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A revolutionary razor providing a close and easy shave, adjustable to everyone's skin and hair, with no cartridges or subscriptions!
A revolutionary razor providing a close and easy shave, adjustable to everyone's skin and hair, with no cartridges or subscriptions!
4,024 backers pledged $393,407 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Jasper Hyde: For countries outside the EU, this $20 goes towards shipping charges, as mentioned in the "Shipping" section of the project. Our fulfillment company indicated we were able to organize duties pre-payment for EU countries only, but I can also ask them about Switzerland if you're interested!

    2. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @XQ Chow: Those free items are listed under the "Model T" on Backerkit, I think a few people have been purchasing extras because they'd like an extra Sheath or Blade Bank!

    3. Jasper Hyde on

      Hi, I'm in Switzerland but have also been charged the $20 VAT fee. As you probably know, Switzerland is not in the EU. Will you be prepaying the Swiss VAT (8%) or am I getting charged twice?

    4. XQ Chow on

      After reading few comments below, I'm aware some people here might want to add addons like the leather sheath and the blade bank. Those two wonderful additions are unlocked for every backer. Is there any way to add these to the backerkit website so people won't make the mistake receiving two blade banks and leather sheaths?

      ps. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong

    5. Marcel

      Partly, my own fault, I missed the message you had sent with the survey-link, as that explained it, but it wasn't clear on my screen that there was an explanation with that link.

    6. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @MadJo: Sorry about that - it wouldn't let me change the label from "Shipping"

    7. Marcel

      Ahh it's the VAT charge? Then the wording was a bit confusing. As it literally says "shipping".

    8. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      Dear EU Backers,

      The $20 charge is in reference to the "Shipping" section of the project, where under EU I stated: "VAT will be charged in addition to pledge reward cost, at the time surveys are sent out. Pledge rewards will ship from within Europe, so backers aren't hit with additional duties and customs fees."

      The idea behind this charge is to allow me to pre-clear the goods into Europe, so that you're not all hit with $30 to $60 of taxes, duties, and "search fees" when the orders reach you. I thought that $20 would be preferable to $30 to $60, and believed I had laid this out very clearly in the project shipping notes. I'm sorry to see there's been some confusion around this point, I'll be messaging each of you that have commented individually to make sure your concerns are addressed and that the shipping fees are explained to you.

    9. Juan Carlos Aller on

      Having the same issue as @MadJo. I am getting charged 20$ shipping even though the shipping was supposed to be free to Spain

    10. Marcel

      Proof with color emphasis:

    11. Marcel

      Question... according to the pledge text of the Early Bird special, shipping to EU was free ("Free US, Canada, and EU shipping."), but I am getting hit with a 20 dollar shipping fee to NL.

      Why is that? The Netherlands didn't 'Brexit', it is still in the EU.

    12. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Everyone: Hey all - a bit of bad luck: I've come down with quite a bad flu. I anticipate quite a number of questions once the surveys go live, and I want to make sure I'm able to serve you guys to the best of my ability - for that reason I'm delaying the surveys until Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks for understanding, everybody - Rockwell is a one-man show for now, which means it somewhat requires me to be lucid to function properly. I'll get back up and running ASAP!

    13. Missing avatar

      Robert Brandt on

      Oh man am I getting excited for this! I bought a 6s for my father to get away from cartridge shaving and he loves it. I love the new products especially deodorant always looking for a new good quality deodorant to try!
      Love how much you guys have adapted this product and are working to make it the perfect product for your backers! Incredible journey so far following this razor! Thank you

    14. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Nicholas: That's a fantastic haul, I really appreciate the support!

    15. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Gary Bendelow: The bottom piece is press fit, actually! @Nope is correct, the hole acts both as a drainage hole a place for the screw to be inserted for razor disassembly

    16. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Dominik Rzepa: Thanks for all the support! The deodorant will be a roll-on deodorant in circular prism like all the fancy luxury brand deodorants, except ours smells better and is cheaper!

    17. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Naomi: Awesome, I think you'll love the weight of the stand as well (it's seriously hefty. Pretty awesome)!

    18. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Old Hopeful: You'll have many months to decide on your add-ons, and there's no problem with adding additional items to your order as time goes on!

