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We want to take Awesomenauts to the next level, with characters, features, a new map, and more! Join us to make this happen!
We want to take Awesomenauts to the next level, with characters, features, a new map, and more! Join us to make this happen!
7,496 backers pledged $345,835 to help bring this project to life.

Starstorm #12: The Final Stretch!

This is it! We're in the home stretch! Just 24 hours to go until this Kickstarter adventure comes to an end!

We plan to go out with a bang and lots of confetti and will be doing a livestream as we count down the seconds to the end of this campaign! It's going to be a blast, so I hope you will join us in the chat! The Official Awesomenauts: Starstorm Closing party will be kicking off tomorrow at 19:30 CET (check out what that means for your timezone over here). We'll be chatting, playing Awesomenauts, and having fun, so make sure you come and join in the festivities!

Our very own Olivier stepped into the recording booth today to record the voice samples for the exclusive Voltar the Omniscient announcer. Once the campaign is over, all backers who have pledged at the Bronze level or higher will be receive the Voltar and Gnaw announcers as a Kickstarter-exclusive reward. You can get a sneak-peak at the samples for that all the way at the bottom of this post. This is one of the samples that will play as you're launched from the Spaceship in your trusty droppod! Hope you like it!

Awesomenauts WorldWide Championship

We also have some cool news for players looking to prove their mettle in the competitive community! The organization behind the Awesomenauts WorldWide Championship has announced that sign-ups for their comming event are live now. If you're interested in signing up and battling for glory, make sure you gather up your friends and head over here to find out how to participate! The matches will start on December 19th, so there is still plenty of time to prepare. Slots are limited though, so don't wait too long with signing up!

The Awesomenauts WorldWide Championship is entirely organized, hosted, and run by our community members, so big ups for HarrysManor, Octocool, and Baynton8r for making this happen!

The Final Stretch

Just 24 hours to go, and we're still closing in on the Infinite Spectator Mode and Improved Replay feature stretch goal! Right now, we're just over $362,000, so there's "only" $18,000 more to go before we get there! If you happen to have any friends that haven't backed the campaign yet, make sure to tell them about it and invite them to join us for the Livestream over on for the closing event. Even though they might be a little late to the party, they're still more than welcome!

Stay frosty!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Teriki Tora on September 18, 2013

      My love for this kickstarter is only stopped by the ironclad wall that is my empty wallet *smiling while tears run down face (Yeah, I couldn't find the perfect emoticon to represent that XP)*

    2. Jason Kress on September 17, 2013

      This sounds amazing and is really enticing me to jump up to the 50$ level.....god idk if I can swing it #collegekidprobs

    3. Missing avatar

      HolyMan504 on September 17, 2013

      Cant wait for the Gnaw announcer! Gonna be great! (I hope...)

    4. Shawn Jones on September 17, 2013

      @Dr. Coconut - It is on the bottom of the update. You should see a dark grey bar right under Robin's signature. It will have a white play button on it...

      Unless your browser does not have scripts enabled. Something like that.

    5. Saoud Nasser Janahi
      on September 17, 2013

      Zoltar announcer?! Get out of my head and take my money while you're at it! AAAAAAAAAGH *Runs off naked into the desert*

    6. Missing avatar

      dr coconut on September 17, 2013

      i cant find the sample where is it?

    7. Conor Barden on September 17, 2013

      That Voltar sample sounds amazing!

    8. Kris V on September 17, 2013

      Voltar is one of my mains! This is awesomeeeee

    9. Shawn Jones on September 17, 2013

      That sound clip must be right before your pod deploys from the dropship. Hilarious :). Glad I jumped up the the $50 tier.

      I normally do -not- spend this much money on a game. Good luck, guys.

    10. Vitaliy Pustovit on September 17, 2013

      I'm so glad we got replays. But getting spectator mode would be so much more cooler!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ricky on September 17, 2013

      @Funnynin they mention it on the page, it's the sound you'll hear as your droppodding into the fight.

      Sounds freaking awesome too.

    12. Funnynin on September 17, 2013

      what could that sample be for? Dying?

    13. Missing avatar

      TheBazoro on September 17, 2013

      Wow that voltar voice i love it.
      great work romino.
      i hope we can get spectator mode 'throws money at the screen'