Andere über dieses Projekt informieren


Andere über dieses Projekt informieren

A revolutionary razor providing a close and easy shave, adjustable to everyone's skin and hair, with no cartridges or subscriptions!
A revolutionary razor providing a close and easy shave, adjustable to everyone's skin and hair, with no cartridges or subscriptions!
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    1. BENSAMOUN Robert am

      I didn't receive an update on September and October, and a respons on my last message. I am fed up beacause every month you find a problem explained the reason of the delay. Could you please give me a realtime of shippment ?
      It' incredible and unaccpetable about Razor T!!!!!

    2. BENSAMOUN Robert am

      Thank you for the monthly update, but regarding the situation, and the delay, will you be able to announce a real date of shipping for Europe and especially for France. It could be kind of you to give a realistic information. As Eric Fack, I am not amused about your lack of visibility on the sheddule !!!!
      Thanks for a real feedback and a date of shippement.

    3. Eric Fack am

      Hello team Rockwell Razors,

      announced shipment was March 2017 - now we have September 2018 and no information when I could expect the already paid goods. I'm not amused about your information politics and your way of making promises without compliance.
      A delivery shedule with reliable dates would be highest appreciated.

      Best regards from Germany

    4. Timothy King am

      Um still no update, no razor, but yet non-backers are being encouraged to pre-order for October 2018, I backed this in April 2016 and am still waiting.....

    5. Dirk Jan Hugen am

      Apparently august has 35 days (or more) in Canada🤓

    6. Avatar fehlt

      Davy K am

      Please can we have an update as to where things are at? There’s a lot of people who are showing a lot of patience

    7. Avatar fehlt

      Suresh Ratan am

      Final days of August, waiting for an update.

    8. Avatar fehlt

      Richard Hendrata am

      will there be an update on the gunmetal/black? shipping??

    9. Avatar fehlt

      Colin Heapy

      Still waiting with no definite date for delivery can it take this long to produce a razor ?? I like one of the other contributors have forgotten which I ordered and the extras again a long long time ago . This has to be one of the longest sagas yet and still no end in site . Let’s have som e realistic delivery dates for us long suffering backers.
      COLIN Heapy

    10. Andreas Flach am

      Could you tell something about the gunmetal razor? Do you have a shipping date?

    11. Jun Xiang Yang am

      I sent a letter on 28th June, you said “We're on track to have your Model T razor shipped before the end of this upcoming August.” Now it is already in mid-August. I have not received a confirmation letter.
      There is no exact date of shipment, you have been delaying the time, is there an exact timetable to know when to get the goods,
      I bought it with my friend. At the beginning, I also bought more accessories to be his wedding gift. Now he is not only married, but also have already had a baby, and I have always been a substitute for you to explain to him why there is no arrival.
      There is no definite time for each month's update to know when it will start shipping to customers.
      What I want to say is that if your company does not have the ability to develop its own research and development, please carefully determine the scheduled delivery date.
      Prolonged delays will only reduce the customer's trust in your company, even if the quality of the product is perfect.

    12. Avatar fehlt

      Lambertus S. Hofstra am

      @Downing Bethune: I can't remember either, glad it's not just me :)
      Anyway, great to see the project is still moving ahead; I don't care about the timeline. It isn't as if I have been forced to grow a (long) beard in the meantime. If that had been the case I would have gone to a shop and bought whatever is already on the market. Mind you, even if the project had ground to a halt then I would have considered it a shame, but just the nature of the game....

    13. Tom am

      @Downing Bethune yup. Still expecting my gunmetal razor shipping notification by end of August. Looks like they are on track for it.

    14. Avatar fehlt

      Downing Bethune am

      Lol, it's been so long I don't even remember which model I ordered. In any case, I'm sure it will be great.

      For those who are getting restless, why pull out now that we're so close? It's not like this will be your one and only razor. Someday, apparently sooner rather than later, your razor will arrive and you'll enjoy a lifetime of use and will forget all about the wait.

    15. Avatar fehlt

      TIm am

      Could I please enquire as to when will the gunmetal version be delivered to UK?

    16. Avatar fehlt

      michael dutilly am

      All updates are about White Chrome Model T units, what's about the black model? I never seen anything about it!

    17. Rockwell Razors 3 eigene Projekte am

      @Ehud kadim: Sorry to hear you haven't gotten a response, we're caught up to Thursday on email responses - please be sure you're sending an email to and let us know the email you used to pledge for the Kickstarter, and we'll be sure to take care of this for you!

    18. Avatar fehlt

      Ehud kadim am

      Remember when in a previous post they made a statement that any backer who had lost faith and wanted their money back, the Rockwell team would respect that and reimburse the pledge?
      Well, I've lost faith. And I let them know that I prefer to be reimbursed.
      Guess what - not a sound. No response. How "surprising" is that, given the stories we've been hearing for two years.
      I have never made a complaint to a Kickstarter entrepreneur I've pledged to to date. I have huge respect for them and for their journey. I'm sorry to say to say, I've lost my trust this time.

    19. Marcel

      What about the other colours? When are they slated for shipment?

    20. Avatar fehlt

      Lowell Mason am

      Thank you for the update and for pushing through the toughest parts of the creation. You have worked diligently and I can’t wait to receive mine. Keep on trucking.

    21. Avatar fehlt

      Bdtry am

      @Gary Adkins - email to get a refund. Be aware they seem to be currently a bit behind on emails as I assume they are swamped.

    22. Gary Adkins am

      I've requested information about canceling my pledge per your offer to allow me to do so in a previous update. To date, I have not received a response.

    23. Avatar fehlt

      Don Mochwart am

      Hi would you be able to tell me approximately when my order would be shipping?

    24. Avatar fehlt

      Michael Balamuth am

      Wow... looking good. Worth the wait for the 1-piece T-Bar!!

    25. Josh Ostroff am

      Thanks for this in-progress update as you make engineering changes and proceed to assembly. I've read comments from many backers that they prefer the one-piece, so it makes sense to focus efforts on that and provide a shipping timeline accordingly. Who know design, engineering and manufacturing was so complicated? :)

    26. Avatar fehlt

      André Duarte am

      so during last month you created a tray? that's it? this guys... what will happen next?

    27. Mike K am

      You really think you can post two updates in one calendar month?

      I sure hope you are right. Time will tell.