    19. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Wesley Stucki: There are 6C updates in the last 2 updates posted on that KS campaign :)

    20. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Manny M: There will be pictures of all the hardware in Backerkit! There will also be pictures of the softgoods and renderings of the packaging.

    21. Nope on

      @ Gary Bendelow

      I don't think the hole left open will be an issue considering water will get inside the razor handle when you try to rinse out the head.

    22. Nicholas

      Great job guys! I'm excited to try the shave soap and cream. I'll probably pick up a stand, leather sheath and Dopp kit.

    23. Gary Bendelow on

      HI Gareth, quick question - will the base of the razor have a flush fitting screw to act to close the hole up?
      thanks - Looking good !!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Dominik Rzepa

      Hello Gareth and Company!! Thank you very much for a wonderful update and for bringing more great products to the market. I truly hope that you will invent and produce some great brush+razor holders, I only have three brushes, but of course I will buy all new brushes from Rockwell Co. and soaps (although I have enough soaps and creams for over 5 years) and even pre-shaves and deodorants (as long as it's more like an Eau de Toilette spray not like a cheap not eco-friendly aluminum can) and more bar soaps (although I have almost twenty of those in the bathroom..). I'm very glad that I have been working 7 days a week and many double shifts so when the survey comes I will go on shopping spree and I will know that my money are well spent!! Cheers!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Naomi on

      As one of the few esteemed lady backers, I am most excited by the stand to store the razor when not in use, the disposable blade safe to keep things tidy and the dopp bag for safe transport. Hopefully this is something nice and compact that could fit inside a larger toiletries bag. Thanks Gareth for the great update

    26. Missing avatar

      Old Hopeful on

      I'm very impressed with the simplicity of disassembling the razor for cleaning. The difficulty in doing this for other vintage butterfly adjustables, especially Gillettes, has proved to be the demise of many of these razors.

      I'm not sure that you have done me any favours by presenting so many desirable add-ons, as I'll have a job making my mind up now.

    27. Missing avatar

      Wesley Stucki on

      I agree with Manny M that some pictures of the add on products will be great!! Also on a side note any update on shipping for the first round of 6C razors??? Very keen on trying it and seeing the comparison between it and the 6S.

    28. Manny M on

      Super keen to see some photos of those add-ons. Especially the stand.

    29. Nope on

      @ Rockwell Razors

      You are absolutely correct, the fact its so easy to open the razor, simply clean it with tooth brush and soap, let it dry and then lube it with mineral oil will prolong the razor life span, no more gunk build up and you got a happy customer who can service his razor on his own.

    30. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @MadJo: It won't increase the shipping cost at all!

    31. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Dominic Coulombe & Mean Old BenG: Thank you very much!

    32. BenG on

      Great update Gareth. I look forward to being able to try out your new products.

    33. Marcel

      Any idea how much shipping to outside the US is going to end up being for those products?

    34. Dominic Coulombe on

      What a great update ! The disassembly method is brilliant. It will be tough to decide what add-ons to choose... Great work, as usual !

    35. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Nope: Thanks! It's something that I know was only significant to a subset of backers during the campaign, but costs very little to implement and has the potential to extend the fuctional lifespan of the razor indefinitely - so I'd say it'd worth it!

    36. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Andrew Fox: no animal products - just updated the Shave Soap description to reflect the glycerin base.

    37. Nope on

      I can see tons of love coming your way for this added feature, thanks

    38. Andrew Fox on

      Hi Gareth are you productstill vegan/vegetarian or do they contain tallow or other animal products. Thanks

    39. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Bdtry: The unplated thing isn't looking good this time around - we're worried it could throw off the tolerance predictability. Sorry about that :(

    40. Missing avatar

      Bdtry on

      DEAR SANTA ~attaches the Rockwell product list above~ :P

      One hell of an update. My wallet is going to be hating on me come the 5th lol.

      The bottom plug is an ingenious idea and very simple at the same time. Have you heard anything back about the possibility of buying unplated razors for people that want to get them done up custom?

    41. John Wilson on

      Awesome! Need a new synthetic brush so I'll hold off until I see whats available.