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A single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling from the creators of the "Galaxy on Fire" series.
A single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling from the creators of the "Galaxy on Fire" series.
10,739 backers pledged €420,252 to help bring this project to life.

Early Access Release| Launch Trailer | Pick Your Platform

Posted by ROCKFISH Games (Creator)

Get ready, pilots!

EVERSPACE will launch today on Steam Early Access and GOG's Games in Development at 10:00 am PST / 7:00 pm CET. We will support Windows 7 to Windows 10 (32/64-bit), and Mac OS X (El Capitan or later) from day one. Linux with OpenGL 4.0 will follow soon, presumably at the end of this month. The release through Game Preview on Xbox One and Windows 10 supporting "Play Anywhere" is scheduled for later this month too.



To make the rollout as smooth as possible, we will email Steam keys to all remaining backers a few hours before the game goes live. You will be able to activate your key on Steam right away and will be able to download the game as soon as it is live on the Steam Store later today.

Pick Your Platform 

If you prefer to have a key for GOG instead, please DO NOT REDEEM the Steam key but instead forward the email to support[at]rockfishgames[dot]com. All backers with Alpha and Beta access who have already received their Steam key can also request a GOG key by sending an email to the same address with your Steam key. We will send out GOG keys in waves in return after having verified that the Steam key is valid and associated with your email address. We will work as fast as possible but we cannot promise that everyone will get their GOG key within 24 hours. The deadline to request a key for GOG is September 23 at 11:59 pm PST. 

As promised in our previous update, even though the console stretch goal wasn’t unlocked, we will be able to offer a limited number of Xbox One tokens to Kickstarter backers thanks to the awesomeness of our friends at ID@Xbox. As a reminder, EVERSPACE will qualify for the Game Preview "Play Anywhere" on the Xbox Marketplace and the Windows Store. The procedure to request a token for Game Preview works exactly as described above. 

However, because the number of tokens will be limited, we CANNOT GUARANTEE that we will be able to fulfill every request. If we receive more requests than we have tokens to give away, we will prioritize backers with higher pledges first and then move our way down to Space Cats. In the case that we receive more requests from a given reward tier than there are tokens left, we will fulfill the remaining requests on first-come, first-served basis. The tokens will be send out when the version for Xbox One goes live later this month.

Only a few more hours...

Thanks again for all your support and see you in Space very soon,
Michael and Your dedicated ROCKFISH Games Team 


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    1. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Andrew Somers: Sorry about the trouble. We get quite a few support ticktes through 10+ channels about missing keys (usually our email ended up in the spam, promotion or even the trash folder) or swapping keys to another platform. It is very hard to track every issue as we often get tickets about the same issue multiple times, sometimes even from different email addresses. I must have mixed up your ticket below with one from another Andrew. According to our DB your key was sent to the correct email address on July 29. I have just resent your key via DM on KS right now. /Michael

    2. Andrew Somers

      I take it to mean that when you say "DM on kickstarter" that you sent a direct message to my account on kickstarter. That is a little distressing as I still have not recieved any keys, either via kickstarter or via my email associated with kickstarter.

    3. Adam M. Burleigh on

      My first play on this game did not go well, however, latest plays while waiting on another game's servers to come back online during a live stream went better than before.. I hope Rockfish continues to work on this game, because it really does have some good potential to become super awesome... The graphics are definitely top notch, just with there was a bit more in terms of game mechanics and AI smartness

    4. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Adam, @Andrew Somers, @James Snook: Got all of you covered and (re)sent your keys via DM on Kickstarter.
      @Stephen Hoggard: Sorry, we had to set the deadline to the day of the release on X1 so no one had to wait any longer to play Everspace; we know that sucks for you but please understand that we got just a limited amount of tokens and couldn't even serve all media requests; we will need all upcoming tokens for media at the full release.

    5. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hearth on

      If you missed out on an XBox key, will we still be able to get one when the game is released? I'd prefer XBox One over steam, but it wasn't an option when I made my pledge.

    6. Missing avatar

      James Snook on

      I finally have a chance to play this game and noticed that I never received any keys in my email. I checked spam but there's nothing there either.

    7. Andrew Somers

      I'm in the same boat as Adam. I just double checked and have not yet recieved a game key.

    8. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      I just checked on the status of the Kickstarter and saw that keys were supposed to have gone out. I don't recall seeing one in my email, and I've got nothing new in KS inbox, so it looks like I'll have to request an early access key as well. Cheers!

