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A game of evil deeds, death and tentacles for 1-5 players.
A game of evil deeds, death and tentacles for 1-5 players.
1,423 backers pledged £137,602 to help bring this project to life.

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New and Room 17

Posted by Room 17 Games Ltd (Creator)

 Good morning all Gobs!

While the Chinese New Year of the Pig finishes, we have little movement from that part of the world. Files, texts, etc are being revised given the opportunity of this Chinese break to triple ensure everything is correct.

In the meantime, we are in the middle of Tenfold Dungeon campaign ( and some backers there asked about Room 17 Games as a company and the bunch of people we are.  @Kehlenschnitt has suggested posting this one here too because, maybe some of our Miremarsh backers are curious too. So here is a bit of us for you to enjoy.

"Anka, Andres and myself (Ricard) were working on a series of boardgames for Warlord Games back in 2014 as a side studio to the historical wargaming company. We developed, designed, and produced five games with them (and with great success) which in turn gave us an enormous experience in processes and design. 

Things went well, and our time with Warlord was coming to its end, so Anka, Andres and I decided to try it on our own. Graham and Anders came on board, and we started Room 17 Games with Museum Rush.

Through these months (22 months now!) we successfully created three games, of which our two first (Museum Rush and Flicky Spaceships) sold out and won Gold and Silver Best Family Games award during the UKGE 2018. Museum Rush is now translated into three different languages, and will see its international release in the coming months. Miremarsh, in turn, produced a fantastic community that encouraged us to focus more on KS and create more projects linked to that community (THANKS!)

During these 22 months, we have worked commission on many projects including Hellboy by Mantic, and our team has fluctuated with members coming and going: We recruited Mary to help Andres on the illustration front - she left to Ireland in September just after finishing the first Tenfold design! We recruited Kev Bret to help us with the marketing and shows, and he left the company some months ago to pursue other life projects. So did Graham, who decided to move on and left the company just after the Miremarsh campaign finished. 

Dai joined us in replacement of Mary, and has lead the Tenfold Dungeon design just until some months ago when Nin joined Room 17 and took over the designs so Dai could move to help Andres on A SECRET COMMISSION PROJECT, of which you will soon have news). Finally, Sam started with us in December to take care of our social media.

Andres has just started the next project creating mood boards and the first goblins you have already seen for Templetide (more on this... some day) and in the meantime, Anders and I are working on landing further commission work to help establish our brand, and our team, as a good renowned design studio.

So, our company is made of 7 people, all of us full-time and fully dedicated to our projects (notice the plural  ;-) that keeps us with regular wages and high spirits for the future to come.

  • Anders - Operations and customer service (and actually writing rules for project Commission 1!)
  • Anka - Creative lead and designer looking after the crazy illustrators!
  • Andres - Lead Illustrator. Currently working on project Commission 1 and Templetide art approach.
  • Dai - Illustrator. Just finished the Tenfold Dungeon designs that you can see in our campaign and now helping Andres on Project Commission 1!
  • Nin (Nichola G Jackson - she has such a cool name that I like to write it when I have the chance) Illustrator - Junior illustrator, helping Dai with Tenfold and jumping soon to Templetide!
  • Sam - Social media coordinator and our "words" talent.
  • Ricard - Technical Production and publishing and every bit of the boring admin of the company!

Our business plan is based on two games a year via KS and one or two commissions a year which may or may not carry our branding, but help us out on paying the bills. 

Although we use freelancers for that extra hand (especially for sculpting) from the get-go, we wanted to build a company with 100% dedicated professionals under the same roof that would fully participate and focus on the development, design, market and production of the games we like to see released. That generates good and consistent quality, a great flow of creative and technical synergy and  good reaction times. We share info and knowledge among us, so every part of the team knows about the manufacturing challenges, the creative opportunities and the ideas from backers and community to react when needed.

Ah yes, we also commit A LOT of mistakes, but we try not to commit the same ones twice.


In the News front, Sam has just launched a poll on FB to check out the crowd interest on the next designs. Including an option for our very own tribute to Hero Quest with a Tenfold Dungeon set.

Give us your vote and move that every corner where you think Hero Quest is played and loved to build up more traffic to the campaign!

