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A game of evil deeds, death and tentacles for 1-5 players.
A game of evil deeds, death and tentacles for 1-5 players.
1,423 backers pledged £137,602 to help bring this project to life.

News from the Undermire

Posted by Room 17 Games Ltd (Creator)

Before we jump feet first into the Undermire, we wanted to clarify that we are now worldwide shipping friendly.

World Domination...kinda...
World Domination...kinda...


Undermire is the first expansion for Miremarsh and will only be available during the campaign, late pledge and the pledge manager. It adds a new board, new miniatures, and new gameplay to the Miremarsh main game. It takes place in the ancient, forgotten world buried eons ago underneath the black marsh. Some say that the obscene magicks infesting Miremarsh come up through the cracks from the Undermire.  

In the Undermire, you will find powerful ancient artifacts from a lost civilisation, or from forgotten goblin adventurers less fortunate than you. You will find impossible challenges, and mortal peril at every step, but - those that make it past the ancient guardian will be rewarded with unimaginable riches fit for the king of a goblin swamp!

Many of you have asked how the Undermire will play and is it just a replacement board for the core game. We had a long hard think about this one and put it to Sam and Matt (the game designers). You can catch their thoughts on the Live Stream here if you missed it.

So with their genius minds on full speed, they spent the day tearing apart what we had already and rebuilding it. And it was a glorious sight to behold!

So what's changed?

Firstly we wanted to make this the best expansion to the core game it could be. The Undermire expansion now acts like an expansion, not a replacement. The Undermire sits alongside Miremarsh and you can enter it's darkest crevasses via The Cursed Well on the main board.

The Undermire also comes with it's own unique quest - The Undying King!

He just won't DIE!
He just won't DIE!

But beware, the Undermire brings the curse of the Bog Gobblins with it in the form of their ghosts. These will try to hinder your progress on the marsh if you ever cross paths with them. We hope a booster of new Knick-knacks and the Ancient Artefact cards will aid you in your ever more challenging adventures.

The Undermire now comes with its own Rule Booklet, to explain all those new rules only found deep underground. 

Some of the Goodies in the Undermire.
Some of the Goodies in the Undermire.

The Final Week

We're into the last week of the Miremarsh campaign, and we have to! Thank you for all the support and input into what has far and away exceeded our expectations. Let's now finish on a high and give it one last push. 

The Undermire (a Kickstarter Exclusive) presents a new challenge to all who delve into its confines. If we hit the big £100,000 mark, we will celebrate by bringing the miniature of the ultimate underground monster to pledges including the Undermire expansion...

The Guardian
The Guardian


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    1. Missing avatar

      BDW on

      I second Dexter’s suggestion. Make the old map the reverse side of the core game giving an alternate difficulty level/increase playability to the core game.

    2. Fourth King on

      I miss the old board, maybe as a SG?

    3. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      I'm not sure if I like this re-do, sorry. While it's nice to include it all the time, I really liked the idea to play in those fungus caves for the whole game, it is my favourite setting. But it's your choice, you're the creators. Please make sure to not remove quests from the expansion now that the board is smaller.

    4. Werner Beytel (Miremarsh Marshfellow)

      This is a fantastic idea, well done guys!

    5. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn on

      I agree I like it
      Think it's. Very cool.

    6. Missing avatar

      peter on

      Now this is an awesome rethink! It now brings the undermire Addon to a New level and as i might add to a must have level if you get the regular game.

      Really good choice imho!


    7. Ray Dexter

      choice of difficulty level. Is their any way we can get the original board as an addon or SG?

    8. Ray Dexter

      I gotta say I definitely prefer the old map. I'm a teacher who hosts a game club and the idea of running two games side by side was my main drive in getting the undermire expansion. Also, I realy liked the

    9. Voyd

      This seems awesome but I'm curious: Will this reduce the number of mini's we get from this expansion? Or are we still going to get all 12-15 ghost goblins as before? Also, will there be an undying king mini?

    10. Shini on

      Like the new map but really liked old one to... could the old appear in the artbook as a tribute ?

    11. Shini on

      Love the king art <3

    12. Brushforhire on

      Will there be anymore resin minis available, beyond the original 12?

    13. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      Alright, 100K is the goal, Goblins grab your pointy sticks, gulp down a mug of mushshine and attack this freaking awesome SG. We CAN and we WILL reach it ;-)