 - Midweek Update!

Posted by Rooster Teeth (Creator)


Happy Wednesday! Today we are officially less than two weeks away from the end of the RWBY: Combat Ready Kickstarter. We have been blown away by your support for the campaign, and all of us at Rooster Teeth and Arcane Wonders couldn’t be more ecstatic for you to play our game. <3  

We’re very close to unlocking the Emerald and Mercury Add-On, so please continue to tell your friends and family about RWBY: Combat Ready. In the meantime, we wanted to offer a new add-on that has been frequently requested!  

You can now add additional copies of RWBY: Combat Ready to your pledge! Any additional copy of the game that you add will also include all backer unlocked content. Each additional copy of the game will be USD $45.00 - remember, this includes shipping if you are in the USA, EU, Australia, or New Zealand. 

To add to your pledge, go to your Pledge Manager and increase the monetary amount of your pledge by the cost of your add-on item(s). For a more in-depth explanation, here is a post explaining it all!

For those of you who were able to stop by the RWBY: Combat Ready booth at RTX London - thank you so much for taking the time to play a demo with us! We hope you had as much fun as we did getting a chance to play it with you. 

Images from the RWBY: Combat Ready booth at RTX London 2017.
Images from the RWBY: Combat Ready booth at RTX London 2017.

We’ll be in touch soon with a new developer update from Arcane Wonders!  

Rooster Teeth

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    1. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      @Sam No official source, but most likely you'll have to pay for the duplicate add-on. However, I don't know if they confirmed the ability to purchase multiple, but I don't see why not.
      They have confirmed that post-Kickstarter, they will send you a Survey about how you wish to spend the excess money. In other words, if you spent $45, you can choose up to 2 Villain Miniature Sets (if they let people do so) or the second game copy; if you spent $70, you can choose up to 3 Villain Mini Sets or a second game copy with up to 1 Villain Mini Set. Of course, you can choose to not spend that excess money onto anything, but I doubt many will do that.
      Still hoping that at least the T-Shirts become an Add-On! I'm buying this for/with my sister (who doesn't have a credit card), and getting just 1 shirt means it won't fit one of us. For us, it's either no shirt, or 2.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sam Broderick on

      How do the additional copies of the game work with the add ons? For example I have already increased my pledge for the miniature add on and will probably increase it further for the additional decks, but I also wish to increase it for a second copy of the game for a friend. How will you know whether the extra money goes towards an add on or extra copy? Or both?

    3. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      I just noticed. For the Game Add-On, the image you're using of the game board still has the standups rather than the miniatures. While those who read the Component List or have been following the updates/Stretch Goals will understand this mistake, others (especially those who really want those artful standups) may get the wrong impression.

    4. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      Another question: Let's assume we want to purchase this second copy (and Minis, and potentially more Add-Ons in the future) for somebody else, and we can't personally deliver it. For instance, I live in Utah but my friend lives in Washington. Can we send you their address so that you can ship it directly to them, maybe with a note inside/on top stating "To [You], From [Backer]"?

    5. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      @Jayvir Agreed, for the most part. Million Dollars But... managed to reach 1.3 Million when it asked for $10k. This is barely a third of that, and I'm pretty sure RWBY is more popular than Million Dollars But...'s show. Having an in-depth round be played, especially if they could add RWBY animation to it (we see the scenario through both the board game and via animation), would remove a lot of the confusion around this game, if not boost interest in it.
      A big difference between the two is that while a full round was played properly for MDB..., RWBY Combat Ready had scarce gameplay to simplify the explanation.
      Yes, we got a basic gameplay video; it's even on the Campaign's main page. But it simplified things so that we didn't have to memorize everything in an entire turn at first. They first showed how the speed mechanic worked, then added card effects (they skipped/ignored the effect of Mocking Blow giving Minions +1 Speed, likely due to simplifying the tutorial), then added Teammates and how they work, then added Weiss's AOE effect, then ended with Fury and Ruby's Ultimate, as well as Event Cards.
      Having a full duel, 1 Hero vs 1 Villain, with proper gameplay at all times, may make it easier to understand. Maybe put it under How to Play, and title it something like How to Play - Part 2; or Demo Duel.

    6. Jayvir on

      Can we please just get a video of a full playthrough? I'm baffled that it doesn't exist over halfway through the campaign. Lesser known titles had been buried because of lack of clarity when it comes to rules and such. You guys are it getting a pass because of the RWBY name