ROBIN is this Sunday (a small whow in Nottingham dedicated to wargames and boardgames) to which Anders, Sam and myself will be attending and showing our games (including Tenfold, of course) and trying to sell our last copies of Museum Rush, and some merchandise for both Museum Rush and Miremarsh. If you are around the area, this could be a last chance to get Museum Rush and the Mummies and other KS exclusive left overs!

We look forward to reaching our next Social Stretch goal: Printable PDF generic floors! Anka is working on them as we speak, reducing the charge of detail and making them print friendly!

Today we should hit our first SG - Walls System in every Tenfold set, according to the selected theme. This is a punch board full of a versatile amount of walls of different sizes and the T-clips to hold them together.

After this, up and up for the stairs system! 

Keep sharing the project and believing in it as we do. Tenfold has a lot of use and a lot of people that would love it... they just don't know yet.



Tenfold Dungeon!

Posted by Room 17 Games Ltd (Creator)

Good Morning, Goblins! 

Today's a big day for us here at the Room 17 offices. If you cast your minds back, you may recall us talking about a neat little project we were working on, going by the name of Tenfold Dungeon. Well, today's the day we're launching that Kickstarter - our first since wrapping up Miremarsh.

We've become well-versed in making dark and gloomy products now.
We've become well-versed in making dark and gloomy products now.

We're incredibly excited to share this project with everyone, and you can check it out here. Looking at it, we're sure you'll share in our excitement! Tenfold Dungeon is our first venture into products and accessories for the roleplaying market, and we're really hyped to see what everyone thinks. 

One of the launching sets for Tenfold Dungeon - The Castle.
One of the launching sets for Tenfold Dungeon - The Castle.

Not one to forget our roots however, we've produced a Kickstarter Exclusive Miremarsh themed location that will be included with every pledge. You can take the developers out of the swamp, but you can't take the swamp out of  the developers, as the saying goes. The compartment is perfect to add some swampy shenanigans to your roleplaying adventures, and we're looking forward to giving the Miremarsh goblins a whole new locale to hang about and spread mischief. 

Premium goblin real estate.
Premium goblin real estate.

Whilst we are busy with Tenfold Dungeon, we're still grafting away at Miremarsh's physical development. Our rulebook .PDF is finished, formatted, and ready for download here, so you can check that out now.

In terms of physical components, as some of you may be aware, it's currently the Chinese New Year. Because of this, our production centres in China have momentarily paused production on our Miremarsh parts. As such, we might not have too much to say about Miremarsh's production for the next month or so. Once our production is back underway though, we'll have some cool new minis and components to share with you! Overall, we're still on target to ship Miremarsh later this year.  

We wish all of our Chinese friends and colleagues a very Happy New Year!

Let us know what you think to Tenfold Dungeon over on its Kickstarter page, and a huge thank you to all of our fans for supporting us! 

Swampy New Year!

Posted by Room 17 Games Ltd (Creator)

 A Happy New Year to every goblin in the bog!

After a few lazy days over the holidays, we’re all full-on back here at Room 17 HQ. 

We’ve returned to a fantastic present from our manufacturers, having received the proofs for the last hard components that were awaiting approval before being sent off for tooling.

The complete monster set, in all it’s gruesome glory!

Some familiar fearsome faces! 

Some particular landmarks from the horizons of Miremarsh.

A nice collection goblin trinkets and tokens.

With all the above and the Rock Goblins approved, everything can now be tooled, and we are closer to the execution. So far, no delays have hit us! Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for us, and kiss your lucky bog-charms for good fortune. (yuck) 

Going into 2019, we’ve also had some new incorporations into the team. With Kev gone on to greener pastures, Sam has joined us as the KS campaign leader for Tenfold Dungeon, and will be our voice across our social media. He’s all ears for you in all the platforms you normally use. We’ve also asked Sam to look at setting up development blogs on BGG/reddit, and to catalog all our develops on upcoming projects so you always know where we’re at. 

Our second incorporation is Nin, a fantastic illustrator to complete a team of three. She is going to help Dai on Tenfold Dungeon to add to the wonders of this glorious accessory for Dungeon Crawling RPGs coming up in February. 

