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Free Your Music - From Every Phone, To All Speakers, For Everyone. ROCKI Wifi Music System, Multi-room, Multi-User, Multi-Speakers
Free Your Music - From Every Phone, To All Speakers, For Everyone. ROCKI Wifi Music System, Multi-room, Multi-User, Multi-Speakers
Free Your Music - From Every Phone, To All Speakers, For Everyone. ROCKI Wifi Music System, Multi-room, Multi-User, Multi-Speakers
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Looking Back... Looking Forward


It's been a while since CES in Jan, when we made our last public demo with ROCKI hands-on. During this time, we've been busy focusing on getting ROCKI PLAY shipping and ROCKI App launched. The great news is ROCKI PLAY is shipping and ROCKI App is now available on Google Play Store, as you have seen in the last two project updates.

We feel it's about time to do a recap, and a preview of what's coming. 

Looking Back...

  • Feb 2013 : Conceptualized as Project RHM (Revolutionize Home Music)
  • Mar 2013 : ROCKI name decided after a survey showed 99% of people remembers the name
  • Aug 2013 : 5 hardware designs later, the 5th design finally met the 3 key ROCKI principles a) Below $50 retail price b) Small & pocket-sized plug-in rather than a box c) Flexible & scalable development platform to support open standards and advanced development - Nov 2013 : Launched ROCKI Kickstarter campaign with ROCKI PLAY
  • Nov 2013 : Successfully funded within the first day
  • Nov 2013 : Announcement of second product ROCKI PLAY+ with digital connectivity (HDMI Audio & Optical TOSLink)
  • Dec 2013 : Successfully closed Kickstarter campaign with US$220K raised in 25 days from over 2000 backers
  • Dec 2013 : ROCKI webshop opens for those who missed the Kickstarter
  • Jan 2014 : First live demo of ROCKI to the media at CES
  • Jan 2014 : ROCKI Inside launched, all-in solution complete with ecosystem for Speakers Brand / Manufacturers to launch Wifi Speakers instantly
  • Feb 2014 : ROCKI PLAY began shipping
  • Mar 2014 : ROCKI App (Android) launched in Google Play Store 

Looking Forward...

  • Mar 2014 : Complete shipment of ROCKI PLAY to all Kickstarters and Webshop pre-orders by mid March
  • Mar 2014 : SXSW : Launch of ROCKI for Music, engaging with musicians, labels and anyone who has a stake in the music business
  • Mar 2014 : SXSW : ROCKI @ SXSW
    Mpress Records Event, Soho Lounge 15 March,
    first public hands-on for music enthusiasts at SXSW with Try & Buy 
  • Mar 2014 : SXSW : Exclusive "Rachael Sage LOVES ROCKI" Limited Edition of ROCKI PLAY available at SXSW
  • Mar 2014 : ROCKI PLAY begins shipments to first Distributor in Netherlands, followed by other distributors globally, taking logistics into consideration, expect availability in online reseller shops in April
  • Apr 2014 : ROCKI App (iOS) launches * currently iOS users can use Airplay before the app is ready
  • Apr 2014 : ROCKI App for WindowsPhone, BB10, FirefoxOS, UbuntuOS, SailfishOS, Tizen 
  • Apr 2014 : "D.O.N.S. Loves ROCKI" and "Skip&Die Loves ROCKI" musician collaboration editions of ROCKI PLAY begins shipments to pre-orders and to the artists
  • Apr 2014 : ROCKI PLAY+ begins shipments
  • May 2014 : New partner product with ROCKI Inside launches (more information soon) 
  • May 2014 : ROCKI Live launches trials (more information soon) 

In addition to the above, we are also working on releasing our ROCKI API to community developers within this time frame.

Streaming Services...

As for streaming services, as you might already know our vision is to stream all music services so everyone could enjoy streaming on all/any speakers and musicians via streaming services would have enlarged audience on every speakers. SoundCloud is already implemented and we are working hard on bringing Deezer, Spotify and Google Play Music to your ROCKI. Don't worry if your favorite streaming service is not mentioned here, remember our ROCKI vision is very simple : all music (including all streaming services), from every phone/device, to all speakers, for everyone. Remember that ROCKI & Music Streaming services is a partnership between ROCKI and the music streaming service. Some may have open API for public use, some may not. It is a mutual relationship and for the partnership to work, there needs to be mutual respect. We certainly respect and work with the rights and wishes of the partners, and also work with the pace of the partners. We believe when we (including the ROCKI community) have patience and respect for the partners, only good things can come. The widespread availability of streaming and the partnerships ROCKI is able to work with would probably be unthinkable a few years ago. Today streaming has a very strong momentum and is just getting better and better. It is interesting that yesterday Beats Music announced the public release of their API, with immediate availability. Naturally our developers immediately downloaded and looked at the API and the first evaluation looks good. We hope to bring more news of that soon too. Rest assured, we are working hard to ROCKI the world. 

