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The hilarious story of two idiotic roommates who fall in love with their landlord, and go to dangerous lengths to make her theirs.

The hilarious story of two idiotic roommates who fall in love with their landlord, and go to dangerous lengths to make her theirs. Read More
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Longtime friends, David Hill & John Myers, founded Wood Pictures in 2009. An independent film production company, Wood Pictures takes its name from Edward D. Wood Jr., the proclaimed “Worst Director Of All Time.” What is important to remember about Mr. Wood is that he never let anyone, or anything, stand in the way of his dreams, continuously refusing to take no for an answer. Such is the mantra at Wood Pictures.

By using the simple tools at their fingertips, and with very little money, Wood Pictures has produced various short films, as well as more than 75 episodes of their web series, Them Roomies. With new content posted every Tuesday, Them Roomies follows the adventures of two poverty stricken roommates. Head to YOUTUBE to watch and get to know the boys.


David and John have been working on the Roomies! screenplay for three and a half years. During this time it has received great coverage from several production companies and festivals, as well as taken 2nd place in the prestigious Golden Brad Screenwriting Awards.

The Them Roomies web-series has developed a cult following over the years and Kickstarter presents the ideal place for the Them Roomies fans to play a part in how the feature film about 'David' and 'John' gets made.

What's the movie about, you might ask? It tells the STORY of two hapless roommates who sign the lease to an apartment that is way out of their price range, simply because they fall in love with the landlord, Amy. Amy quickly makes it clear to the boys that it is illegal for her to date residents. When the boys find out that Amy lied to them, and that she is dating another resident, they take matters into their own hands to make her theirs, inadvertently sending them down a dangerous, dark path that neither were prepared for.

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DAVID HILL (Actor/Writer)  

As a comedian, David has trained at The Second City (Chicago) and The Groundlings (L.A.). He has held stints performing improv at Madcap Theater and Impulse Theater (Denver) and has performed stand up at venues such as Comedy Works (Denver), Comedy Store (West Hollywood), The Ice House (Pasadena), and HaHa Comedy Club (North Hollywood). Check out some of his stuff here.

In addition to providing the script for “Third Wheel,” and writing/directing "Boss' Weekend," David has written or co-written (along with John Myers) several feature length screenplays. In April of 2008, his full length play, Greener Grass, premiered at the 9th Annual CU Fringe Festival in Boulder, CO. In 2010, his ten-minute play, Shared, was chosen to be a part of the New Play Development Workshop at the 24th Annual Association for Theater in Higher Education (ATHE) Conference in L.A. In 2011, Shared debuted atThe Three Leaches Theater Company in Boulder, CO. His one-act play, Dwelling, received its world premiere earlier this year at The Open Theatre in Boston.    

JOHN MYERS (Actor/Writer)  

John was heavily involved in music and theatre in school and, at age 16, made his first film, "Dunbar Court: The Movie", which took top prize in Longmont, CO's first Cans Film Festival. By 21, John had written and directed two short films and two feature films as well as acted in numerous plays and film productions. He has played everything from John in 'Them Roomies!', to Sitting Bull in 'Annie Get Your Gun', to a monster wearing a rubber mask and tights, freezing in the woods at 3am. John has produced, directed, written and acted in numerous projects in film and television since moving to Los Angeles in 2010 with Hill. You can check out some of his work on his YouTube channel.


Born in 1982, Will was raised in Niwot, Colorado. He is a producer, director, and cinematographer based in Los Angeles working in narrative film, music videos, and commercials. You can check out his work via his website.

He is also the force behind Motion Lifestyle, an instructional video production company.

The son of musicians, he traveled extensively growing up and developed early an interest in entertainment and film. Also a musician, he accompanied his father Pete Wernick and others, including Steve Martin, on the David Letterman show in 2005.

Wernick’s talent in film blossomed when he started making shorts during college (University of Colorado). Taking two film classes convinced him that schooling wasn’t how he would learn what he needed to make films himself. After working as a P.A. on the 2004 feature, LOGGERHEADS (produced by Gill Holland, premiering at Sundance), he knew that filmmaking was his life’s work. He obtained equipment and began the hands-on practice of learning everything he could about his craft and art. 

Will has worked with Artists, Actors, and Musicians including; Steve Martin - Angela Simmons - Jon B - Coolio - Earl Scruggs - Kevin McCall - AMURAI, Rabbit in the Moon - Emilio Austin JR (Buddha Stretch) - Misha Gabriel - and many more.  He has produced for Activision, Fox, HD Net, GYRO HSR, and Time Warner.


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