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We need help to fund a new record! The major labels are dying off. Help lead the transition to a new era of grassroots production.

****Special update****

We made it!! Eternal thanks to all of our backers who have given us a chance to record our second album. We're so excited to get back in the studio, and truly would not have had the opportunity to do so without all of your support. It's an unbelievable shot of confidence and affirmation in what we do to know that so many people believe in the music we pour our hearts into.

Now that we've reached our $5,000 goal, we'll have the bulk of the basic expenses covered (studio time, mixing, mastering, and printing CDs). But, if you know someone who was planning on contributing but hasn't gotten around to pledging yet, or if you've just gotten so caught up in this whole Kickstarter thing that you want to make another donation, we want to assure you that every dollar over the 5K mark will still go towards towards things of paramount importance, (we're far from shopping for ivory canes and diamond-monocles). After all what's the point of putting all this effort into an album if no one's going to hear it?! That's where PR and touring come in. We need to get the word out to all of the potential markets that may be interested in booking our unique brand of VoodoDixieAcidSoul. It all, of course, costs money (sheesh, where does it end?): everything from gassing up the van and heading out to a music festival in Texas, to having a publicist get a feature of our band in a music publication in Denmark. Although we have had our PR successes in the past (see Blind Pig Party '09), it's not realistic to imagine running a band full-time, and doing PR full-time without both things suffering. Also, we lack the network of connections to magazines, blogs, radio stations, record companies, etc that make PR firms powerful. Hiring a firm would not only help us get the word out in advance of the record release, it would help us immeasurably for years to come. This is where every dollar over 5k will go: transportation, and PR.

As a reminder, all pledges made through December 13 will still receive the backer rewards. Even if you don't have anything to give, just spread the word about Roosevelt Dime to your friends and other music lovers- that means more to us than you can imagine. Thanks again to everyone for everything.


We’re not looking for money for extravagant production tricks, bowls of blue M&Ms, and auto-tuning. We just want to make an album that focuses on the fundamentals -- the musicianship and the music. And we need your help.

The musicians in Roosevelt Dime are connoisseurs of American musical traditions from the early 20th century and beyond: jug-band, gospel, dixieland, blues, country, rock, and soul. Our compositions keep these traditions alive and often reinterpret them in modern instrumentations, creating a sound we like to call VoodooDixieCountrySoul. As you can probably guess, this is quite a challenge! (Why couldn't we just write some nice pop songs, right?)

We self-produced our first album, Crooked Roots, and proved we have the creative vision and discipline to make great records. The music critics agree. However, we spent loads out of pocket on mixing, mastering, printing, packaging, and creating a industry-ready product. It cost us about $5000.00, and believe us, we have some funny stories from trying to fit that budget. But hey, when you're down to your last nickels and dimes, sometimes you have to drive 3-men-deep in a 2-seater Toyota from NYC to Nashville and back in two days in order to work with just the right mix-engineer (thanks Erick!). In the end though, we persevered and have been enjoying the fruits of our labor. Album sales have been steady, we've received loads of positive feedback, made dozens of new contacts in the industry, and have played a few sold out shows across the northeast and in Canada!

After a solid eight months of touring, pushing our album, and dramatically increasing our fan base, we have once again begun to write and compile new material. The time to record our second album is upon us, but we have $0 in savings this time around. $5000.00 is the bare-bones minimum figure we need to make this happen, and hopefully we can raise more so that we can afford a publicist to help us promote the release and subsequent tour. Making a second album is the only way to keep the band moving forward, and we all believe in this project so much, but we can't do it alone.

We are entering a new era in the music business. The demise of gargantuan labels and the rise of the mp3 and internet distribution is a mixed bag for independent artists such as ourselves. On the one hand it makes the prospect of getting signed and receiving major help with promotion and touring an unlikely possibility. On the other hand it allows for us innovate in ways to reach listeners, create new fans, and rise above the competition. We are currently experimenting with viral videos, blogs, and all the social networking possibilities available to musicians, and we are constantly on the lookout for new entrepreneurial options. So far, nothing has emerged as a definitive alternative to what record labels used to do. models a promising possibility of what a 21st century record label might look like.

So, Instead of submitting our record to dozens of indy labels that probably don't have the infrastructure to help us much anyway, we are making Kickstarter our "label," and you, the people, will be our executive producer. A donation towards our next album, says you believe in our music, our philosophy, and you want to put Roosevelt Dime in the spotlight. Let's make the transition to a new era in which you, the music lovers, decide who rises up!


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    all of the above plus download access to the new album as soon as it's completed (1-2 months before official release date)

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    all of the above plus we will write a personalized song (which will be be posted on our website) praising your kind heart and generous contribution. We guarantee to make it thoughtful and hilarious.

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    For $500, you'll receive all of the above rewards, plus Roosevelt Dime will perform an exclusive concert just for you and your best buddies at a locale of your choosing! We do weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs... and your living room! Limited to NYC backers (although if you live in Finland AND want to donate $500 AND fly us out to Helsinki, then we're all ears...)

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    THE PATRON SAINT reward. We'll feature a dramatic old-timey likeness of you (handlebar mustaches and corsets encouraged) in the album art. When we play the private concert for you, we'll also cook dinner for you and all your friends. We're actually pretty good cooks. Bless your heart.

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