    9. Justin

      All sorted on my end, thank you very much =)

    10. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @RedPhanthom, Key resent via Kickstarter Mail
      @Justin, GOG chunk will be sent out tonight as we have to collect the requests, copy Mail Adresses, combine them with GOG Keys and ijmport and send them via Mailchimp...

      All manually so it takes a bit.

      /Best, Christian

    11. Missing avatar

      RedPhanthom on

      Haven't received any emails for Steam key.

    12. Justin

      Thanks for the reply and update. I've resent my key request to support :)
      I know you folks must be slammed right now so no worries I just want to make sure I'm sorted prior to the GOG transfer deadline since I don't use steam at all.


    13. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @marshall cox, we just resent your key
      @Justin, would you please send us a mail to as we cannot find your mail with only justin :-)
      @Erastos, sent your key yesterday
      @Tyler..38 People called Tyler...would you please send a mail to support@..thanks
      @Volker Gronau, resent your key yesterday
      @Adnaan Ahmad, resent your key yesterday

      we encourage everybody to write an email to to clarify key questions.

      We are deeply sorry that there are many of you that have not received a key but in most of the cases (>90%) we sent the key but it´s in your Spam Folder.

      We are only 10 People, so it may take some hours until we reply

      Thank you all so much for your support ! EVERSPACE would no be here without you !


    14. Missing avatar

      marshall cox on

      Haven't received a steam key yet either :(

    15. Justin

      I submitted my request to support (along with my Alpha key) for a GOG key on Friday afternoon. I realize it may take a bit to process but having Tuesday roll around without any confirmation or reply has me slightly on edge. Can a get an update on when my GOG key will be sent along?

      Thanks :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Erastos on

      Another case of over eager spam filter, could you resend my key too?

    17. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      I also have not received a steam key for this yet, so eager to play that I almost bought it again on Steam early access haha.. if you guys aren't too busy would you mind sending me a key via kickstarter? (I checked my spam folder already on gmail and nothing)

    18. Missing avatar

      Volker Gronau on

      Hi, I think my spam filters ate the key. Could you be so kind and DM it to me too?

    19. Adnaan Ahmad on

      Havent received my steam key yet :(

    20. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Owen Pedrotti: A this point, we can't say if there will be a deal for Oculus home at all.
      @Avinash: Just sent your key via DM on Kickstarter.

    21. Missing avatar

      Joey Hoffmann on

      I've searched everywhere and cannot find the email for the steam key unfortunately. Cannot wait to try this game out!!

    22. Owen Pedrotti on

      Does that mean that we should wait and not redeem our steam keys if we want it for Oculus home?

    23. frederic tarabout on

      Ok! Can't wait.
      The game is super fun already, I'm impressed.

    24. Missing avatar

      Avinash on

      I haven't received an email for my steam key yet. Thanks.

    25. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Matthew Kotarba, @Ben Fletcher, @Patrick Cryder: Got all of you covered and (re)sent your keys via DM on Kickstarter.
      @frederic tarabout: Currently, VR works only when you are flying in Space; no HUD and UI whatsoever; full VR support will be added for the final release.
      @Owen Pedrotti: Sorry, Steam or GOG keys only as for now; we are talking to Oculus but can't promise anyhting.
      @Marcus Z: We have to wait until the end of the deadline September 23 before we will be able to say who is gonna get a token for XB1. We won't send out new Steam keys to those who requested a token for XB1 but don't get one.
      /Michael@Matthew Kotarba, @Ben Fletcher, @Patrick Cryder : Got all of you covered and (re)sent your keys via DM on Kickstarter.
      @frederic tarabout: Currently, VR works only when you are flying in Space; no HUD and UI whatsoever; full VR support will be added for the final release.
      @Owen Pedrotti: Sorry, Steam or GOG keys only!
      @Marcus Z: We have to wait until the end of the deadline September 23 before we will be able to say who is gonna get a token for XB1. We won't send out new Steam keys to those who requested a token for XB1 but don't get one.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kotarba on

      I haven't gotten my steam key yet, would really like to try this out.

    27. MB on

      Great news. I've replied to my Steam key email and requested an Xbox token instead. Looking forward to it!

    28. Missing avatar

      Ben Fletcher on

      I haven't received my key yet. Thanks.

    29. frederic tarabout on

      Unable to run the game with VR on, sadface!

    30. Missing avatar

      Patrick Cryder on

      I am a Beta backer but I never received any of my rewards. Any chance of at least getting a steam key?