ROCKI 7 Colors : Paint It BLACK, ROCKI GREEN, Submarine YELLOW, Hot Chili Peppers RED, Deep PURPLE, Pink Punk PINK and the 7th Backer's Choice : Clockwork ORANGE
ROCKI 7 Colors : Paint It BLACK, ROCKI GREEN, Submarine YELLOW, Hot Chili Peppers RED, Deep PURPLE, Pink Punk PINK and the 7th Backer's Choice : Clockwork ORANGE

According to industry sources, ROCKI is at least 6 months ahead of other potential competitors, and have a time and price advantage. We fully intend to maximize this advantage with our aggressive pace of development in the ROCKI ecosystem - products, app development, services, market, partners, users, developers, musicians. Watch out, we will ROCKI you. 

Cheers and ROCKI on!

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Google+ : | +ROCKI
Twitter : | @MyROCKI
Instagram : | @MyROCKI

Email for Kickstarters :
Email for ROCKI Webshop :
Email for Press :
Email for Partners (Musicians, Streaming, Resellers etc) :
General contact :

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    1. Rob on

      Hi Rocki. I'm an Instacube backer as well. I felt awkward for awhile (as the years went by), but they have been communicating lately. What's the latest with you all?

    2. Gabriel on

      So I'm guessing the Rocki units weren't completely shipped out mid March? Whats the status update on delivery? Thanks

    3. Jason Chui on

      Hi there.

      Feb 2014 : ROCKI PLAY began shipping

      Has mine been shipped ? I am just not very sure on the status.

      Thanks ~!!!

    4. Jean H. Rousseau on

      Hey ROCKI, how's about an update # 24 with an update as to when you're going to ship the ROCKI PLAY to us Kickstarter backers cuz it's now April 2014 and it doesn't look like you've shipped anything out yet. Thank you!

    5. Missing avatar

      Sven Wefels on

      Dear ROCKI Team,

      nearly 3 weeks are gone and no further update and still waiting for delivery of the ROCKIs to test them out, are there any update from your side ?

      Most of us are waiting now since more then 3 month, some words about the progress in the delivery would be appreciated.

    6. ROCKI Creator on

      @Eric thanks for believing in ROCKI and supporting ROCKI

    7. ROCKI Creator on

      @Michael, good one! The Window driver is still in our program... but still in exploration stage for the best solutions for the driver, actual coding work has not been started. The timeline basically focused on the deliverables within these 3 months. There are some work in progress and projects which are not mentioned since they are unlikely to be completed before May. There's two major development directions we would feel are very important, one is going system level (in more systems than Windows, Windows is only the beginning). This is the approach you see we've been taking in implementing ROCKI so users could use ROCKI "from every phone/device" i) a UPnP/DLNA open standards + ROCKI API so that every app and every community developer can have the chance to join the ROCKI ecosystem ii) building apps for use across all systems, we expect to have solutions even for websites soon too iii) going system level in as many systems as we can (we are very partner friendly). The other very important development is music discovery.

    8. Michael on

      Hey ROCKI team,

      as I coulnd't find it in the update: is the Windows driver still being done? Would love to have this as well!!!

    9. Eric Oppegaard on

      Thank you for the response, and chipping in the additional shipping charges for those of us that believed in ROCKI from the start.

    10. ROCKI Creator on

      @Eric, they will be sent separately, the additional shipping costs will be borne by us as our appreciation. Unless you told us in one way or other that you'd like them together (we received a few of such messages in the survey, email etc) for which we say thanks as it saves us that extra shipping cost.

    11. Eric Oppegaard on

      So once again, if a Kickstarter backed for a ROCKI PLAY and then added funds for a ROCKI PLAY+, will the shipments be separated? Or are they "expected" to "ship" in April 2014 upon the release of the ROCKI PLAY+?