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Dodge the Guards, Steal the Loot! A fast, fun board game for 2-4 players!
Dodge the Guards, Steal the Loot! A fast, fun board game for 2-4 players!
Dodge the Guards, Steal the Loot! A fast, fun board game for 2-4 players!
948 backers pledged £50,981 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn about 5 hours ago

      So excited for the All in ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      God-keizer about 22 hours ago

      "Shame about tom vassel " what are you talking about, show a deeplink url. Because I can't find any

    3. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator 1 day ago

      Hi All
      For shipping the expansions we have got the deluxe dice for the all -ins (and for the rest as well). As Melkandor pointed out it is important it goes in good boxes so we have ordered boxes with the right dimensions from Merkl to pack the shipments in, I expect them to be in any day and the n we can commence with the rest of expansion shipping. We are bulking up the pick up as well so it can with UPS. We can't blame anyone for waiting for the rest of their KS stuff before backing another so we all interest in the world to get you your stuff. That said it is more complex with the procedure for the KS extras as there are a lot more variations to it than it was just sending you the main box and we all want you the right stuff when you finally get it.

    4. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn 1 day ago

      Shame about tom vassel
      Not liking it.

    5. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn 1 day ago

      Please check out miremarsh
      Looks so epic.
      ( most admit do agree, but room 17 are new )

    6. Troy Gosse 1 day ago

      Any updates on all the expansion or the kickstarter exclusives and stretch goals? I find it hard to back another project from room 17 with unfulfilled orders and the weird split shipping to then be followed by a canceled game.

    7. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn 2 days ago

      James back mire
      We need you.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Weaver
      2 days ago

      I must say, I am really loving this lack of communication from Room 17 on shipping status updates for the expansions. It inspires a lot of confidence.

      I've looked at Miremarsh. It seems really interesting. But, given the miniature quality here, and the issues with deliverables, I'm not sure I can trust Room 17 to make good on the sheer volume of components they are promising to produce. I'd love to be able to feel secure backing Miremarsh. But I want to be sure I get what I pay for, with no hidden costs.

    9. Jeffrey de Winter
      2 days ago

      So....who do we know whether we are part of the 120 all-in pledges that are ready to be sent this month? I already received the base game a month ago or something. It's fun, but it could use the extra content to be even better.

    10. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn 3 days ago

      I Cant wait for the expansion.
      Miremarsh Sounds Great.

    11. Missing avatar

      God-keizer 3 days ago

      @M: what sounds poorly planned? the game mechanics? the shipping? why? what extra content, the mummies?

    12. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn 3 days ago

      Mummies are coming.
      Room 17 are epic.

    13. Missing avatar

      God-keizer 3 days ago

      No I won't back Miremarsh. It looks over produced, too fiddly, too frustrating, too much yahtzee, you can't play solo. I might be wrong though.

      Room 17 may be ace once they deliver the rest of the game, i paid for mummies but only got the base game.

    14. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn 4 days ago

      Miremarsh people
      Back it
      Room 17 are ace ( as you know )

    15. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn 4 days ago

      Any news
      Re ekspan ???
      I have just backed miremarsh
      And so excited for it.
      When funds come I wi go all in.
      August 2019 wow that's a long wait.

    16. Missing avatar

      James Weaver
      4 days ago

      Hi @Room17

      Any updates on shipping for North America? At the beginning of July you mentioned things were en route, but while we have not quite had radio silence since, the news we are getting is frustrating in its lack of information. Any chance you want to give us an update with some relevant information?

    17. Missing avatar

      Melkanador 7 days ago


      And please package the boxes better as my copy, which I received 2 weeks ago, was slightly damaged.

      The game is fun. :)

    18. Missing avatar

      M 7 days ago

      All sounds poorly planned. After the initial playthroughs the game hasn’t made its way back to the table. The extra content taking this long is less than inspiring.

    19. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @Richard Sloane - 120 all in will go first as we get package boxes and we physically can get them out, as many as we can get out this month will go out this month, then more "all-in" and all other pledges in August/September.

    20. Missing avatar

      Richard Sloane on

      Just so I'm clear, the All-In backers will get the remaining items sometime in August or September?

    21. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      Lucia Hedderley - Shipping for anything other than "all-ins" (the first 120 of them) will be August/September.

    22. Missing avatar

      Lucia Hedderley

      I'm confused, have the expansions for the Big Score backers shipped now or not? I've not received anything in the UK or any confirmation.

    23. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @Byron Estes - 11 packages with combined Flicky Spaceship/ Musueum rushes packed and ready, 7 more that we need the packaging boxes for, we have 300 nice packaging boxes coming in that covers that and the 120 "all in" pledges we send first (the first batch Flicky/MR barch goes with UPS). Later in august/September there rest will go.