    31. Owen Pedrotti on

      What about Oculus Home keys? Will we get those once it is released?

    32. Marcus Z on

      I received my STEAM key and promptly forwarded it for an XBOX token!

      I suppose it will be awhile, but when will we know if we are one of the lucky ones who will receive an XBOX One token? And if we end up not being lucky, will the STEAM keys we returned still be functional, or will we need new ones?

      Thanks, and I can't wait to finally play this game!

    33. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Ben Braine, @Aaron Rau, @Anthony David Dance, @Jake, @Skyshine Games, @Hammerfall, @Xander Oddmeier, @Chris, @Matt, @Jake: We (re)sent keys via DM on Kickstarter to all of you.
      @Steve: Just update your Everspace build on Steam ;)
      @Karsten Blanke: Please send us an email to suppport[at]rockfishgames[dot]com with your old email address and your #order.

    34. Ben Braine on

      Hi there. I've yet to receive my early access Steam key. Any help would be appreciated, would love to jump in and try this out.

    35. Aaron Rau on

      Hi, were we suppose to receive a separate Steam key beside the beta one? Thx

    36. Anthony David Dance on

      Have yet to receive any sort of beta or early access key. Help?

    37. Jake on

      I also have not received my key. I never got my Beta key either... I completely lost track of this project due to life getting in the way.

    38. Skyshine Games on

      I have not received my key yet, or an email about my key...I'm getting it on Steam is there a link to instructions on how to redeem keys?

    39. frederic tarabout on

      The game feels, looks and sounds awesome! This is great :D
      Soooo gorgeous. Voice acting is pretty good too, good job!

      Does this build works with the Vive controllers ?

    40. Hammerfall on

      Hi Guys, no key received here either, was wanting at least the GOG or UWP version anyway, looking forward to it!

    41. Xander Oddmeier on

      I have not received my Steam Key at all. Not to my email, not on here, no where. I've tried to contact you guys on the forum, through email, and on here, and I'm getting no response at all. My forum profile doesn't have a Space Cat star next to it either. Maybe there was some mistake and I was left out of the Space Cat recipients. I don't know, but can you please give me my key? I've been waiting for so long for this.

    42. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I backed at the space dog pledge level. Received my beta key previously but have not received my steam early access key, Thanks.

    43. Missing avatar

      Matt Iannucci on

      I never received my access code. Who do I address this to????

    44. Steve on


      I have a beta key but no an early access key?


    45. Missing avatar

      Karsten Blanke on

      Had to create a new email address due to high spam, etc and forgot to change it here on kickstarter. Is it possible you send my key to the now defunct email address?

    46. Jake Smith on

      Hi guys! I sadly never received my code (or if I did receive it I somehow deleted it) is there any way I could get it resent?

    47. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Tink: According ot our DB, your key was sent on July 29. I just re-sent your key from my account and via DM on Kickstarter.
      @kto: We already got rudimentary VR support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. No HUD or UI in VR whatsoever. This will be added presumably early next year.
      @Stephen Snively: Your order wasn't complete when we created the list of keys to go out; I fixed your account and just sent your key from my account and via DM on Kickstarter.
      @Rohit Sodhia: We have already been working closely with the awesome guys at GOG to integrate their Galaxy platform which even supports role backs to earlier versions of a game. Generally, we think they are in a very good position to make GOG even more successful than it already is (go check their latest finance report) and we are committed to support GOG as much as we can.
      @Ricky velasco: We looked into your account and it looks like when we created the list of backers your order was not processed properly which is why you did not make it on the list. I just fixed your account and sent your key via DM on Kickstarter.
      @Matrix Superbacker: At some point we will deactivate all Steam keys that have been traded into a GOG key.
      @Thomas Farnell: A few hundred, probably.


    48. Tink on

      I recieved no mail... Checked every inch of Outlook/Hotmail, but it's nowhere to be found....

    49. Fuzzball on

      If you haven't received your key, check elsewhere in your e-mail. GMail decided to put this under the Promotions tab for me. Check everything like Spam, Social tab, other BS thing your e-mail provider is trying to "help" you with. I could have been playing this morning, but GMail decided to trip me up.

      I'm downloading now and am excited to finally get it on.

    50. Missing avatar

      kto on

      Hi, this early version, have vr support? I have oculus cv1 and htc vive. I have great faith in this game. I will do a video of this game for my youtube channel.