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Make your own 3D printing filament from recycled bottles and other plastic products. Never run out of 3D printing filament.
Make your own 3D printing filament from recycled bottles and other plastic products. Never run out of 3D printing filament.
Make your own 3D printing filament from recycled bottles and other plastic products. Never run out of 3D printing filament.
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    1. Missing avatar

      ergil on

      Hi Tyler,
      thanks for the refund, I received it via paypal.
      Best regards

    2. Missing avatar

      Adam Brooks on

      Sorry, that was obviously meant to be a private question, but I'm sure others will be curious about the answer, too.

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Brooks on

      In update 30, you indicated you'd give store credit for the grinder when it was released online. Seeing that you're charging more for the Reclaimer than the original full system on KS, are you still planning to honor that?

      Didn't want to post this in the comments because I don't want to start a flood that would bankrupt you. I want your business to succeed.


      Adam Brooks

    4. Winston J

      Hi Tyler,
      Just got the full refund today by PayPal.
      Thanks and all the best to you!

    5. Missing avatar

      ergil on

      Hi Tyler, I'm still waiting for a sign of life from you. Will I get a refund - I'm in Germany?

    6. Carlos Arana Matus on

      Hi Tyler, I just got my refund. I think times should be though for you right now but also you surely have gathered some knowledge and skills most people will never get.
      Your ethics remain in good stand with me.
      Saludos y buena suerte.

    7. Winston J

      Hey Tyler, you messaged me a while back about giving me a refund rather than shipping me the Filabot, but I still have not gotten the refund yet. Any idea when that will be? I'm in Canada.

    8. Missing avatar

      thingstodo on

      Hi - I have not received a filabot either (Canada) and no contact so far about a refund. But my spam filter is quite aggressive - I could see it rejecting an email from you offering a refund with an embedded link!

    9. Ferdinand Pointer on

      What is the latest idea of soon? I still await my machine. Just let me know the status.

      Ferdinand Pointer

    10. Marcus Puchalla on

      Hi there, please provide us all with some information about refund for international backers.
      I've pledged a lot of money and would love some NEWS!!!!

    11. JBernal on

      5 left to ship? I have yet to receive mine. What gives?

    12. Carlos Arana Matus on

      Hi Tyler,
      Any info regarding my shipment or refund?
      I'm an international backer so I guess it will end up being a refund, but I have not yet received a confirmation on this so I will be thankful if you can provide.
      Best regards.

    13. Missing avatar

      Protospace on

      Hi Tyler,

      will we still get a kit or a refund? (we prefer a kit). Please inform.

    14. Tyler McNaney Creator on

      Hi Ferdinand,

      You are one of the 5 left to ship. We will have it shipped soon.

    15. Tyler McNaney Creator on

      Hi Bob,

      Can you please check your messages, we dont have a shipping address for you. On the 7th we sent you a private message asking what it was. Please let us know so we can ship.



    16. eddie matejowsky on

      Am I still in the queue somewhere?

    17. Missing avatar

      Bob Roswell on

      looking back, you send you were shipping it on Oct 7. Never saw it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Bob Roswell on

      Wondering when you might ship my filabot?

    19. Missing avatar

      PJ on

      Hi, I'm missing a part or two from my filament maker. The end cap that screws into the heat tube that you screw the extruder into.

      If you take a look at, I'm missing the bolt that the filament sizer screws into.

    20. Ferdinand Pointer on

      Any idea of when my unit will be shipped?
      Ferdinand Pointer
      Clearwater, FL

    21. Tyler McNaney Creator on


      I will ship tomorrow.

      Sorry about that

    22. Missing avatar

      Matthew Mayavski on

      please check your e-mail. the tracking number you sent was for the original package. I still need a 2nd package sent out as I am missing the temp controller/switch panel.

      @Joshua, I feel your pain. I am trying to sell mine and the buyer has only half the parts and as such only paid half...

    23. Missing avatar

      Joshua Cruz on

      Tyler, I did not receive the temp control and switchboard. Would love to get it up and running!


    24. Missing avatar

      Matthew Mayavski on

      i just opened it and the control board (including the steel plate it mounts to )
      (with the PID, switches, temprature controller etc) is completely missing from the box.

      Could you please ship that to me asap as I'm trying to sell this thing.


    25. Ken Schmitt on

      I need some manner of motorized takeup spool, anyone have suggestions?

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew Mayavski on

      anyone want to buy mine? New in Box (i haven't even opened it yet)
      since this project launched to delivery i no longer have a 3D printer nor the desire to use one again.

    27. Tyler McNaney Creator on

      Hi Ryan,

      You can grease the bearing. That will make it last longer.

    28. Ryan Voots on

      Ok, so we've been up all night taking it apart and playing with it (and cutting up junk filament to run through it). We pulled the screw out and found that there was some destruction on it, like a tiny chunk of metal got in there and managed to score up a large section of it. We deburred it, sanded and polished it. Same with the barrel. Ran a bunch through and so far it's looking good. We've got the last foot disolving in acetone right now to find out if there was any metal in the filament. This last run sounded better too, no squeaking of any parts at all just a slow low droll from it.

