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Free Your Music - From Every Phone, To All Speakers, For Everyone. ROCKI Wifi Music System, Multi-room, Multi-User, Multi-Speakers
Free Your Music - From Every Phone, To All Speakers, For Everyone. ROCKI Wifi Music System, Multi-room, Multi-User, Multi-Speakers
Free Your Music - From Every Phone, To All Speakers, For Everyone. ROCKI Wifi Music System, Multi-room, Multi-User, Multi-Speakers
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So what's going on?

Dear Backers,

First of all, our sincere apologies for the belated update regarding the shipping delay. We understand the commotion we've caused but we hope to explain it a bit in this update so stick with us.

Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating the Year of the Horse. A week before the New Year, production staff in the factory started leaving for travelling home in the villages. For some of these workers it could be a 30 hour journey by train and bus. While we anticipated the Chinese New Year holidays, we did not foresee the "great migration" this year started earlier than other years, and with more people choosing to go home rather than stay in the factories. Perhaps it's a sign of the rising quality of life. It caught us by surprise and we were unable to complete the production.

This is where we are at: 

The ROCKI's and the ROCKI covers have been produced (good!). What needs to be done is the process of loading the latest firmware onto the ROCKI's and test each ROCKI before they go into their box and out to you. Last thing you want is a non-working ROCKI after all the anticipation!

ROCKI production units
ROCKI production units
ROCKI production covers
ROCKI production covers

We've been negotiating with the factory hoping that we can persuade some of the workers to come back earlier to start production, but alas that was not possible. The factory will be resuming full operations on the 10 February.

To speed up the process of assembling ROCKI + ROCKI Cover, we'll be assembling all of them with Paint It Black color by default (fyi, Paint It Black is the most chosen color). 

For those with single ROCKI,
-- if you've chosen a color other than black, eg. Hot Chilli Peppers Red, we'll be adding the Hot Chilli Peppers Red cover in your package. So you'll get a Paint It Black ROCKI + your choice of color ROCKI Cover.
-- If you've chosen Paint It Black, we'll add in an extra random color Cover. This way every backer with a single ROCKI gets a Paint It Black ROCKI + a Color Cover. 

For those with ROCKI MY HOME Sets, you'll be getting Paint It Black ROCKI's plus a set of all colors.  

Again, our sincere apologies to everyone for the communication dip and thank you for your understanding and patience.

PS: If you have not received the survey for one reason or another, we will contact you again before shipping out your reward(s).


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nate Smith on February 22, 2014

      Ok that was a great update 15 days ago. Please communicate again and let us know the status including any additional delays and problems. We really are excited about this product and want to know what is going on (again)!

      The one thing being repeated over and over again redundantly :) is backers asking for increased communication. Please step up here and keep us informed even small stuff and bad news on a weekly basis. Regular honest updates will help maintain the confidence of your backers (who happen to be the greatest potential future marketers to help take this product to the next level).

    2. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Augé on February 21, 2014

      Anyone who has worked with China knows the pain/nightmare that it can be. Very interesting to learn from the classic mistakes made here : being way too optimistic with the timelines, not communicating during a crisis, working with chinese providers (and trusting them).

    3. Missing avatar

      Tom Griffin on February 20, 2014

      Have you guys ever been in a business where time is of the essence. Is there any update on when you are going to start shipping. Please update those who had faith in you and your product.

    4. Missing avatar

      Philip Galbraith on February 20, 2014

      Have you started shipping yet???

    5. Missing avatar

      Lawrence E. Bowers on February 18, 2014

      Why did I not receive an update in an email from you I had to go Won the site and search for an update not very good business practice! :- (

    6. Chee Meng
      on February 8, 2014

      It would be great if you could reply to my messages asking how to change my delivery address. I am no longer at the address as per the survey, shifted in mid January (my Rocki was supposed to be delivered by Dec).

    7. Missing avatar

      Bo Bickley on February 7, 2014

      Thanks for the update.

      Please take this as constructive marketing criticism.

      "The new PCBs have arrived in the factory today and will begin the SMT process (surface mounting the components) tomorrow 31 Dec. The targeted schedule for completion of SMT is 5 Jan 2014. The first few boards coming out of the SMT tomorrow will be used for the official FCC application.

      All other materials such as casings, cover, battery, cables and power charger have arrived in our factory ready for assembly once the PCBs are ready."

      No mention of the FCC updates or approvals since.

      "A final walk through the setup and app has been planned tomorrow morning and a day reserved for any tweaks that still needs to be done. Then we're ready to flash the firmware into the PLAY and ready for shipping. Sorry again for the delay. We ask for your understanding and appreciate it very much."

