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If the project overfunds to $7500, I will order a limited edition vinyl pressing for all who pledge $55 or more. Fibonacci!
If the project overfunds to $7500, I will order a limited edition vinyl pressing for all who pledge $55 or more. Fibonacci!
189 backers pledged $5,732 to help bring this project to life.

A Flight Test

Posted by Roman Edirisinghe (Creator)

The Listening Crew

The first side of the album has been shared with the listening team, and I’ve already received great feedback on improving the mixes! I’ll be uploading the second half in the coming days, and continue to refine the songs.

Waitaminnit? First side? What do you mean, Roman?

I grew up with albums and tapes. We played one side, then flipped it over and played side two. The compact disc changed that, and the advent of digital media seemingly eradicated it. However, vinyl is making a comeback, and while this first pressing will be on CD and digital media, I ultimately intend to release it on vinyl in the future. Manufacturing vinyl is expensive, and therefore somewhat niche, but I will be setting up a pre-order form in the future. 

This is a big step – until now, the only people to have heard these tracks are the musicians themselves, and even then, they may only have heard the song(s) they played on.

More Musical Contributors

A couple more things – I received some awesome percussion tracks from Julio Pabon, and recorded a cool guitar solo courtesy of our visiting friend, Michael  (Bootz) Bootzin. Additionally, David Stocker provided some Tuvan-style throat singing for another tune. Lastly, I bumped into David Burda, a multi-instrumentalist busking the streets of Boston, invited him over for food and lodging, and was graciously provided hurdy gurdy for a song!

What’s left to do? 

Add additional backup vocals, make minor tweaks and mixing adjustments per the suggestions of my listening crew, followed by mastering. Then, I'll finish designing the cover art, burn a glass master, and send it off to press.

Once that’s done, I’ll go about harvesting your relevant contact information for your rewards, and finish creating rewards for the various pledge tiers. 
Again, if you're interested in being part of the listening crew (or are offended that I didn't invite you to be part of it), please shoot me a message, and I'll gladly get you on board.

David Burda photo by Mark Hamilton

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