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A revolutionary razor providing a close and easy shave, adjustable to everyone's skin and hair, with no cartridges or subscriptions!
A revolutionary razor providing a close and easy shave, adjustable to everyone's skin and hair, with no cartridges or subscriptions!
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Introducing: The Rockwell Chrome Series

Posted by Rockwell Razors (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Today, we're excited to announce the newest member(s) of the Rockwell Razors family: the Rockwell Chrome Series.


We've received countless requests from backers and customers for a more affordable version of the Stainless Steel Rockwell 6S. The Chrome Series, made of chromed zinc alloy, is made up of two models - the 2C (only Rockwell Sizes 1 and 3) starting from $20, and the 6C (all 6 Rockwell Sizes) starting from $40. The Chrome Series is available in 3 finishes - White Chrome, Gunmetal, and Brushed Chrome, and is only available on Kickstarter!

The Chrome Series will be shipping in March 2016, and will not be disruptive at all to your Rockwell Model T pledge. Even if you don't intend to pledge for a Rockwell Chrome Series, we recommend you check out the page because it features many shots of the exact three finish options you'll have for your Rockwell Model T!

One more thing: we know there are a number of you that are quite passionate about the work we do at Rockwell (thank you!), and we wanted to provide you the opportunity to help shape the future of a Rockwell product.


We have a limited number of Rockwell 6C in White Chrome that will be ready to ship out in November 2016. If you pledge to be a Rockwell Superbacker, you'll receive one of these first 750 razors, be able to give feedback on the construction and performance, and then get another Rockwell 6C (in the finish of your choice) in March 2017! We'll be taking your feedback into consideration while making mold and finishing tweaks before the full manufacturing run for the March 2017 shipment.

As always, feel free to respond to drop a comment on this update, or send us a message if you have any questions about the Rockwell Chrome Series - I’d love to help!

Co-Founder, Rockwell Razors

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    1. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @ McHale: yup I'm working on releasing that along with the surveys when they go out!

    2. McHale on

      On the chrome series page in the comments section, it was stated that "We'll also be making storage options for unused plates available in the add-ons after the campaign." Is it safe to assume those will be available on the website after the campaign? Until then, I'm using an Altoids SMALLS tin which works fairly well when traveling.

    3. Nope on

      Sorry if you think I was not nice to you, but I still did explained the obvious visual differences between the 2 razors. There is no such thing as stupid question but in this case you could of asked hey what are material build differences between both and how durable are they when pinned against each other, what are the advantages and drawbacks between both designs, whats the difference in aggressiveness number for number etc etc. I was expecting those sort of questions, but if your happy with more broadband answer that I gave you such as one is 3 piece design and other is twist to open, ok then if that makes you happy :)

    4. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      Thanks @Mark1965! There will be firm friction on the dial, but no clicking - we wanted the Model T to be infinitely adjustable, not simply limited to the 6 exact numbers on the dial.

      The stands will be compatible with all our razors.

      The gunmetal on the Model T will look like the gunmetal you see on the Chrome Series page, but it's worth noting that the Chrome Series pictures were taken under extremely bright light.

      I'm hoping that they'll both ship at the same time!

    5. Mark on

      How have I suddenly become a collector of razors(?!?)

      Looking forward to receiving the 6c in white chrome in Nov

      A few questions....
      Please forgive me if I missed the answer to this already........ The twist setting. Does it click into place or is there a bit of friction with the twist? Only asking because it reminds me of a pen that twists to open/close. During use, it begins as fully open but next thing I know there is only a bit of the ball point sticking out because it slowly twists shut during use.
      And these much less important q's....
      Are all stands compatible with all razor models (Model T, 6c, 6s) ?
      Is the gunmetal in Model T, going to be the exact same gunmetal finish as 6c?
      Lastly.... no big deal, but just curious. Which do you think will ship first 6c or Model T?
      Thanks, Mark

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      @Nope: Thanks for being nice with me... I was looking at it on my phone and couldn't see the difference on the pictures, now that I have time at home I looked at the videos and now see the difference.... Thanks again... or not...

    7. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Nope: Thank you very much for the ongoing support!

    8. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Paul: Thanks for the question! There's a chart on the Chrome Series KS page that details the differences, right under the "SuperBackers" section :)

    9. Rockwell Razors 3-time creator on

      @Madjo: Thank you for catching my brutal typo.... *embarrassment*

    10. Nope on


      Cmon men you cant be serious with that question, just look at the design of both razors.... Chrome version is 3 piece razor that looks like stainless steel handle with zamac cap and base plates and the Model T is a twist to open 1 piece design that's adjustable on the fly and its all brass. I mean the differences are obvious but your question on the other hand...... Don't want to come out rude, but damn Paul....

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      What ia the diffence between this one and the Model T?

    12. Nope on

      this is a good counter option for someone who wants to try out the 6S but not sure if he/she wants to pay the full price for SS razor, @ price point of $40 is something that will peak the interest of some people, but for us who already know DE razors and been having the 6S we know where the pot of gold lays lol, SS or nothing :)

    13. MadJo

      March 2016? Are you going to travel back in time? :)