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Free Your Music - From Every Phone, To All Speakers, For Everyone. ROCKI Wifi Music System, Multi-room, Multi-User, Multi-Speakers
Free Your Music - From Every Phone, To All Speakers, For Everyone. ROCKI Wifi Music System, Multi-room, Multi-User, Multi-Speakers
Free Your Music - From Every Phone, To All Speakers, For Everyone. ROCKI Wifi Music System, Multi-room, Multi-User, Multi-Speakers
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An update on everything!

Hi Everyone, 

Here is an update on what’s been happening @ ROCKI : 

iOS App

We’re working hard on getting the iOS App ready for official launch, it’s currently going through beta testing. The cool thing is that iOS users are already able to enjoy ROCKI via Airplay. We’ve recently gotten some feedback from some iOS users who don’t understand how to use Airplay, worry not… we’re on it, creating demo videos with iPhone and iPad to make it easy to follow. When the ROCKI iOS App is launched, it simply gives you an additional way to use ROCKI, via our app and includes simpler 1-2-3 setup.

Android App  

Launched in early March, ROCKI Android dev team has made 4 update releases so far and are expecting the beta of a 5th release very soon. Keep your bug reports and improvement suggestions coming! Thanks.

Chrome App

Our first implementation of a HTML5-based app took the form of a Chrome App - a minimalistic engineering-motivated app without whistles and bells. The app field tests the robustness of the core ROCKI UPnP HTML5 code. In its closed beta, it’s been crusing without issues at all, very promising. From here, we’ll be able to apply the core code with some native tweaks for each imaginable device platform. The Chrome App itself already means you can fire up Chrome in Windows, Mac, Linux and play to ROCKI.

Community Forums & Support Ticketing

We’re scaling up our manpower to handle more users as more units get shipped, including starting a support ticket system that lets you submit support requests easily and lets us track support requests more efficiently.

ROCKI PLAY Shipping (Kickstarter)

We’ve shipped more than 95% of Kickstarter Backers’ ROCKI PLAY. The remaining 5% are exceptions mostly due to our emails not getting to you or your emails not getting to us. If you’ve backed ROCKI PLAY and have not received any email from us or have not received your ROCKI PLAY, please do 2 things : send an email to AND Tweet us or Direct Message us @MyROCKI (in case the email still doesn’t get to us) with your Kickstarter name. 

ROCKI PLAY Shipping (

If you’ve ordered your ROCKI PLAY on webshop, we are shipping. You’ll typically receive an email from us within 3 days. We are also beefing up manpower to handle the increased sales. And also opening up stock locations in USA and Europe so we can get your ROCKI to you faster.


ROCKI PLAY+ was created during Kickstarter from the feedback of backers. This is quite different from ROCKI PLAY which was basically ready for production. Everything from the casing to the board was designed and created from scratch. We would like to apologize to you for the over-enthusiastic schedule set during the creation of the ROCKI PLAY+. It has taken more time and work than expected, more than simply adding digital ports. Everything is built from scratch including the firmware. The good news is that we’ve successfully made a pilot run of the boards (50 units) and are starting the casing production. Meaning that we should be able to ship ROCKI PLAY+ end May (optimistic) to mid June (pessimistic). For those who have backed ROCKI MY HOME+ which includes 2 ROCKI PLAY, and 1 ROCKI PLAY+ we have shipped the 2 ROCKI PLAY to you first.

ROCKI PLAY : Skip&Die Loves ROCKI and D.O.N.S. Loves ROCKI

We had to rethink the production technique to get these lovely vibrant colors on the ROCKI cover. Some techniques are suitable for solid colors - so far you’ve seen USA-based indie singer-songwriter Rachael Sage Loves ROCKI and Dutch TV Celebrity Phaleriau Loves ROCKI, both of which uses different production techniques. Both these techniques are suitable to solid colors and are not suitable for the vibrant full color shades of the Skip&Die Loves ROCKI and D.O.N.S. Loves ROCKI. A third technique was tried but the colors were a bit pale which we didn’t approve. We think we found a 4th technique and are pretty happy with the preliminary results. To cut a long story short, for those who backed Skip&Die Loves ROCKI or D.O.N.S. Loves ROCKI, we’ve made a decision to ship your ROCKI PLAY with standard color covers this week. And then ship the special edition covers to you when they are ready.

Multiroom Sync function

With ROCKI you’re able to play to music to different ROCKI’d speakers. Sometimes we’d like to play the same music to all ROCKI’d speakers, all over the entire home - that’s Multiroom Sync. It’s the “so cool” feature that everyone including everyone on the ROCKI team loves to have too. We’ve already successfully developed this function with our ROCKI PLAY+ team (so the ROCKI PLAY team can focus on getting the product completed instead of being distracted with experimenting on multiroom sync development). As we speak, this is being migrated to ROCKI PLAY. We should be able to make an announcement soon.

