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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 12 2017
Rogue Heroes PublishingBy Rogue Heroes Publishing
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Rogue Heroes PublishingBy Rogue Heroes Publishing
First created
pledged of $100,000pledged of $100,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 12 2017


Posted by Rogue Heroes Publishing (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

When I created this game, all I wanted to do was make an amazing board game that shared my love of RIFTS with the fans. And as we all know, RIFTS has a passionate fan base; people who love the setting & characters as much as I do.

When I launched the Kickstarter, I believed that I was ready. But in reading your comments, many of you have raised valid concerns that would only make the game better. And I would like the chance to address those concerns. I want this game to be a huge success, and I believe that many of you do too; so that is why I am going to cancel this Kickstarter.

As many of you have pointed out, other companies have done this and then come back with an improved game/Kickstarter campaign that has gone on to be a huge success. And that is my intention as well; to take a step back, regroup, and address people’s concerns in order to create the best game possible.

I hope that when we do come back, you will be there. Fans of board games like me. Fans of Rifts. Fans of our community. Me and my team truly appreciate your support and concerns that you’ve expressed throughout this campaign. It is our intention to return in kind.

Special thanks to all of the backers, support team, and those who advertised the Rifts Kickstarter, who generously contributed their hard earnings, time, exposure and support.



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    1. Talizvar on

      Being one of the irritating RRT folk, I do admit I feel some unhappiness to see this called off but it will be for the best.
      Plan things a bit better, get your offered product up to the current standard of games and handle your own advertising and communication.
      Good luck.

    2. Missing avatar

      Fleshharrower on

      Yep - looking forward to the re-launch, don't worry all of the adoring fans from the RRT Kickstarter will be here...

    3. Derek R Boudreaux

      Looking forward to the return. Keep it up, Carmen!

    4. Curtis Roberts on

      Carmen I am sorry to hear that this Kickstarter has been cancelled but I look forward for it coming back stronger than ever. Good luck and well wishes.

    5. Mark Cunningham

      Hope you relaunch soon Carmen and the Rogue Heroes Publishing Crew, looking forward to your great miniatures and your take on the Rifts World, is it possible to email the current backers when you are about relaunch, so we can support this kickstarter again.

    6. Joshua Gomez on

      Respect your decision, sir, and greatly look forward to a successful resurgence!

    7. Sven "DOC" Berglowe

      Well done realizing you had a need to step back and get your bearings for a better game. I applaud you! It's an intestinal fortitude check many game designers and kickstart creators fail to grasp. I will be here waiting for you to start again so please start an email list now with us backers to be in early. I love RIFTS and I love the game concept you came out with flying like a Glitterboy. See ya!

    8. Rogue Heroes Publishing Creator on

      Just to answer one question that came up after this announcement: Yes, Early Bird backers will be given Early Bird status when we relaunch. If they don't get in to the normal Early Bird pledge level, we'll take care of them in the pledge manager afterward. Thanks, guys.

    9. Missing avatar

      Erik Growen on

      Best of luck to you personally. When you are ready to go again, I will be ready to back it all in again! Love the look of the minis and look forward to seeing them again!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jim Phillips

      Sorry to hear that it's not coming, but it sounds like it's for the best reasons. Best of luck to you, Carmen. I'm excited for the game and will definitely be waiting for the relaunch. And please, guard your health. I'm glad your doing better. Keep up the good work.

    11. Todd Ferrullo on

      I think that Matt makes allot of good points that I hope Carmen takes to heart when he relaunches this game. I was one of those folks that advised that it might be best to cancel and then restart this campaign when better prepared. The folks at Dark Gate Games did so and it was to both their benefit and the benefit of the game (and its backers). So I honestly hope to see this relaunched down the road when it is ready.

    12. Salamandros on

      I agree with Matt Saia, ESPECIALLY about the inept "community manager".

    13. David Folmsbee on

      I'll gladly back this product again when you relaunch it.

    14. Matt Saia on

      As much as I and others have been critical it’s only fair to give some tips after all this. To sum some things up in a clear list for next time since most the stuff is buried in mounds of posts:

      Be ready to reveal the manufacturer of the minis and the materials that will be used as well as piece counts if applicable (if it’s more than one piece) this directly determines the quality the backer can expect at launch. Again, make your life easy and just use the companies that other top tier mini makers use.

      Be ready to provide a rough of the rules and/or a really detailed gameplay video (more than one if possible) that answers all the basics of how things work.

      Have some recorded playtests with places like Beasts of War or other groups

      Have a BGG page up and done before the campaign

      When you are looking at things like the rulebook, board and cards you will be compared to others in the genre. The offerings here were sub par in that regard. I Would either recommend bringing it up to par with similar games or removing the board all together and going with a straight miniatures game (which also may alleviate some costs)

      The same can be said about the minis. The price points were very high in general. Something like the GB should clock in around where a scout walker is for Imperial Assault (19.95 retail). Again, people need to feel they are getting some value and not fleeced. It’s understood you were likely being very cautious so you didn’t run short, but somewhere in there it has to make sense to the backers.

      Study other campaigns that are successful. CMON is the king of boardgame Kickstarter companies and Monolith and others are worth looking at too.

      Make the first couple stretch goals things you know people will desire highly to help you push up into success quickly.

