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Starstorm Report #33: Penny Fox Enters the Fray!

Posted by Ronimo Games (Creator)

Hey all! We're launching Awesomenauts: Starstorm 2.3 today! That means Penny Fox is now officially the 17th member of the Awesomenauts, and all backers that have activated their Starstorm key will be able to select her once they finish updating the game. Make sure to take her out for a spin, and please let us know what you think on our forums

Update 2.3, which we have dubbed “Secrets of Space,” is one of biggest updates we have ever released for the Awesomenauts. In addition to the new playable character, it brings an incredible amount of balance tweaks (with all characters receiving some balance love), three new skins (including the long-awaited and oft-rumored Cynical Vinnie skin), a new in-game song, and a substantial array of improved graphical effects. The patch notes are over six pages long, and you can read up on them over here

Let me give you the short version of it though!

Bam! A new character!
Bam! A new character!
Boom! Three new skins!
Boom! Three new skins!
Ooh shiny! Polished skills, bullets, shinier shinies!
Ooh shiny! Polished skills, bullets, shinier shinies!

New music! “I'll Make You a Star, Baby!” by Sonic Picnic 

We hope you're as excited about this update as we are, but please let us know your feedback through our forums. Over the coming weeks we'll be keeping a close eye on Penny Fox and all the other changes to iron out any remaining balance issues for your optimal Awesomenauts enjoyment.

In addition to that, we'll get started on the next character in the Starstorm line-up: Sentry X-58. We are also making progress with respect to the locally stored replays, but we're a little hesitant to promise they will be part of the next major update. If all goes as planned, all of this will be implemented before the end of Q2 (as you can see in our recently updated Starstorm Development Roadmap).

If you happen to be attending PAX East this upcoming weekend, make sure to drop by at the Ronimo booth over at the Indie MEGABOOTH (booth 687, to be specific)! One of our designers (Jasper) and two of our artists (Martijn and Koen) will be at the show to play matches with you, have fun, and exchange high-fives! You can also play our new title, Swords & Soldiers II, there. 

Backers in the Silver tier and above should be on the lookout for their physical rewards in the coming weeks! Posters have been sent out to backers in the Silver tier by now, and should start arriving soon. Reward packages containing t-shirts will be shipped as soon as the shirts arrive at our distributor, which should be pretty soon (production was affected by some delays, unfortunately, so I can't give you anything more solid than 'a few more weeks'). Big props to Level Up Studios for handling the production of the posters and shirts for us, and for shipping all the rewards! 

Stay Foxy!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Elron on

      @toxin189, I have the same problem :/ no poster received yet

    2. Missing avatar

      toxin189 on

      I still haven't receive my star storm poster, nor have I receive a message from you guys at all.

    3. Tommy Cameron on

      Thanks! I've emailed you :)

    4. Ronimo Games 2-time creator on

      @Tommy Cameron, all backers in the Copper Tier and above should have received their Starstorm key by now, and will be able to play with Penny if they have activated this key. If you haven't received yours, please let me know on and I'll help you sort this out!

    5. Courtney Marriner on

      Penny looks like she just came from sanctum! Awesome

    6. Missing avatar


      @Tommy: As long as you have Starstorm and today's new update, you should automatically get Penny. I just hopped on to check and she's there.

    7. Tommy Cameron on

      Sorry to sound dumb but at what tier would I have had to back to get access to Penny? Thanks!

    8. Steven Chin

      Woot, Dodger's character, with this, the co-optional podcast cast of TB, Jesse Cox, and now Dodger have characters!