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Rooftop Films is hosting 46 screenings this summer. Help us add more events, in new neighborhoods, cities and venues. Be part of these special shows!


In the summer of 2010, Rooftop Films has planned 46 screenings, showing 150 films in 13 different outdoor locations throughout New York City. Over 25,000 people will attend our events, so we know people are eager for Rooftop screenings. We want to do even more, expanding into new neighborhoods, new cities, and new venues. If you love Rooftop Films, and want even more, we need your help!

+ Free shows in new areas of New York City

Summer is a great time to explore New York, visiting areas you might not otherwise visit, or checking out events in your own community that aren't going on elsewhere. Rooftop Films loves hosting screenings in new venues and neighborhoods, and we want to add free community screenings in Crown Heights, the South Bronx and Long Island City in August and September. If you're from those neighborhoods, your support will help bring fantastic, local independent films and big crowds out to a nearby location. If you're not from those areas, take this engaging opportunity to support and check out the amazing diversity of NYC.

+ Free screening tour of Gasland
Josh Fox's documentary Gasland addresses the crucial issue of natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania and upstate New York—drilling that could affect the drinking water and more in small towns and big cities from New York to Syracuse, from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. It's vital that this stunning film be seen all over the affected areas, and Rooftop Films is eager to bring it around. Your support will help enable a six-location tour in August and September.

+ Shows in the abandoned Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel
All fall and winter, Rooftop Films hopes to host screenings in one of New York's most intriguing secret locations, an abandoned subway tunnel from the 19th Century, hidden under Atlantic Avenue. This tunnel is not normally accessible to the public, let alone a venue for films, music and parties. With your help, we can host thematically fitting shows, ranging from urban documentaries to underground horror movies.

+ Events in Camden, Houston and more
Rooftop Films has been invited to host outdoor screenings by the Camden Film Festival in Maine, and the Aurora Picture Show in Houston. In May, Rooftop hosted two hugely successful shows in conjunction with Hot Docs in Toronto, and we are looking forward to bringing Rooftop's unique combination of stunning new independent films in spectacular outdoor locations around the country. If you're in those places, help get Rooftop there. If you're not around, these events will prove the viability of expanding Rooftop to other locations, bringing us one step closer to your town next.

Throughout our 14 years, Rooftop Films has proven our ability to put on fantastic events. We serve the public, and rely on the community we serve for support. These will be amazing shows, but we can't do them without you. Your donation will help pay for artist fees, venue costs, transportation to out of town shows, promotion, and related expenses.

Rooftop Films is committed to building community through the medium of film. While many of our events are ticketed, these shows will mostly be free events. We'll be serving new, diverse populations, as well as our long-time fans and supporters. Eventually, screenings like these will largely be supported by foundations and sponsors, but the startup costs for expansion are steep, and we need our community to prove that these events are valuable and wanted.

If you believe in Rooftop's mission, and want to see us grow and expand, for these events and more, support Rooftop Films "Extend the Summer" campaign on Kickstarter. And the bottom line is your donation means more fun events for you and everybody!

The Fine Print: Rooftop Films Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.


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