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A game of evil deeds, death and tentacles for 1-5 players.
A game of evil deeds, death and tentacles for 1-5 players.
1,423 backers pledged £137,602 to help bring this project to life.

The Tower

Posted by Room 17 Games Ltd (Creator)

The safe haven that is the goblin Tower! Arrived at last. Now for a drink...or six!

You guys are flying so quickly through the stretch goals we can barely keep up (not that we're complaining!!).

The Goblin Tower with its own tile and additional rules have now been added to the core game.

A Goblin's Refuge?
A Goblin's Refuge?

PLUS, not only that, but you've also unlocked 10 more Knick Knack cards for the depths of the Undermire!

Knick Knack Undermire
Knick Knack Undermire

And as we all melt in the studio from the blistering sun, we envy those in the coolness of the Undermire.

But wait.

What's that in the darkness? We spoke too soon...

The Crystal Guardian
The Crystal Guardian

When we hit that magical number £100,000 we'll be adding the Crystal Guardian to the Undermire Pledge and above.

Thanks all, we're entering those last few days...Spread the word.

Room 17 Games


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    1. Kreation on


    2. Ricard Fortun Collaborator on

      @Harry Thanks for spotting the typo!! Will fix tomorrow!
      @Kreation That is a very good idea!! We are so doing that!

    3. Kreation on

      Any chance the Guardian could be cast in the translucent blue like the ghosts??

    4. Snake McJones on

      @Harry Thumbs up emoji

    5. Missing avatar

      Harry on

      I can’t wait to see the finished product. But please be careful with spellings for the goblin tower. “While you’re there” and not “while your there”.

    6. Art D

      oooooohhhhhh, I wants mees a Crystal Guardian!