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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 12 2017
Rogue Heroes PublishingBy Rogue Heroes Publishing
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Rogue Heroes PublishingBy Rogue Heroes Publishing
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pledged of 100.000 $pledged of 100.000 $ goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 12 2017


Posted by Rogue Heroes Publishing (Creator)

Rogue Heroes!

We are excited to reveal the first batch of our stretch goals. Like you, we’re hoping for a successful kickstart to unlock these and many more goodies to enhance your Rifts gaming experience:

$130,000 - full color rule book.

$140,000 - Unlock a CS Skelebot Squad -- five Skelebots added to the box game (all the same pose). Skelebots are the Coalition's hunter-killer robots programmed to seek out and destroy D-Bees, mages and other enemies of the Coalition States.

$160,000 - 2 additional double-sided set-on tiles added to the Boxed Game.

$180,000 - 2 additional heroes added to the Boxed Game; Body Fixer and the City Rat. The Body Fixer is an underground doctor who treats heroes and enemies of the Coalition States. The City Rat, a tough street punk armed with cybernetics and street smarts.

$200,000 - Additional Coalition Dog Pack added to the Boxed Game, for a total of 8 Dog Boys and 2 Psi-Stalkers in the box. Dog Boys are genetically engineered bloodhounds and trackers who can sniff out and psionically sense magic users and psychics. Psi-Stalkers are human mutants, psychics themselves, who command Dog Packs to hunt down mages, psychics, and other enemies of the Coalition.

That was the news for the morning. Later this afternoon will be an update to address some of your questions.

Stay tuned,


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    1. Rache Bartmoss on

      At this time there are many unanswered questions about this game. Below are some of the concerns that have been voiced by various backers:

      1. There is very little information about the game itself available.

      2. Rogue Heroes will not release the manufacturer information.

      3. We have not seen a roadmap or any finacial planning.

      4. The value does not seem to be there for the price charged.

      5. Majority of add-ons are preexisting products from other companies.

      6. There are many connections and collaborators credited on this project from Palladium Books whom are responsible for a 1.4 million dollar kickstarter (Robotech RPG tactics) that has not fullfilled pledges four years later.

      7. Extremely rude behavior from Rogue Heroes reps towards $1 backers

      8. Repeated requests for answers to questions have been ignored.

      9. We are unaware of the actual dollar pledge required to have questions answered.

      10. The kickstarter is not being run by the actual Canadian Rogue Heroes company, instead it is run by a shell company that was set up in april in Michigan, very close to Palladium Books.

      11. The terms of service for this kickstarter project offer the company extreme freedom to do whatever they want and will leave you, the backer with very little to no recourse if things go wrong.

    2. Missing avatar

      Raymond D. Arrastia on

      "Reading is fundamental" - can't read what isn't there. This isn't stated on the stretch goal graphic on the main page, thus the question.
      Thanks for pointing me to the answer, and I hope the extra snark you delivered it with brightens your day.

    3. Steve A on

      Can a $1 backer get a question answered?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kickstarter Kevin on

      Reading Is Fundamental - five Skelebots added to the box game (all the same pose)

    5. Kopah on

      It looks like we need to hit $200k for the boxset to be worth the $99 MSRP you have set for it...
      If this thing funds at $100k with what is currently included, it will never sell for anywhere near the claimed MSRP

    6. Missing avatar

      Raymond D. Arrastia on

      Are the skelebots 5x of that one pose, or 5 different skelebots models? (If so, could you preview them all on the stretch goal?)

    7. Supreme Leader on

      @Andrew Cooke
      Do the add ons need to be purchased before June 4th ?
      Since I locked down the $150 level do I get more time to pay in more later or is it all done funding completely on June 4?
      The Robotech backers were pumping in more ca$h probably two years after RRT was done funding if I remember correctly.. right?

    8. Graham Bailey

      Personally, I'd rather some some new miniatures added at higher levels, rather than just more of the same.
      That is, if we make it that far.

    9. Churchill

      What about making the paper thin map into something sturdier?

    10. Andrew Ferguson on

      So if we double the base funding amount we would raise to 33 miniatures in the KS (including the exclusive). I'd like to see further goals as this doesn't include the Grackletooth nor any SAMAS that we all expect. Are those going to be add ons as well?