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An ultra-genius girl, growing up in Las Vegas, happily unaware she is part Grey alien. What could possibly go wrong?

An ultra-genius girl, growing up in Las Vegas, happily unaware she is part Grey alien. What could possibly go wrong? Read more

Las Vegas, NV Fiction
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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 3, 2012.

An ultra-genius girl, growing up in Las Vegas, happily unaware she is part Grey alien. What could possibly go wrong?

Las Vegas, NV Fiction
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About Mercy's Butterfly:

New:  Read the first four chapters of my new young-adult science-fiction novel free at

Mercy is an ultra-genius five-year-old, growing up in present-day Las Vegas, happily unaware that she is part Grey alien.  Even her mother doesn't know.   She is an exotic genetic hybrid, created by a sentient computer, who journeyed from the future to alter the threads of time and prevent a catastrophic interstellar war.

The Experimental Classroom for Extremely Gifted Children, the only school of its kind, accepts children in the top hundredth of one percentile, usually between the ages of ten and thirteen.  Even in a class of ubergeek tweens, Mercy feels out of place.

Her life is about to get much more complicated.

Kyle is a highly decorated U. S. Special Forces operative with orders to capture or kill alien hybrids.  When he falls in love with Mercy’s mother, it puts him on an inescapable collision course to discover Mercy’s true nature.  In the thrilling climax, he must choose between the woman and daughter he has come to love, and his deeply held sense of duty to his country, and to the rest of humanity.

The survival of Two Worlds will hang by the most tenuous of threads.

Adventure, intrigue, danger, and even a bit of hilarity ensue.  The story takes us from Mars, to Las Vegas, to a secret lab in Venezuela, to Viaqu™, the watery home world of the Roswell aliens, and to the offices of a brilliant but unassuming doctor, who is much more than he appears.

The new threads of time converge in an epic confrontation, pitting little Mercy and her friends against the all-powerful corporate and military alliance that fears the effect she will have on their dominance, and covets the profitable secrets locked away in her DNA.  They will stop at nothing to own her, to hold her captive in their top-secret genetic research labs at Area 51, and to unlock her secrets, whether she is alive or dead.

The Story Behind the Story:

One evening in 2005, while busy in the DARPA Grand Challenge, designing, retrofitting, and programming a robotically controlled vehicle to drive itself anywhere, intelligently, without human assistance of any kind, inspiration hit me for a short story.  I titled it Two Worlds.

I typed furiously until the sun came up the next day.  I created the story from two different viewpoints, one in which a geneticist at area 51 sacrifices his life so his human-alien-hybrid zygotes can live on, and one in which a scientist, an alien, and a sentient computer disguised as a tea set go back in time to kill the geneticist.  Then I forgot about it.  Work has a way of doing that to you. 

Several months later, I noticed the file and reread it.  Wow.

I loved the characters.  I loved the situations.  It was the first short story I had ever written that demanded to become a novel when it grew up.  In fact, it wanted to have kids and become a family.

I gave my promise to the story that day.  I would never give up until the story had become everything it wanted to be.  After all, how hard could it be?  I had already written well-received books, instruction manuals, and product documentation for my corporate clients.  Yes, it was technical writing, and yes, it was in the eighties, but surely, a talented programmer with technical writing skills could write compelling fiction, right?

Yeah, right.

People liked it, but they pointed out that parts of the story read like an instruction manual.  I had more to learn.  Since then, I took writing classes and attended the Desert Rose Romance Writers group.  I joined a scriptwriter’s group, the Las Vegas Writers Group, and the Nevada Film Alliance.  I made friends with published authors who had decades of experience.

All along the way, I kept reading, kept writing, kept learning.

I put my work in front of all kinds of readers, from other authors, to avid science fiction junkies, and hard core “just the facts, Ma’am” crime fans.  I gathered critique groups and let dozens of people rip my work in my own living room.  They did not pull any punches, which is good, because I learned.

Two Worlds grew into six partially-completed novels.  In a threads-of-time hexalogy, the question arose, which book wants to be Book 1?  Mercy’s Butterfly™ emerged as the clear winner for the honor in 2009.

People, from first-time readers to those who stayed with it all along, have a lot to say about Mercy’s Butterfly.  They describe the book as witty, humorous, charming, warm, emotional, and compelling.  They describe the characters as deep, nuanced, and original.

Readers enjoy the journey that takes them through the intricate threads of fiction, woven seamlessly into the real-world fabric of science and history.  It entertains, fascinates, educates, provokes deep thought, asks important questions, and inspires.


Use of Funds:

Years of effort and twenty thousand dollars in savings have gone into making Mercy’s Butterfly™ and the outlines and drafts for the other novels in the series.  Mercy's Butterfly is now 120,000 words, 420 pages, and 46 chapters, almost ready to publish.  

I posted the prologue and first four chapters at for your perusal.  The text may change during the editing and publishing process, but the novel is essentially complete.  I welcome your comments, suggestions, and opinions.  Who knows, maybe some of your suggestions will find their way into the novel!

With your backing, I can pay for professional editing, artwork, cover design, electronic publishing, printing, and fulfillment for Mercy’s Butterfly first edition.

The future of Two Worlds belongs to all of us.

Please accept a sincere thank you, to our soon-to-be patrons, from the Mercy's Butterfly Team.

  • Author:  Ron "the Mad Scientist"  Fink
  • Editor:  Dan "the Cosmology Geek"  Kelly
  • Editor:  Mardi "Just Mardi” Noon
  • Voice Talent:  Aili "the Voice" Katherman
  • Engineer:  Michael "Crazy Cousin"  Devita
  • Graphic Artist:  Sheri "the Empath"  Brady
  • Adviser:  Roy "Lucky"  Schott


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