    7. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      @Joey Lujan SAME HERE! I don't care if we have to pay an extra $5 per shirt. I'm assuming this shirt isn't going public on their online store, so the extra $5 is incentive for them to produce more for us, going straight into Combat Ready instead of into Shirt production.
      @Jason Capp I don't they they will, or should, just sell the Challenge Coin. As they explain in the FAQ: "organizations... have given them out in recognition of certain services or accomplishments." If this was an 'any-backer item', it would likely have come free with any Pledge level, and not be included upon the launch of the game. But instead, they reserved it for people who purchased at least the $125 Pledge (a $50 jump just for that coin).
      Sure, they may be able to sell the coin for the $50, or boost it up to $65 to encourage lower-Pledge backers to upgrade (would you spend $110 for the basic game and Coin; or $15 more for art cards and a shirt, which together normally up the pledge price by $30?). They can also make it so that Best Level Backers and above get a discount on the coin since they already purchased one (below Bests cost $50-65 each, but Bests and above can get it for $15-20), further incentivizing Collection Backers to upgrade to higher Pledges. They might be able to do the overcharge/discount as well for the Art Cards and T-Shirts.
      That may seem like a bit of a scam attempt, but we're one to talk. We're asking Rooster Teeth for cheaper T-Shirt options (for those who just want the game and 1 shirt, somehow the $10 for Art Cards before getting the T-Shirt is ludicrous for those cheapskates), cheaper Challenge Coin options, etc. If we want to be cheap and scam them out of their Pledge levels, why can't they at least make us reconsider which purchase price to choose?

    8. Jason Capp on

      As Joey pointed out, I too would love the option to purchase one of the tier unlocks without things I don't want. I really would like to buy just the coin, as I don't really want the shirt or the art prints. Can this be a possibility? Even during the Backerkit phase, maybe?

    9. Joey Lujan on

      would love an option to be able to get the t-shirt without having to get the art prints.

    10. ACGalaga on

      Thank you for the update!

      In my opinion they’ve already told us everything that’s in the box. RT has mentioned interest in expansion (in the NYCC interview by TechRaptor) but i think they’re trying to get this game made first before talking about expansions. The design space is there, the interest is there, that’s good enough for me. Hey, who knows, maybe we’ll get a new team at 700k ;)

      It’s nice to see a pic (small pic) of the game being played. Looks real nice. Looks like placeholder art with past-on titles and abilities at this point. Really really looking forward to how nice the finish game will look on the table, the art on the cards and the vibrant colors will certainly be eye fetching.

      @Daniel - Thanks for your comments!! I’m always pleased to hear stories from those who’ve had experience playing the game. Hope to hear more :)

      @RT & AW - Keep up the great work guys! I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold this last week and a half!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      @Co 1980 Thanks.
      While not confirmed, I'm pretty sure that they can make the Scenario Book into a 3-Ring Binder/Spiral Notebook. Additional Sub-Bosses, Objectives, and other gameplay features requiring a new Scenario/explanation can include a page that can be added via the rings/spiral. If they do that, they should probably laminate or find some sturdy paper for the scenario booklet, to allow for safer deconstruction and reconstruction.

    12. Missing avatar

      Co 1980 on

      I agree with Devon Orme regarding the lack of information regarding other teams, which so many people have been asking about. Also, the scenario book is still 8 pages after all the upgrades including a new sub boss, 6 (other) additional objectives, 2 new bosses and one new minion deck. It would make sense if all this would lead to more scenarios and thus a bigger scenario book. This worries me, as it implies that the scenarios are pretty much interchangeable and thus lack variety.

      I would really like to see an example of a scenario to see how much of it is randomized.

    13. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      @Jordan Agreed. If we could get a confirmation of at least 1 more team, and how/when to get them, many (potential and current) backers will be have their curiosity/frustration sated. Even if they say "Team XXXX will be an Add-On/Expansion Pack not available in the basic game, you can pay $XX for it, and it'll be available upon launch OR by the holidays," OR "No additional teams planned currently. May make it a stretch goal beyond Mystery-Character, or see how well the games sells at launch."
      The lack of news is discouraging many people. Answering this will tell people just how far you're planning on going with this game. If it's just limited to RWBY, Penny, and Mystery, they'll question how many expansions are truly planned. Are more objectives even possible? More teams, Villains/Minions/Sub-Bosses, or even card expansions? If we see no plans of further expansion, will they update/upgrade this game with each new season of RWBY to include new everything?
      TL:DR Please tell us if you have any plans for future expansions, particularly with additional playable Teams.

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Harrow on

      We had such a great time playing with you at RTX London! I had no idea you were the one managing the Kickstarter page :)
      The game was awesome and we had a lot of fun. Can't wait until it comes out!
      (thanks for letting us take one of the cards as a keepsake by the way that was kind of way too cool of you :) )

    15. Missing avatar

      Devon Orme on

      I want to triple-check that I understand you. By Backer-Unlocked content, you are referring to the Stretch Goals, NOT the Pledge Level bonuses (Art cards, T-Shirts, etc.)?
      Still no option for extra T-Shirts?
      Are the shirts going to be offered on the regular Rooster Teeth Store, or are they Backer-Only, and won't be produced for the general public? Either way, PLEASE let us know. If they are Backer-Exclusive, please let us purchase extras under our Pledge! (The current pledge difference puts them at $20 shirts, but I wouldn't mind paying $25 for each extra shirt. 25% more for you per shirt, more shirts for me and others to share.).

    16. Jordan Fitzpatrick on

      I would love to see team expansions in the future if possible I think it would keep the love and interest going for a long time ^_^