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A single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling from the creators of the "Galaxy on Fire" series.
A single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling from the creators of the "Galaxy on Fire" series.
10,739 backers pledged €420,252 to help bring this project to life.

Full Release | Backer Rewards | Joystick Support | DLC | PS4

Posted by ROCKFISH Games (Creator)


Greetings Pilots,

We are super excited and very proud to announce that our main mission has been accomplished.  Today, you can download EVERSPACE Version 1.0 on Steam,, and on the Xbox One and Windows 10 Stores – Yeah!


It is amazing to look back at our vision from over two years ago when we decided to combine roguelike elements with fast-paced 3D space combat and a captivating story, all set in a beautiful universe full of surprises. Today, we can proudly say that almost everything we envisioned has made it into version 1.0, and we can’t wait to hear how it will be received from our backers, new space game fans, and the gaming press.

Backer Rewards

Of course, we are not done just yet. We are now preparing the wallpapers, the original and a capella game soundtracks, the art book, posters, postcards, and various different kinds of swag. This task should be completed within the next few weeks, so we will reach out shortly to anyone who pledged for physical rewards to confirm that their shipping address is correct.

A snapshot of the Colonial Fleet in the EVERSPACE Art Book.
A snapshot of the Colonial Fleet in the EVERSPACE Art Book.

Important: All eligible backers should already have received a second Steam key via email to unlock their in-game starter credits, the Rogue ship skin, and/or random blueprints as a free DLC. Please, please check your promotion and spam folders before contacting us if you are missing your second key. If you still can’t find it, please send an email to  Please do not create support tickets on all kinds of channels. It only slows down the process. Thanks! :)

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer these DLCs on GOG. We are working to find a solution and will keep you posted.

Joystick / HOTAS Support

As we have said many times, EVERSPACE was specifically designed for mouse and keyboard. It is the recommended way to play because the game is an arcade space shooter, not a simulation.  Just like in First Person Shooters, you will be strafing a lot and will greatly benefit from the aiming precision using a mouse provides.

However, we know there are quite a few space pilots out there who are eager to play EVERSPACE with their joystick. The threads about HOTAS support on our forum and on Steam have been buzzing and we have some good news: we will start working on joystick support right after the full release.  We will have to migrate the project to Unreal Engine 4.15 first, but if things go as smoothly as we hope, we should be able to implement joystick support and button remapping by the end of June.


As a stretch goal, the dedicated Hardcore Mode has not made it into the game yet. It is a complex feature because it requires a complete re-balancing from Sector 1 all the way to the end of the game. But we will also start working on it right after the full release. It will come as a free addition, hopefully within two to three months from now. 

Furthermore, conceptual work has already begun on an extension to be offered for purchase later this year, adding content like new player ships, weapons, and devices, as well as a story expansion featuring new characters and backer-named NPCs.

"The Scientist" will play an important role in the upcoming story extensions.
"The Scientist" will play an important role in the upcoming story extensions.

PS4 Version

Last but definitely not least, we are excited to announce that EVERSPACE will be coming to the PlayStation 4 family later this year. We received a lot of questions asking about PSVR support and about whether the visual quality will be better on PS4 Pro. We will keep you posted as we learn more, because right now it is a little early to tell. One thing we can share is that the release party will take place when EVERSPACE has been released on PS4, to ensure that nobody will miss out.

Now, go and download the full version to delve into the story of EVERSPACE.  Unearth the mystery of your existence and discover the true nature of your mission.

All the best,
Michael and your dedicated ROCKFISH Games Team

Shout Out

Yet another talented German indie from Berlin is onto something great: Check out Lonely Mountains: Downhill from Megagon Industries: "Just you and your bike - take it on a thrilling ride down an unspoiled mountain landscape. Make your way through thick forests, narrow trails and wild rivers. Race, jump, slide and try not to crash - all the way from the peak to the valley!" If that doesn't sound awesome we don't know what does.

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    1. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @all: THERE IS NO SECOND KEY REQUIRED TO GET THE FULL VERSION – JUST UPDATE YOUR GAME ON STEAM OR GOG! FYI, the second keys that went out last week were to unlock in-game content ONLY for backers who pledged on Space Booster and higher. Keys to UNLOCK THE SOUNDTRACK will be sent within a few weeks from now - first, we have to add proper endings to several of the tracks as many of them are looping in-game.
      @GameFan: We haven’t set a concrete date for the release party, yet as we were fully focused on making sure the roll-out of the full release goes as smooth as possible. We plan to have the release party after the roll-out on PS4 in September. I hope that makes sense.
      @Ingus Purens ; @Artus Sharpe; @Zeo; Matthew Owen; @Varot W; @Rick Small: Your keys have been sent via DM here on Kickstarter.
      @Nathan Camp; @STARGAZER: many thanks for your kind words! :)

    2. Ingus Purens on

      I'm also among the people without a key - alpha or otherwise. I pledged at Space Optimizr level and am keen to get some hands on time! Game looks awesome!!