      No mention of the App and it's functionality and firmware success "initial setup" since.

      Three times you have said they will ship, that includes those of who asked for a unit for Christmas.

      So at this point you are at a fork in the road. Pay attention to your own FB and Twitter pages. They're filled with comments banging on you to tell us what's going on. People are angry and disappointed at hearing nothing. You said you had media events "Technology Meets Music" and "New York Media Tour", what happened? Where's the press comments on the net? What happened at the Grammy's?

      Let's break down the meat of your new update:

      Chinese New Year 25th of January to the 7th of February. The workers started leaving early, it happens every year. All are back to work on the 10th not before. Pretty common knowledge for anyone having things built in China. They also make it a point to inform their customers (clients) they will be gone. Catching you by surprise? Sounds weak.

      "The ROCKI's and the ROCKI covers have been produced" but then you say "We've been negotiating with the factory hoping that we can persuade some of the workers to come back earlier to start production, but alas that was not possible." START production?!?

      Serious clarity is needed here since there's no picture of trays of finished boards. Where's the boards? Are they starting production?, assembly?, or kitting and boxing finished product?

      "The factory will be resuming full operations on the 10 February."

      Where does that really put you at getting working product on your doorstep? Are they being shipped to you by China Post or by DHL 2-day or FED-X overnight. How many of what are you expecting for the first batch?

      Is the factory in China loading the firmware or are you stateside going to load 3,000+ boards with firmware after they get stateside?

      There's a lot left that's not being told that has more of an influence on the product hitting the backers' doorsteps then ooooh hey "we're giving you a free black cover".

      Welcome to the big times. Tough schedules, long days, no rest, and social media starting to roast you like a rotisserie chicken.

      I am still counting on you guys to have THE killer product. I hope every day that my inbox has a new update or better yet a ship notification from the ROCKI team. Today the update came and it left me just shaking my head. WTF does this mean March? April? August?.

      Maybe all of your partners, alliances, and distributors are all being kept up to date though the back channels, but aren't we the ones that got you over $220,000.00? to do this?

      As I get ready to hit the post button I see "be respectful and considerate". I think that is supposed to work both ways, right? We are very smart people who back things we feel will make a difference.

      You CAN do better.....

    8. Ashley on February 7, 2014

      Thanks for the update. Like most of the comments below, I think we know that unexpected delays happen with a new startup (And lets be honest, isn't that why most of the people are here, to help out and get a bargin at the same time?). I think the concern most people have is the updates. Maybe let people know how often you'll update people (every one or two weeks). and post regardless of what has happened.

      Howeer this is a great update, and looking forward to using my Rocki. Thanks alot and keep up the good work.

    9. Gustav Wedholm
      on February 7, 2014

      Thanks for the update! No worries on my part, looking forward to the product whenever it ships! :)

      And please ignore the backers that expect you to see into the future and doesn't seem to think the Chinese workers deserve to celebrate their New Year's... Kickstarter is not a pre-order store, please keep your misplaced negativity to yourself.

      That said, I do think clear updates would help a lot regarding this. A lot of projects seem to think they have to write an essay each time they update, whereas the majority of backers might just be looking for the actual production status and when to expect their product (no fault in that). I do hope Kickstarter will continue to evolve and bring easier and better ways for the projects to communicate the "short facts" to their backers, so you don't have to dig through 14 updates and 15 different possible places for comments to find what you're looking for :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Ian Brauninger on February 7, 2014

      Starting to wonder if this was such a good idea. It's just one delay after another :-(

    11. Missing avatar

      David L on February 7, 2014

      Are the Omate + Rocki backers still getting t-shirts?

    12. Nicolas Martino on February 7, 2014

      Hi ROCKI team,
      Thank you for the update. Please keep us posted at least once in a week. Even saying nothing. How about he app?

    13. Missing avatar

      Nate Smith on February 7, 2014

      Thank you so much for the update! Delays and issues like this happen so no worries. :)

      I'm really looking forward to using this awesome product once it is ready. I appreciate the quality and thoroughness of checking each unit before shipping!!!!

      Woohoo let's rocki!

    14. Stijn Biemans on February 7, 2014

      O and by the way thanks for the extra cover! :)

    15. Stijn Biemans on February 7, 2014

      Thnx for the update! I was wondering what happened, didn't hear from you for some time. Any idea on the new shipping date? Looking forward!

    16. Missing avatar

      sven van der meer on February 7, 2014

      Indeed take your time but please keep us updated.

    17. Missing avatar

      Pierre-Emmanuel Gasnier on February 7, 2014

      Good news ! Take your time, quality is the key of success.