      You must, must…must get the stink of Kevin, Wayne and all the other folks at PB off you. You had 3 people in the “collaborators” section of this project, two that are major members of PB and another that is on their website. This isn’t the way to divorce yourself effectively from the licensor and its issues. The way Savage Rifts dealt with the PB related add ons was also much more thought out and clear. Whenever you relaunch PB’s place in the credits should only be under “licensor approvals.”

      Make sure whoever your face is in the community knows how to handle tough questions and heated feedback. Unless something fundamentally changes in a positive way with RRT, a section of people will be back and they will be critical (justified or not). The whole $1 comment hurt you terribly. You need skilled community managers.

      I’m sure there are other must haves before relaunch, but this was my list of recommendations based on personal opinions and what I saw asked most frequently.

    15. Kopah on

      This was the correct thing to do.

    16. William S. on

      @Gathar Agreed it is better to have a longer estimated delivery than to miss the date.

    17. Gathar on

      Carmen I hope that you do bring this back strong with everyone's concerns ready to be addressed. I love RIFTS and would be willing to throw as much money as I can at a miniature game for it. I did state this years ago in the Robotech campaign. I have clicked to follow you to know when this is ready for relaunch. One thing I have to say I thought was a positive in this campaign was the 2 year estimated delivery. I know most people were turned off by it, but so far in everything I have backed they all miss the short estimated delivery goal. I think it was a good move on your part especially when Palladium to the best of my knowledge has never made a release date and everything is always delayed. I know that you sated that you are not Palladium but I am sure they have there hand in this with approvals at the least. I look forward to the relaunch and again please take this time to address all the concerns to make this the best game there is and the best Kickstarter there is. Good Luck cant wait to see what you do with this.

    18. Matt Saia on

      Good luck on the re-launch. If you can hit the ground running with all the questions answered and the materials in order from the start, you'll likely have success. As others have mentioned, it's something other campaigns have done (Cthulu Wars even came back with an altered and better game). You've been out under more scrutiny than most projects and will definitely emerge stronger for it.

    19. Andrew Ferguson on

      Good luck with the relaunch and I'll be back once you are ready

    20. Missing avatar

      Branden on

      Good luck, Carmen! I'm looking forward to the relaunch!

    21. Benjamin Barbre on

      Best of luck, cannot wait until you relaunch! This is going to be epic!

    22. JR

      I'll gladly wait until the next run at this. I do wish I didn't have to give up my sweet Early Bird that I had gotten though. Ah well, I'll get it next time.

    23. John Hammons on

      I hope it works out, I'll be watching for it again. Good luck

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Dexter on

      You can count on me at relaunch.

    25. Michael Nolen on

      imo, put all the add-ons up front. and have the stretch goals that effect those products, like adding them into the main game, give a bonus to at add-on that is not a part of the main game.

    26. PanzerTC on


      Build a better one and I will be back to support it.

      Best of luck

    27. Missing avatar


      Good Luck on a relaunch guys.

      Sláinte Mhaith!

    28. Saytrsong

      I also think this was probably the best move. I can't imagine creating a Kickstarter like this is at all easy, so hopefully some good things were taken away from this experience. Looking forward for the relaunch! I wish you the best of luck and health Carmen!

    29. William S. on

      I look forward to the relaunch of this kickstarter. I think this game has a lot of great potential.

    30. Robyn Jamie Stott on

      Looking forward to the relaunch

    31. Logus Vile on

      Well done. This was a smart move. Prepare yourselves and you will have a great success on your hands.

    32. Jon Wiersma

      Look forward to the next attempt. Let us know when you launch again! :-)

    33. FatPob

      A brave call, but the right one. When you relaunch you will be glad to have everything covered off.
      Good luck, keep up with dev on FB.

      With all the prep for the next run you should smash funding, there is clearly a lot of folks who want this. time.

    34. Missing avatar

      Peter Dorney on

      I'll be waiting for you guys to come back. One question - will the new kickstarter honor the guaranteed early birds (the one that you emailed for ahead of time)?

    35. Steve Kozlowski

      It's sad, but probably necessary. There are areas the campaign and the game need improvement on. Some things to keep in mind for your next launch:

      1. Have a couple of reviews ready to post day 1. Those help a lot.

      2. An actual gameplay video that shows (at the minimum) several turns played out, as well as a summary of how missions work and the campaign. Ideally you would want to have a video with a full game.

      3. Upgrade the paper map to board tiles.

      4. Add a co-op mode from the get go.

      5. Better planned stretch goals.

      I'll be happy to see this return and I hope it isn't too far off. Good luck!

    36. Graham Bailey

      Carmen, well done for making the tough but right decision.
      The management of the kickstarter hasn't been great so I'm really, genuinely looking forward to you taking your time to come back with a better, more prepared and more professional offering.
      I'll be right there with you for the ride.

    37. Churchill

      Carmen and Co: Good on you for taking some more time to revisit this project at a later date and time. There are many questions to be answered, I feel that you are 70% of the way there to a successful launch and that last 30% of taking a bit more time, tuning, tweaking, and getting the answers and material out there for the community to look over and approve.
      You took the right approach and I look forward to seeing Rogue Hero's next try at this.

    38. John Fiala

      Sounds like a good call, Carmen. If I may, I suggest advertising extensively in other, non-Palladium areas to increase knowledge of the upcoming kickstarter so you have even more folks looking to back (or at least watch) when you relaunch.

      Good luck!