    24. Missing avatar

      Byron Estes on

      Shipping soon?

      Last reply to me 9 days ago said parcels were waiting to ship.

      Another reply to someone else seems to imply you're trying to figure out the shipping option.

      All a bit confusing.

    25. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @El Skutto - We have seven more packages to do for Flicky Spaceship combined with Museum Rush (yours is packed) for US/Canada then they will go in one batch.
      @Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn - Dice is here now so we just need the cartons to send them in, we have ordered a big bunch of the right size as they we can start sending the "all-in" out.

    26. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn on

      Waiting in dk
      For the All in set

    27. El Skutto

      Patiently waiting for my expansion set, add-ons, and copy of Flicky Spaceships in Ottawa, Ontario...

    28. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @Jenny K - Very likely, depends what shipping option we do, but with the variant we are looking at the moment it would have it.

    29. Jenny K on

      Sorry if I missed it, but will we get an email with shipping/tracking information once our Mummy expansions (Big Score pledges) have shipped (I'm in the US)? Thanks in advance!

    30. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @James Weaver - There is Museum Rush (including mummies) plus Flicky Spaceships in those shipments and some of them are for Canada.

    31. Missing avatar

      James Weaver

      Is it safe to assume that some of those US bound packages will make a detour to Canada, or are the Canadian mummies (and other things) arriving through a different delivery system? Any update would be welcome.

    32. Missing avatar

      Byron Estes on

      Here's hoping!

    33. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @Byron Estes - There is some parcels ready and packed here waiting for pickup, that will go to the US, might be some mummies in there!

    34. Missing avatar

      Byron Estes on

      No mummies in Chicago yet. :(

    35. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @God-keizer - Hopefully not to long time before you see mummies showing up in the Netherlands as well.

    36. Missing avatar

      steven vanneuville on

      @god-keizer, I guess me ordering flicky spaceships got me an advantage here. I hope your copy arrives soon though, you might have a lot of time for boardgames now since you might not be tempted to watch world cup games on tv every night, with Holland not making it to Russia. Sorry, I just had to write that. Enjoy museum rush as it is now, and i hope those mummies reach Holland soon!

    37. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      I'm in the Netherlands having nightmares about Mummies from Belgium. When will they come knocking at dutch doors, given that they are neighbors? Haven't seen them yet.

    38. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @steven vanneuville - Fantastic to hear, we are happy and pleased that you and your daughter enjoys our games! Miremarsh will be one to not miss, it's really cool!

    39. Missing avatar

      steven vanneuville on

      The big heist and the egyptian expansion have arrived in belgium. This game is a favourite of my daughter, and I look forward to seeing what the mummies have in store for us. I also bought flicky spaceships and just had my first intergalactic exploration with my daughter, I was a good second. Thank you room 17 games for these great games, I have this feeling you will have to send a copy of miremarsh to belgium too...

    40. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @UnstableVoltage - Great to have you visit us and good luck with Phoenix Point!

    41. UnstableVoltage on

      A big shout out to the guys at Room 17 Games for allowing me to collect the rest of my pledge. Excellent quality as expected. It was great to spend some time talking with you guys about your projects, and really neat to see the Miremarsh miniatures early. Thanks, guys.

    42. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn - :-) We don't know, do you feel lucky?

    43. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @Pai - We have learnt a lot from the making of MR minis and that the production of them lacked for some backer what they want from minis in a game. In Miremarsh that we have spent a lot of time and money for the minis and where the minis are as central to the project as the game itself the quality must be up to highest standard of Miniature backers.

    44. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @UnstableVoltage - Sure, you are welcome! We are out in Ruddington, 27 High Street, look for the Room 17 sign on the door.

    45. UnstableVoltage on

      @creator I’m going to be in and around Nottingham today. It would be great if I could collect the rest of my All In reward while I’m there?

    46. Pai

      @Creator , your next project "Miremarsh" are miniature quality as same as in MR?

      TBH,Miremarsh look good but I'm quite disappoint in quality of miniature in MR.

      If new project is improved then I'll back it.

    47. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn on

      Is mine one of the 120 ;)
      Love the game
      Can't wait for the all in expansion

    48. Room 17 Games Ltd 3-time creator on

      @CtrlAltDelicious - A few have got it and we'll send the dice out when they arrive. When the dice arrive we will ship the 120 "all in" pledges we have in the office after the we must wait for the factory to produce the expansion box and ship it all to us so we can fulfil the rest of the pledges (of all sorts, there is 27 different variants that backers have gone for but most go in the in the three big pledge categories, variation comes with the expansions they chosen to add).

    49. CtrlAltDelicious

      So, if I understand correctly from the last update: all those who went for the £85 all-in, haven't received anything yet? It is waiting for the deluxe dies to come in and then it all gets shipped?
      This is the case for all pledges (also international)?

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