    29. Ryan Voots on

      I will say that I'm PROBABLY being paranoid about the level of filings. They were so fine that I wouldn't have noticed them unless I hadn't put them on a white napkin. Definitely not enough to clog a printer nozzle.

    30. Ryan Voots on

      And the results are in. There is still some metal filings. I'm going to end up doing a complete teardown on the machine and make a clean sweep of it. The filings got less and less noticable towards the end, so running it more will probably work, but I'd rather be safe and do a complete cleaning of the machine too. (I also want to take it apart anyway).

      Any kind of recommended torque's for the bolts holding the couplers or was it all just tightened until it wouldn't budge?

    31. Ryan Voots on

      Just finished doing the last of the pellets that came with it. I'm taking the last two or three meters (I didn't measure) and throwing it in acetone with a magnet. I found that the metal particulate was magnetic from the first run (I did two half runs). If it looks like there is no metal on the magnet, then I think all is good.

    32. Ryan Voots on

      Also, I'd definitely recommend working on some kind of roller to guide the filament, i've had to keep a close eye on mine while it's extruding. I also had to run the temp up to about 200C to keep from getting anything getting stuck, however measuring the barrel temp with a gun seems to show it lower near the nozzle (about 170C or so). So it could just be my thermistor, I'm going to have to find a way to test that.

    33. Ryan Voots on

      Sorry didn't see your comment before Tyler. Good to know that it doesn't take much to get it clean. Any recommendations for lubrication for regular maintenence. There's an open air bearing in there that I keep wanting to throw grease on to see if it quiets down slightly.

    34. Ryan Voots on

      Seems to be getting cleaner, but I'm probably going to end up pulling it out and cleaning both the feed screw and the tube. That way I can be more sure about what's going on with that.

    35. Tyler McNaney Creator on

      Ryan, I really wish I was closer to the Crash Space. That looks like a great place to build stuff.

      I was going to write up the unstuck procedure, but you already covered it. The systems need to go through a wear in period to make the chamber and screw mesh right. Sometimes a systems will work fine right off, sometimes it will need to be reversed.

      Every time I get a new Filabot online here at HQ I go through about a half a pound of pellets before it is clean enough to print with. This first extrude is removing metal, oil, dirt and whatever else is in the chamber and feed screw.

    36. Ryan Voots on

      On close inspection of the filament, and the hopper, I think there may be some filings in there. I think that the filament may need to be run a while (more than the 100 feet or so I've done), before you've got a safe for printer spool.

    37. Ryan Voots on

      Tips on getting it unstuck:

      1. Heat it up.
      2. Swap the wires on the motor, I found this easier to do on the power supply side.
      3. Run the motor for half a turn, and unplug the filabot.
      4. Swap the motor again, and turn it back on.
      5. Raise the temp 10C, and start it back up when it's at temp.

      I added some more pictures to the flickr page below that show some nice 1.75mm filament. Coming out at a fairly consistent 1.72mm so far

    38. Ryan Voots on

      Got mine assembled today. We managed to get a small amount of filament out. about a foot, before the feed motor compeltely locked up.

      As far as assembly goes, get a multimeter and check every wire. I had to dig around a bit to make sure I had everything connected properly at first. I'd also recommend connecting the wires to the DC power supply BEFORE screwing it down, it'll make your life much easier. I'd also recommend starting at the higher temperatures before you try to make the filament or you'll end up with a stuck motor easier. I did also encounter a single bad crimp that I replaced, so check that they're on securely.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jose Rodriguez on

      Got mine, now I need to assemble it.

    40. Ryan Voots on

      Nevermind I missed it in the updates. I can't wait to try it. It's still going to do one of the things that I wanted badly. Being able to make my own cheap filament for the printer from pellets

    41. Ryan Voots on

      Were the shredders shipped separately? Mine arrived yesterday and its looking fairly good otherwise.

    42. Charles Klamm on

      Mine arrived today. I have some comments and questions but will wait until I assemble it.

    43. Tyler McNaney Creator on

      Hi Ed, I just sent you the tracking number via PM.



    44. Ed L on

      Still awaiting arrival of mine

    45. Ken Schmitt on

      it just got here, after I get through my 15 lb' I will be keeping it for public use at the dallas makerspace.

    46. Tyler McNaney Creator on

      Bob Roswell Ken Schmidt Jose Rodriguez your units have been shipped and are on the way.

    47. Missing avatar

      Bob Roswell on

      Also in the United States - Any word on Delivery?

    48. Missing avatar

      Jose Rodriguez on

      Hi, I have not received mine yet and I am in the US. Can you check on this?

    49. Ken Schmitt on

      nor mine, I really hope its not gone to the place ive not lived at for a year and a half. they had my printrbot for 4 months before I thought to check there.

    50. JBernal on

      On Sept 9th you said you were shipping out the last of the domestic systems, but I have yet to receive mine.

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