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RWBY: Combat Ready is a cooperative board game where 2-4 players join forces to take on fierce RWBY villains and slay monstrous Grimm!
RWBY: Combat Ready is a cooperative board game where 2-4 players join forces to take on fierce RWBY villains and slay monstrous Grimm!
8,629 backers pledged $795,979 to help bring this project to life.

Campaign Update #10 - Villain Miniatures are now available!

Posted by Rooster Teeth (Creator)

Greetings all!  

Our first Add-On is now available and, whew - it’s a pretty amazing one. With the support of our amazing Backers, Collectible Villain Miniatures are now available to purchase!  

The Villain Miniatures are incredibly detailed at this 30mm scale. Although not integral to the gameplay of RWBY: Combat Ready, these collectible miniatures are a great Add-On Item for any fan. They can now be added to your pledge for an additional cost. Not sure how to add-on an item? Check out this handy guide!

Poses are for representation only, not an indication of final models.
Poses are for representation only, not an indication of final models.

For anyone who might be attending RTX London this weekend, make sure to swing by Booth #224 near Center Stage where we’ll have some demos set up of RWBY: Combat Ready!  

Additionally, we wanted to emphasize something amazing for our International Backers. If you are located in the EU, Australia, or New Zealand - you DO NOT HAVE additional shipping costs! We are able to fulfill your pledges from within those regions without having to ship from Austin, TX, USA.  

Keep those comments and questions coming! We love hearing from you.  

Rooster Teeth  

P.S. - We wanted to sneak something special in… While we don't have renders of the Villain Minis yet, but here is a WIP image of the 3D renders of the Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang Miniatures that are being included in all copies of RWBY: Combat Ready. *Note, these are still work in progress models. These are NOT final.  

NOT FINAL VERSIONS. From left to right: Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long
NOT FINAL VERSIONS. From left to right: Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long


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    1. Missing avatar

      Gian Reyman on

      wait a minute... how much does each add on cost?

    2. Missing avatar

      Alisha Shah on

      Wanted to confirm - are the miniatures only of the three shown above (Roman, Cinder and Adam) or will they include Neo, Emerald and Mercury?

    3. Missing avatar

      Angel l velazquez Jr on

      will addons and other items be able to be purchased after the project has been backed and funded or is it exclusively pledges

    4. Nikolas Michaelides on

      Can we get a second set of the RWBY miniatures as an addon please? I wouls like to have a second set if they are high quality enough to be painted.

    5. ACGalaga on

      @Vyse1234 - I get what you're saying but I think there is some logic behind it. Our goal was to fund the base game. Everything that comes after that is a bonus. As for the add-on stretch goals,
      ... First, they're something additional to the base game, and in order to make them affordable you'd have to raise X amount of money first. Secondly, by placing add-ons in select spots on the stretch goals, backers will raise their pledge once they're unlocked, creating a surge in funding to hit future targets. I'm no business person though, and not sure if it's absolutely necessary, but it looks like it works. They're squeezing more juice out of me because of it! Ha ha!

    6. Missing avatar

      Vyse1234 on

      Seems like too much and not a huge fan of add-on stretch goals. If you want to put an add-on I think that's fine but making it a stretch goal to get the ability to purchase the add-on seems kinda wonky to me.

    7. Missing avatar

      Thorgor on

      @Preston: same as the villains, 30mm scale

    8. Preston Hong: The Korean Stepdad on

      How big are the rwby miniatures

    9. Trueflight Silverwing on

      I like the concept, the minis look cool, and I understand the need for add ons to boost to the numbers, but these feel a bit pricey for what you're getting. Even if the set includes mercury, emerald, and neo. Half the price would be more reasonable. I hate to skip out on something like that, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Maybe if they were to come with some extra content or something. Sucks to have awesome models if the girls, but not the enemies, but I guess I'll have to make due.

    10. ACGalaga on

      @Kali - that would be nice but I don’t think so. I’m thinking maybe Panda? They’ve been a big go to these decent and affordable miniatures.

    11. kc2dpt on

      Any stretch goal which is labeled “add on” is something you need to add money on to your pledge in order to get. That’s why it’s called an “add on”.

    12. Joshua Schafer on

      So, do the models only cost extra or is it all stretch goals?

    13. Darrin Carvey on

      Does this mean Neo (and potentially Emerald/Mercury) will have a miniature as well or is it just these three?

    14. Kail James Christensen on

      @Alan hopefully Games Workshop

    15. Missing avatar

      Richard Griffith

      @Travis No. Think of backers at that other level. They have to add the $20 to get the minis, they don't get the addon included.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Vanderhout on

      So will you guys be looking into free shipping to Canada? I don't think it would be that difficult to get, considering that it's one of the closest countries

    17. ACGalaga on

      What company are you using to produce the miniatures?

    18. Missing avatar

      Travis Simmons on

      If I up my pledge to include the cost of the minis and that puts me in a new backer level. Do I also get the new items from the new backer level?

    19. Missing avatar

      Co 1980 on

      I think you guys are looking in the wrong place: the Add On header is a header like "How To Play" and "Components", so you need to scroll down in the Campaign tab.

      The price for the minis is $20, according to the info there. Pretty steep, if you ask me, but it will definitely help reach the next goal(s) if enough of us are willing to pay :)

    20. Missing avatar

      bsk on

      This add-on neads $20 as described above STRETCH GOALS in Campaign page.

    21. Taleena on

      There's also no add on header that was mentioned in the last update so I'm confused about that as well.

    22. Hayden Collins on

      How much extra money is needed for this add-on?

    23. Taleena on

      How much do we need to add onto our pledge to add these? I've read and re-read the guide and it's still confusing and others have asked about this too. I really want to add these to my game and I want to make sure I get them.