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We're making a film... on Everest! Read more

London, UK Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on January 1, 2013.

We're making a film... on Everest!

London, UK Documentary
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About this project

**UPDATE - we've made it to 100%! But if we can make it £23 000 we can license incredible soundtrack to make this film truly epic - be part of something unique!!**

**EVERY person who backs this project is invited to a private screening in London to see their name on the big screen! That, AND a boat party on the Thames after the film!**


Awe is an exciting feature-length documentary that seeks to portray the emotional journey which a team of climbers encounters on their struggle upward, and forever upward, towards the summit of the world. The tumble of stunning images, underscored by a narrative voiceover and a beautiful soundtrack will create a moving experience, serious in its address to the audience and passionately felt. This is as close to the adventure you can get without actually jumping on a plane!

The Team

Awe will be produced by RockLine's:

Producer/Director Tom A Vaillant

Director Charles H Joslain

Producer Lucas Chahuneau

Cinematographer Ryan Morton

Sound Composer Lars Henning Fylling

Expedition Manager Tim Mosedale

Associate Producer Ufuk Inci

So why Kickstarter?

Our goal is to use this unique location to capture genuine emotions from passionate men and women fighting for their dream and striving to better themselves. Together, we have been able to cover the funds for the gruelling expedition and the documentary, as well as amass a great amount of filming apparatus and the protective measures for filming in extreme conditions. 

The money we raise on Kickstarter will fund the additional 

Color Grading,

Music Licensing, 

Post FX, 

Motion Graphics, 

Soundtrack Composing, 

and Editing, 

needed to make this film something truly amazing that reaches as wide a public as possible.

So, please pledge as much as you can and be a part of this unique project!

Talk about us!

If you cannot help financially, then you can still help us by talking about the project to your friends, or on social media. "Like" us on Facebook, Tweet or Blog about us, or share the Kickstarter link! We need people to know that we are striving to bring this adventure to the screen. 

You can contact us anytime, just email

Follow Us from Everest!

On Tumblr and on Facebook!

Risks and challenges

Filmmaking always carries a great deal of risk, doing so on Everest carries even more! As of today, we have garnered all the funding possible, but still need to raise funds to cover our budget so the film can be finished.

In the scenario where Tom fails to reach the summit, GoPros will have been placed on five other climbers and the expedition leader, Tim Mosedale, will also be carrying a DSLR, to ensure great coverage and summit footage from as many cameras as possible.

Everest is an unforgiving mountain, and this film is a dangerous undertaking, in the event of Tom's death in the attempt, Charles will do his best to finish the documentary. Although in this ugly situation we cannot guarantee to match our current expectations for the best result of the film.

We understand the great risks of this project, and the dedication that will be needed to finish it. That is why we have been carefully considering, and planning for many months as to the different eventualities of this project, and promise to do our best if something should not go as expected. All of the offered rewards do not depend on Tom summiting: the tutorials, videos, and photographs needed to fulfill the rewards will be shot at Base Camp, before the summit attempt.

We are fairly certain to have a completed version of the film in October, however music licensing and editing can take longer than expected, in which case the fulfillment of promised rewards may be delayed.

We are always available to speak if you have any further queries concerning the risks of this project, contact us anytime by email on

If we exceed our funding goal, every additional pound will be used to make this film an even greater experience, with better after-effects, more music licensing, and an incredible premiere for our supporters!

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    We're one step closer to releasing this incredible footage! Please share our campaign with 5 of your friends!

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    Get an HD digital download of Awe and a personal photograph from Everest, signed by both directors and access to exclusive behind the scenes videos of filming on Everest.

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    Come watch your name on the big screen! Get an HD digital download of AWE with your name in the film credits as a supporter! That and receive 2 tickets to a premiere screening in a swanky London venue, followed by a crazy post project party! Plus all the above.

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    Watch the epic journey on your couch! Be the first to receive a DVD of the documentary that YOU helped produce, signed by the directors. This will include 20 minutes of behind the scenes on Everest and a featurette from Tom thanking you for your support. Plus all the above.

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    Receive two 60-minute DVD tutorials! A tutorial from twice Everest summiteer Tim Mosedale on how to train for a summit attempt as well as a tutorial from director Charles Joslain covering the basics of filmmaking! Plus all the above.

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    Receive a 20 minute digital tutorial from Tom about filming in extreme conditions! A full sized limited edition AWE poster, signed by Tim Mosedale, Tom Vaillant and Charles Joslain and a huge THANK YOU on social media. Plus all the above.

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    Welcome to the project! You're now officially an Associate Producer of the film and will appear as such in the credits and on IMDB! If you come to London, you'll have the pleasure to meet the directors for a drink as well as an invitation for a private screening of the film. And you get ALL the rewards!

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