    3. t4nsh1n on

      For anyone concerned, if you redeemed any beta key at any point on Steam, that is also your retail key. :) just download and play. Thanks ROCKFISH!

    4. Artus Sharpe

      Looking forward to playing the full version! But, I did not get an email with my Key.

    5. t4nsh1n on

      What course of action should we pursue if we did not receive a key?

    6. Zeo on

      Hi, I can't find my key either (Space Cat). Can't wait to jump in!

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew owen on

      Disregard my last...

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew owen on

      No key fpr me either.

    9. Varot W. on

      Hey, I need some help, it seems that I can't redeem my "Space Booster" award.

    10. Missing avatar

      GameFan on

      "One thing we can share is that the release party will take place when EVERSPACE has been released on PS4, to ensure that nobody will miss out."

      Clarification please. Has the release party been delayed?

    11. Missing avatar

      STARGAZER on

      To all at ROCKFISH, im so glad i backed this kickstarter its been an amazing ride from early beta to full release its the best kickstarter ive ever backed. So proud of the work you have all done a massive THANK YOU all. Keep developing and ill keep buying BIG LOVE

    12. Rick Small

      No key for me either

    13. Nathan Camp on

      This has to be one of the best managed Kickstarters I have been a part of in terms of communication, focus in vision and delivering on that vision. Awesome stuff : D

    14. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      First, let me tell you how rewarding your ongoing positive feedback is for all of us here at ROCKFISH Games. It really keeps us pushing further every single day! :)
      @tarasis: The best way for us to distribute the OGS is as DLC on Steam. We might put it up on other platforms as well at some point later but no promises.
      @Martin Bartlebooth, @Alan Karasin: Sent your keys via DM here on Kickstarter.

    15. Tomáš Engelthaler on

      Thanks for all the work. This is one of the most successful Kickstarters I've been part of! :)

    16. Christoph Zürcher on

      Couldn't stop playing since release, just "finished" it. What a blast, great job everyone.

    17. tarasis on

      Will the soundtrack be for sale on Bandcamp in the future?

    18. Martin Bartlebooth on

      Same question as Alan Karasin's. I didn't get a key to download the game from steam, yet.

    19. Missing avatar

      Alan Karasin

      Hello, I must be confused, but I do not see the key I need to get my free copy (Space Cat backer) of the game off Steam. It shows as costing $29.99. I realize I do not get the second key bonuses, but I do expect to get the game without cost. thank you!!

    20. Cédric OCHS on

      Congratulations :) Everspace was one of the most successful Kickstarter campaign I participated :) The game was really fun from the first beta I played, I played more than 100 hours and I want to play yet more to discover/unlock all stuff :)

    21. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Toni Breitsprecher: Nothing went wrong. As you can read above, the party will take place when Everspace has been released on PS4 later this year.
      @Fernando Jasso, @Vit Savicky: As the console stretch console was not unlocked we are not allowed to provide keys for PS4; for Xbox One it was an exception because we have a deal with Mircosoft.
      @atvcrash: Your name is not in the credits as we haven’t got any answer from you which name you wanted to have in the credits. Our email went out twice. Please send an email to and we will get your name into the credits with the next major patch.
      @Alan Kane, @Serris, @Will Rodd, @Alexander Kluge, @Christopher Kelly, @Feifan Zhou, @Cliff Badger, @Michael, @Mike "Morpheus", @Dean Reinhard: Your keys have been sent again via PM here on Kickstarter.

    22. Toni Breitsprecher on

      Hi, you promised a ticket to the release party in Hamburg.

      Well. I am not in Hamburg right now.
      What went wrong? I gave you money for this promise...

    23. Mark Thompson on

      Congratulations to all on the team, I recall the day I spotted the gifs on imgur and immediately jumped on here to back this game. So glad I did, been an excellent journey and a great story to follow along to :)

      Thanks again guys, one of the few Kickstarter success stories of late. Really proud of you!

    24. tarasis on

      Congratulations to everyone on the team! Happy Release Day!

    25. Vit Savicky on

      Is there a way for me to change my platform to PS4, or do I have to buy the game on PS4 when it releases?

    26. Andrew Kephart on

      What an accomplishment. Kudos to you devs for working hard and finishing a great game.

    27. frederic tarabout on

      This is one of the best if not the best VR experience I've had ( with Thumper)! Its so good to really be in the cockpit :D
      Sucks I get occasional slow down even in low graphic settings but still worth it...

    28. Adam Mohammed

      I've been asking for the PS4 version prior to the game getting funded and now its finally coming!

    29. Missing avatar

      TheAugust on

      I can't express how excited I am that a PS4 version is coming! Can't wait!