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We want to take Awesomenauts to the next level, with characters, features, a new map, and more! Join us to make this happen!
We want to take Awesomenauts to the next level, with characters, features, a new map, and more! Join us to make this happen!
7,496 backers pledged $345,835 to help bring this project to life.

Starstorm Report #18: Ted McPain, reporting for duty!


 Hey all!

Update 1.23 has been live for almost a week and all of you should have received your skin keys by now. Unfortunately, some issues with the key system popped up over the weekend so it took until Tuesday to get the final keys sent out. I'm really sorry about that, and we've taken some precautions that should prevent more problems in the future. In any case, enjoy your Digital G skin, and the Cyber Coco and Ghost Leon skins if you pledged at the Bronze level or above! If you backed through the Humble widgets on our site, you'll find the keys on your Reward page.

If you haven't received your keys by now, please check your inbox for a message from me (, and also don't forget to check your other inboxes or your Trash / Spam folders. If you're still unable to find your key, send me an email and I'll help you as soon as possible (though it might take me up to a week to get back to you).

With 1.23 live, we are now fully focused on the development of Ted McPain. Fabian has designed his abilities and is currently working on designing and implementing his upgrades. Tim, who will be bringing Ted to life visually, is working on his animations right now. In fact, Tim has already anima-ted his walk cycle, which is included below! Please note that this is work-in-progress, so changes might still occur.

Come with me if you want to live.
Come with me if you want to live.

His upgrade icons are also in development. Three of those icons are already finished, and they are included below. Each of them is from a different "row" of upgrades. So one of them relates to his "Stimpack" ability, another one is an upgrade for this "Airstrike" skill, and a third one relates to his "Heavy Weapons" upgrades (not lis-ted in that order). We'll save their names and the specific upgrades that they're rela-ted to for another update. For now, have fun speculating :)

Real men brush their teeth with an assault rifle.
Real men brush their teeth with an assault rifle.

Unfortunately, it does look like we won't be able to get the Ted McPain Beta up next week as we promised. Update 1.23 was more work than we anticipa-ted so we suffered some delays there, and we really need to make sure that the Beta we launch contains a solid character. After all, playing a Beta where the character is unfinished and still has blatant issues is not really going to allow you to give good feedback - and we want your feedback to be usable!

Therefore, instead of doing a Ted McPain beta really soon, we'll be making a Beta to test out the first Custom Games features! We are aiming to release this Beta late next week, but seeing as there are still a couple of things we need to develop to get this beta ready, it might also be pushed back over the weekend. In that case, you'll have it in about two weeks. I will be sending out Beta keys ahead of time this time around, so all of you who pledged at the Iron Tier or higher should be receiving the access keys before the Beta is actually available.

The Ted McPain beta will follow shortly after the Custom Games Beta goes down, though I can't give an ETA on that at this time. Because Update 1.23 took a little more time than we expec-ted, and Ted McPain will need a couple of extra features to make everything work properly, it currently looks like it will take us a little longer to get him ready. Rather than early-to-mid November, it'll probably become late November now. More on that will follow in the roadmap that is going live in the next Kickstarter update though!

For now, enjoy the skins that you received over the weekend, and to use Ted McPain's words of wisdom: "You have been termina-ted!"

- Robin


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    1. Kenneth Smith on October 10, 2013

      Heh, Mon Army.

      Love it.

    2. Hafsteinn Máni Hallgrímsson on October 10, 2013

      AWESOME i cant whait for the starstorm

    3. Michael Cooper on October 10, 2013

      Cheers for the update mates! I am not at all frustra-ted about the delay. Love the new skins by the way!

    4. Antonio Ortiz on October 10, 2013

      "And this is my black ass kicking cousing, Ted Flanders". xD

      Don´t worry for delay the content guys! : ) I never saw a so fast rewarding Kickstarter, and yeah...I think it could be better to solve some issues with 1.23 (I have suffered some bad performance and lag, since the patch) before he comes :D!

    5. Tom E on October 10, 2013

      Theo is lookin pretty good so far.

    6. Adam Tuohey on October 9, 2013

      Lots of hype being genera-ted!

    7. Daniel Campion on October 9, 2013

      Glad he now looks more human rather than a robot

    8. Ahdok on October 9, 2013

      I'm glad I participa-ted in this kickstarter

    9. Cyber Shantak on October 9, 2013

      The assault rifle with the toothbrush is hilarious.

    10. Missing avatar

      Unraveler on October 9, 2013

      Is he going to quote the Terminator?

    11. GuyFromTrinidad on October 9, 2013

      Love the new skins, you guys awre killing it. Where I'm going I don't need roads

    12. Ahmed Shaltout on October 9, 2013

      love it! love how the walk cycle bounces :D

    13. Mathieu Gouget on October 9, 2013

      Looks like Skolldir and Ted have the same pantie shop.
      Little detail: Skolldir seems to prefer strings to "full butt coverage"... Power Briefs all the way.