Tenfold will bring some impressive 3D environments to your games.

With Dai and Nin fully focussed on Tenfold Dungeon™, Andres has more time to focus on the first characters of Templetide, the game you might’ve seen us previously tease. We endeavour to launch it after TFD™, and it’s currently under development by none other than Gav Thorpe. Templetide will introduce the Wanderers – a bunch of travelling goblins that enjoy raiding the coastal village of Templetide, and mechanically it features a thrilling engine for balancing stealth, movement and detection, giving you a fast-paced game of tactical goblin espionage! 

The Cheeky Heroes of Templetide.

With Sam and Nin on board, Room 17 continues to grow and we believe we’re stronger and readier than ever for this new 2019 full of great surprises and future announcements!

Stay tuned and don’t miss out on our next updates and further news regarding our upcoming products and games!

- The Room 17 Team 

A Very Merry Marshy Christmas Update

Posted by Room 17 Games Ltd (Creator)

Hello All!

What a year we've had here at Room17 Games! We've plundered museums, roamed the treacherous swamps of miremarsh, plunged into the Undermire, and now that we're looking forward to the future, we're going to be delving into some dungeons. We've moved offices, taken on some new staff, and had the amazing opportunities to meet some of you at conventions!

 It's all been very exciting, and we have even more bubbling away in our creative cauldrons behind the scenes - we can't wait to share it with you all. We've been in touch with some big names, and we've got a wealth of new and exciting games, expansions and projects to announce in 2019.

Who are these cheeky goblins? Whatever could they be up to? 

It's no secret that our next project will be Tenfold Dungeon. Compact, affordable, and completely modular dungeon crawling terrain, we're using Tenfold Dungeon to branch out into another creative field near and dear to our hearts - roleplaying games! Our goblins have been so well-received and beloved by you - the fans - that we've been inspired to expand the ways in which we make worlds and provide elements for storytelling. Tenfold is our first foray into that, and rather than try to cook up a whole roleplaying system, we're using our talents and resources to make accessories that can be used by our fans in the fantastic and varied tabletop adventures of their own making. We've a bunch of exciting ideas and plans as to how we'll expand the Tenfold Dungeon system, and ways in which we'll use it in top-quality board games in the future. We're super eager to share Tenfold with you, and at this point we're just having to wait out the last tantalising stages of awaiting fuller prototypes from our manufacturers. 

What have those goblins gotten themselves into this time?

In the meantime, production of Miremarsh is well underway. We had a small army of Durgin Dwarves turn up at our office (we think they might've been looking for a scrap with all our pesky goblins) and much more is either in transit or coming off the production lines. 

On the technical side, we fished all of our soggy scraps of paper out of the swamp, and in putting them all together, we finished proofreading and formatting the Miremarsh rulebook! For a game that takes place in a miserable swamp, it's a very clean, concise, and tidy looking document, that covers everything you could possibly ever need to know when playing Miremarsh. 

Rules for goblins getting themselves killed? Who'd have thought they we'd ever need those?

2019 promises to be an exciting year for us all here at Room17 games. We're proud to have the tabletop writing & development titan Gav Thorpe on side for a follow-up game to Miremarsh that utilises Tenfold Dungeon structures, and we're in talks to do some very exciting things with some other big names. 

None of this would have been possible without any of you though, and for that, we say a very big thank you. We hope you all have a very happiest of holidays! Our inboxes and comment sections are always open, and we look forward to hearing what you all think of our future projects.

With Thanks,

The Room17 Team!

++ Oh! one last thing - we got too exciting thinking about goblins, as we often do - Museum Rush has now fully shipped. If you haven't received your copy, please allow some time for holiday shipping, or contact if you think something might've gone really wrong ++

Locking down orders and charging cards!

Posted by Room 17 Games Ltd (Creator)

Hi all Bog Goblins

Tomorrow afternoon GMT17.00 (Friday the 7th of December) we will lock the orders that are in Backerkit. 

We will charge the Cards on Monday the 10th of December.

So please if you haven't done so already make sure you conclude the PM for Miremarsh as soon as possible.