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Everybody run - it's the trolls! They might not be the brightest crayons in the box, but they sure can wreak havoc in the neighborhood.
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Everybody run – it's the trolls! These towering displays of ugly might not be the brightest crayons in the box, but they sure can wreck havoc in the neighborhood. Luckily they have a weakness! All you need to do is shine a ray of sunlight at their eyes, and the beasts turn to stone immediately!

It's up to you and a handful of other troll hunters to use your magical lanterns and mirrors with such cunning that you can outwit a troll — which is not saying much really, but that won't stop the celebrations that shall take place to glorify the greatest troll hunter!

In Troll Hunt, the players try to guide rays of light from their lanterns into the trolls' eyes by placing and moving reflecting mirrors around the board. At the end of the game the hunter who has managed to turn the most trolls to stone wins. To put shortly, it is a tactical tile placement & movement game with grizzly trolls.

Troll Hunt includes a modular game board depicting the countryside with meadows, lakes, mountains and troll keeps. Because you construct the board before every game, no two games are the same! The trolls don't even have the decency of showing up in a predictable order. You never know where the next one will pop up...

Placing Lanterns

The Lanterns are placed one at a time on the brown sand hexes, which are the outer hexes of the game board. Lantern placement is done in two rounds. The first round goes clockwise around the table. The starting player is the player who has last visited a forest. He/she places their first lantern, after which the next player places theirs in clockwise order. When the last player has placed their first Lantern, they proceed to place a second one, after which the other players place their second Lanterns in counter-clockwise order.

NOTE: The Lanterns will shine their light in the direction of the white beam that is pictured. The rays cannot pass mountains, trolls, other lanterns, or the non-reflective sides of mirrors... but with shine over meadows, lakes and sand.

For your Lanterns, you can decide the place and direction yourself, but the following restrictions apply:

  • The beam of light must be directed towards the terrain tiles.
  • There should be no immediate obstructions in front of the beam.
  • You are not allowed to place your lantern on a hex adjacent to an opponent's lantern.

Now place the appropriate number of trolls onto the game board (four trolls with two players, six trolls with three players). Players take turns placing one troll per turn around the table until all trolls are placed.

Mirror, Mirror

Once the game has begun, a player's turn is divided into three Phases:

1) Player Action

The Active Player may either place one new Mirror on the board, or move one of their own existing Mirrors.

Once all of a player's Mirrors are placed on the board, they will continue by moving their Mirrors around. A player can place their Mirrors in any order they'd like, and can choose which side will be face up. Mirrors can be placed into unoccupied meadow or sand hexes, and the beam can be directed in any direction available.

2) Turning Trolls To Stone

The Active Player's lanterns activate, petrifying trolls affected. If you can trace a ray of light from one of your lanterns, through mirrors and prisms into a troll, remove it from the board to score and keep it.

3) End Of Turn

Lanterns are deactivated, and the active Player places new trolls onto the board. A Troll cannot be placed on mountains, lakes, mirrors, lanterns or other Trolls.

Game Over

The game ends immediately after one of the players petrify their 9th (2-player game) or 6th (3-player game) Troll. That player is thereby crowned the winner, and will be celebrated by a great feast!

There are no ties in a troll hunt... 

Check out Rahdo's Run Through!

Thanks to the mighty Rahdo for his input! Go and check out his other awesome videos on YouTube!

  • 1 game board consisting of 25 parts
  • 18 troll tiles
  • 21 mirror tiles
  • 3 prism tiles
  • 6 lantern tiles
  • 18 troll keep cards
  • 1 die Rulebook (Finnish & English!)

Shipping is expensive. We've calculated the cost to ship this game to backers around the world and we're subsidizing that to help keep your costs down. The cost to ship this game to backers in the USA is $7.18. We're covering $7.18 of the shipping cost for ALL backers around the world. That means that the pledge level for US backers includes shipping. For international backers, we're passing along the same savings on shipping. Simply check the chart below, find your destination group, then follow the line to see you total pledge amount.

To keep the shipping costs as low as possible, we ship packages via a variety of shipping services depending on your specific location. We use USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. You will be responsible for any import fees, brokerage or delivery surcharges, or applicable taxes that may be levied after we have shipped your package.

If you have any questions while our campaign is running or following the conclusion of the campaign, feel free to post on the main comments thread or email

We generally post updates every few days during an active campaign. Once the campaign concludes, we post updates every few weeks. You can follow us on Twitter @roll_d6, on Board Game Geek and Facebook!

Thanks as always for your support!

Developer: Roll D6 Games

Designed By: Veli-Matti Saarinen

Art and Graphic Design: Jouni Hakalahti, Katri Vainiomäki

Risks and challenges

We'll be printing the game through Panda Games, who is well known for high quality productions. Our print files are in the process of pre-press with Panda now, to get a jump start on production time.

We'll be shipping worldwide through the warehouses of Ship Naked which helps reduce the cost of customs and shipping for all of our backers!

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