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We want to take Awesomenauts to the next level, with characters, features, a new map, and more! Join us to make this happen!
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Starstorm Report #34: Sentry Phones Home, Joins the Awesomenauts


Hey you!

We have launched Update 2.4 today, which means that Sentry X-58 is now the 18th playable character in the game, and the long-awaited Replays feature is now live!

It's an umbrella. No, it's a phone booth. Look, it's Sentry!
It's an umbrella. No, it's a phone booth. Look, it's Sentry!

Sentry X-58 is a new tanky character that excels in area-denial and setting up surprise attacks. His first ability, Black Hole Sun, allows him to absorb damage for a couple of seconds (this damage will still hurt him though!) and then create a black hole nearby that will suck in his opponents. After a few seconds, the Black Hole explodes, returning the damage he has absorbed to opponents caught in the blast.

*ring* *ring* It's for you!
*ring* *ring* It's for you!

His second ability, called Teleport Beacon, allows Sentry X-58 to place an indestructible beacon anywhere in the world and teleport back to it instantly after not having been hit for at least two seconds. Placing the beacon at a strategic position allows Sentry players to quickly respond to threats. But be careful - you never really know what's waiting at the other end of the beacon when you teleport in!

Any claims that Sentry may be scheming to kill you are all incorrect.
Any claims that Sentry may be scheming to kill you are all incorrect.

Here is the Character Showcase for Sentry X-58, which does a way better job at showing off his abilities than I could ever manage to explain in text!

Sentry X-58 is automatically unlocked for all players who have the Starstorm expansion activated on their Steam accounts. Users who still haven't received their Starstorm key as a reward from the campaign and have backed in the Copper Tier or higher should get in touch via I'll help you sort it out (but it might take me a while to get back to you).

Sentry is launching with a super awesome premium skin, called Giga Sentorii! It's a skin inspired by Japanese robots from anime and shows like the Power Rangers. This skin comes fully-equiped with Japanese voice lines, and you can check it out in the video below. Giga Sentorii is available as a separate purchase on Steam, and is not included with Starstorm.

This update also introduces Replays, which can be accessed from the Main Menu. By default, the game will automatically save a replay of every match you play, enabling you to relive your very best Awesomenauts moments forever and ever and ever! This is our first step towards a full-fledged spectator mode, and we can't wait to see all the cool stuff that you guys will be making with this!

Replays are here!
Replays are here!

You can even share the replays with your friends, and show them all your awesome triple-kills, blitzy 6-minute wins, and shiny 360 yolo noscope snipes! To do so, click the 'Browse Replays' button in the Replays menu and send your friends the folder of the replay you want them to have. If they paste this file into their own Replays folder, they can check out your amazing game! You can even rename the folder to give your Replay a more easily identifiable name, and it will show up in the Replays browser under this name.

Another update for the backers that have been awaiting the arrival of their posters, shirts, and other physical rewards: We can assure you everything's moving forward, but have sadly yet again been delayed. Our partner Level Up Studios is currently still in the process of shipping out the posters to all backers in the Silver tier ($75), and have informed me that the shirts will be entering production next week. Shipping on the reward packages containing t-shirts should start in about 3 - 4 weeks, and will start arriving shortly thereafter.

I'm sorry that I keep having to be the bearer of bad news with regards to all rewards of the physical variety. Luckily the t-shirts seem to be the final piece of the puzzle, and Level Up has told me they're getting very close to putting it all together!

For now, have fun with Sentry and the Replays feature! We're looking forward to seeing your very best plays on Youtube! We'll be back with more news fairly soon, so let me just sign off with some words of wisdom from Sentry:

Your fridge is running. Why aren't you?

Be kind, rewind!

- Robin

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    1. Creator Sleet on May 14, 2014

      Sentry looks like quite an awesome... naut. Thanks for the update!

    2. Creator fLavis on May 14, 2014

      I tend to not buy skins all that often, but I just gotta have Giga Sentorii.