Windows “Driver” function

There was quite a significant number of backers asking for this function during the Kickstarter that we eventually put this up as a stretch goal and the stretch goal was achieved. What this “Windows Driver” function refers to is to implement a system driver to capture all sounds produced in Windows and stream it to ROCKI. This could be your sounds from your games, sounds from VLC player (yes, I’ve heard this requested multiple times hehe). While ROCKI is primarily designed for playing music, we understand what it means to explore beyond its original design. And that’s what this is. Post Kickstarter, we’ve managed to find (to be fair, we found each other, it was love at first sight) … a very willing partner who already have such technology so we do not need to re-invent the wheel and develop from scratch. And you know by now ROCKI is very alliance friendly and open to partnerships. It’s only via working together that we’ll be able to build a great ecosystem. Looking forward to making the announcement once everything is in place to roll out the function.

If you follow our social media streams, you’ll know that we’ve been working hard not only internally, but also externally - attending important events, meeting up with important streaming services, getting speaker brands to create wifi speakers with ROCKI Inside, building the future of ROCKI to be a great company. What’s interesing too is we’ve also been receiving quite some attention from potential Investors, VCs (Venture Capital) and Accelerators. We’ve made our application to a few of the best accelerators including Disney Accelerator, Techstars Boston and Y Combinator. This will surely help propelling ROCKI into an even stronger company to give the world a solid and open ecosystem of affordable wifi music in every home, in every room, for everyone.

Four months since Kickstarter, we’re on the journey to ROCKI the World, thanks to everyone’s support. Working fast and hard on four more years, four more decades, and perhaps even four more centuries... ROCKI on!

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    1. Miguel Marco Rodríguez on May 15, 2014

      Any date for DIGITAL ROCKI PLAY+?

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Fischlin on May 7, 2014

      So how about an update on the general failure to connect to wireless networks? I'm up to two different devices that won't connect to anything. Or a general update on new firmware or better error logging?

    3. ROCKI Creator on April 30, 2014

      Hi everyone,

      We've put up a quick tutorial on how to manually install the latest firmware on your ROCKI. Once set up in your wireless network, ROCKI automatically downoads the latest firmware and upon reboot it installs it. But, if you're unable to get it to connect you can manually update the firmware in an attempt to fix the issue. There have been quite some fixes in the firmware related to connection problems.

      @ Robert: The firmware update is known to fix the issue of not seeing both ROCKI's in your Airplay list. Please try it and see if it solves your issue as well.

      @ Nathan: Indexing and playing from NAS devices over UPnP/DLNA is a feature we've been testing in beta for some time now and it looks like we can implement this quite soon, within a few weeks actually.

      @ Tony: Thanks for pointing out, just replied to your email immediately.

      @ Mark: Please forward your email once more to It will automatically register in our new ticketing system and we'll be looking out for your incoming request. Do take a look at the above firmware update menthod to see if that solves any issues for you!

      @ Jason: You are absolutely right, we have seen the need for support grow faster than we could handle and even though we've received a lot of help we will work hard to improve on this. This is on us and you'll see us creating more ways to provide answers to common questions, video tutorials and more of the like.

    4. Nathan Brouwer on April 30, 2014

      Giles, I suppose that can work but I'm experiencing lag while using airplay. Also streaming Spotify over Airplay gives lag (despite the fact I'm on a gigabit network...

      Will give it another try. How would that work on Android though?

      Cheers, Nathan

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Dagless on April 30, 2014

      Thanks for the update guys but you really need to work harder at communication and managing backers/customer expectations. You've made this whole experience far more stressful for people than it needed to be due to lack of any structured information or feedback.

    6. Mark Newcombe on April 30, 2014

      @ Tony - Same problem here - Support got back to me initially then stopped responding. No hardware resets available & software resets don't work when the device has got itself locked up.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tony Rouselle on April 29, 2014

      I emailed support three weeks ago about a hardware failure; no one has gotten back to me. Help.

    8. Missing avatar

      Giles Smith on April 29, 2014

      Nathan, I can stream music from my synology DS Audio app on iOS to the rocki via dlna. I had an android device set up the rocki to my home network and this is currently the only way I use it. Not sure whether the android bit is necessary but I have good results this way. I can get music playing in my home kitchen when I am working the other side of the country!

    9. Missing avatar

      Nate Smith on April 29, 2014

      That is supposed to be "if you can NOT see the second one"...

    10. Missing avatar

      Nate Smith on April 29, 2014

      @robert no both should be setup the same way and and both should show up in your airplay list. (From a Mac you should also be able to stream to multiple rocki simultaneous via airplay, but not in sync).

      If you can see the second one then it may need to be reset and added back to your wifi network. The Best place for official support right now is rocki forums at

      I would contact them before attempting to reset the device for the proper procedure. Or at least search the forum.

    11. Nathan Brouwer on April 29, 2014

      Can you give an update on Rocki's ability to stream music from DLNA enanled devices? My Synology holds my music but the Rocky iOs app cannot stream music that is not stored on the device itself. Rest of the update: rocking good stuff :).

    12. Robert Shopshear on April 29, 2014

      Also looking forward to the multi room setup. That was the main reason I backed this project.

    13. Robert Shopshear on April 29, 2014

      In the current setup for IOS. Is there anything special to setup two of the Rocki Play devices and allow me to select one or the other in AirPlay. Currently only the first one setup shows up. The second one does not.

    14. Anton Björgvinsson on April 29, 2014

      I sent an email to the beta email address that I was told to email a couple of weeks ago but I have not gotten any answer. Do I have to do anything else?