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We want to take Awesomenauts to the next level, with characters, features, a new map, and more! Join us to make this happen!
We want to take Awesomenauts to the next level, with characters, features, a new map, and more! Join us to make this happen!
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Starstorm Report #32: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps over the New Character Theme


Hey all! Ever since Ted McPain joined the Awesomenauts back in December, we've been working on an all-new 'Naut, and last Friday we unveiled her to the world! The newest Mercenary on the team is the Foxy 'Naut, and she's a whole lot o' woman!

In case you didn't catch the livestream we did last Friday, you can watch the stream in which this character was unveiled from our Twitch Channel! The Foxy 'Naut will officially join the Awesomenauts in a few weeks, but backers in the Iron Tier and above can already take her out for a spin in the new beta that is currently available! Her name will be revealed at a later date!

The Foxy 'Naut is a really fast and agile brawler that uses an all-new Combo-point mechanic. Every melee hit gives her a combo point which charges her abilities, and the more combo points she gathers before using these, the stronger they get. Her Swipe skill is a short-ranged burst that can be used to hit multiple targets, and will increase all the damage these targets take for a short while afterwards. Her Pounce is a kind of dash used to close the distance between Foxy and her next victim, but can also be used to knock enemies into harms' way!

Foxy will be joining the Awesomenauts as a full member once the beta ends. We're not entirely sure when that will be, but it shouldn't take more than a few weeks.

Update 2.3, which we've dubbed the "Secrets of Space" update, will include Foxy as well as some other really cool stuff. It's one of the biggest balance updates we've done to date, and a lot of the changes are being done based on the data we're receiving from our new metrics system (which was implemented in Awesomenauts 2.2). The system does not track or store any personally identifiable data, but does provide us with general information about matches, the match-up between different 'Nauts, and the upgrades being used in each game. We want all the upgrades in game to be balanced and viable, and none of them to be mandatory. Because of that, almost all characters are having their upgrades rebalanced in some way to address this.

Another really cool feature in this update is a change to matchmaking that we've been working on for quite some time, and that will address the issue of players leaving and rejoining a match with a different loadout and 'Naut to turn the tide of battle. Players who leave a match for whatever reason, and then rejoin, will only be able to play with the same 'Naut, the same loadout, and the same upgrades as they had before they left.

Before I forget, there's something really cool for you to check out: out of all the cool stuff we are going to spoil you guys with over the next few weeks, this is probably the one that I'm most excited about! Behold, the character theme for the Foxy 'Naut!

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This and many other cool things about Foxy and the Secrets of Space update will be disclosed through Voltar's Vault over the coming weeks, so make sure the check back in with the Omniscient One every couple of days. He might have something new for you!

Exciting news for our backers that have been awaiting their physical rewards! I've been informed by our distributor that the posters will start shipping early next week. T-Shirts will probably be done in about three weeks time, and will be shipped as soon as possible then. All reward packages will be shipped when they are complete, so backers in the Silver Tier can look forward to receiving their poster as of next week, but those in the Gold tier and above will be receiving their posters together with the t-shirts. Backers in the highest tiers will find their 12" vinyls and Clunk figurines will be included with this shipment as well. My sincere apologies about the delays with this.

For now, have an awesome Beta! Get hyped!

- Robin

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    1. Eric Poole on March 18, 2014

      Wow. So glad to see (and hear!) such quality on character development fur, er, I mean for Foxy. Curtis Mayfield meets Sci-fi. I'll be looking forward to seeing how she plays, but what I really want to know is when the LP comes out (her awesome funkadelic theme leaves me wanting more).

    2. Missing avatar

      Nicholas W on March 14, 2014

      Yeah, I'm with Peter S on this. The song already seems pretty confident that her name is Foxy. Or is that a nickname and she has a "real" name that none of us are ever going to use because Foxy is so clearly the right name?

    3. Missing avatar

      BarxBaron on March 11, 2014

      Dat' theme.

      You've outdown yourselves majorly Ronimo...gonna be hard to keep up with this new bar you've set with her song, not to mention, the smoothness and details of her sprite alone.....but then again here's hoping.

      You are more then capable, obviously. :)

    4. Cassandra S on March 10, 2014

      "Her name will be revealed at a later date!"

      *sees her called Foxy on The Omniscient's page*
      *hears her called Foxy in the theme* she going to be called Foxy?

    5. Renn Adonis on March 10, 2014

      Nothing wrong with a good Furry ^-^

    6. Missing avatar

      Cole McAllister on March 10, 2014

      Ronimo Games: We want the Furry Audience.