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We need help to fund a new record! The major labels are dying off. Help lead the transition to a new era of grassroots production.
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Roosevelt Dime

74 backers pledged $6,330 to help bring this project to life.

3 reasons why you're the best.

1. You believed in us and supported us, and for this we thank you.

2. You brought us to, and exceeded our proposed budget through unbelievably generous contributions, and for this we THANK YOU.

3. Now it's time to share the music that simply would not exist without YOU, so be proud, and thank yourselves!

You heard our single, "Wishing Well" here first. KS backers got the first preview. Now we have posted it online, on our new Facebook page, for the world to see. Proudly share the music that you made happen with your friends, family, and colleagues. This is exciting stuff; you are all officially producers now!

The mastering is in its absolute final stages which means that everyone in the $20 and above category will receive full download access, probably within a week! When you do get your download, play it for everyone you know, and tell them that it wouldn't exist without YOU!

Here's a quick link to the Facebook site where "Wishing Well" is posted. You can copy and send to friends:

Eternal Thanks!