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A book of 88 stunning micro-stories written as postcards from strange worlds and alternate lives, featuring the voice of Cecil Baldwin
A book of 88 stunning micro-stories written as postcards from strange worlds and alternate lives, featuring the voice of Cecil Baldwin
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Digital rewards sent + bonus wallpapers/videos + the truck comes Monday

Posted by Peter Chiykowski (Creator)

Hey everyone!

A few exciting updates and one disappointing one!

The parcels have been packaged and ready since Monday. My logistics company told me they could get me the packing slips in time for the books to be picked up Wednesday or Thursday and shipped out, but they missed their deadlines. Instead I got the packing slips on Thursday and the truck isn't coming until Monday. It's a little frustrating, but trust me, the books are worth the wait!

The books will mail out first thing next week and should all be arriving soon:

  • 2-10 business days for Canada and the US
  • 4-22 business days for international parcels

The good news is that the ebooks and digital extras have all been sent out, and I've included some bonus material!

First up, every ebook and physical book contains an extra 14th story narrated by Cecil Baldwin! Woohoo!

Second up, for those who backed a tier including digital extras, I have some great news!

  • You're getting the MP3 of the bonus story as well as all the 13 promised stories!
  • I had too many favourites and decided to go for 22 high-res wallpapers instead of the stretch goal 18 wallpapers!
  • My animator Mathias was enjoying making videos and we decided to make animated videos of all 14 of Cecil's stories instead of just the 3 we hit stretch goals for. I've included the first batch of 5 video files. The rest will be sent out in subsequent batches as they are done!
If you haven't received a BackerKit email with your digital rewards, send me a message and I'll make sure to get you a copy of the download!

Note that for simplicity of tracking fulfillment, I ended up using BackerKit's built-in digital rewards delivery system, so the download will have been sent to your Kickstarter/BackerKit email. If you provided an alternate email in your survey, it didn't go there, but if that poses any kind of an issue for you, just let me know by Kickstarter message and I will find a way to get a copy sent to your alternate email ASAP!

If you backed for the complete ChiZine ebook catalogue, that will be sent out directly by ChiZine in the next week or so! Also, if you backed for a custom short story, I will be following up about that next week!

Lastly, here's another one of the animated videos from the download pack!

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