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A single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling from the creators of the "Galaxy on Fire" series.
A single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling from the creators of the "Galaxy on Fire" series.
A single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling from the creators of the "Galaxy on Fire" series.
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    1. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Sören Witt : We just sent your key again via DM.
      @Philip Mertens: We're sorry but the deadline to swap keys expired over a year ago.
      @Bryan Lyon: Just to also close your ticket on Kickstarter, you've been served.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sören Witt on

      Hello Team. It seems I didn't receive a key for steam. Checked my emails but could only find game updates. Could you please send the key to me?

    3. Philip Mertens on

      Hey Guys, I have my steam key but actually hoping to play the game on Xbox. Could I get a key for that?

    4. Bryan Lyon

      I never even received my beta key and have been bugging you guys forever. Why haven't you responded to emails or fixed this?

    5. Philip Mertens on

      Hey Guys, I have my steam key but actually hoping to play the game on Xbox. Could I get a key for that?

    6. Philip Mertens on

      Hey Guys, I have my steam key but actually hoping to play the game on Xbox. Could I get a key for that? Dankeschön!

    7. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Fernando Jasso: yes, the Beta key is also the game for the full game. You just have to update.

    8. Fernando Jasso

      Hi i never recieved my reward key, I checked my email and I have a Beta key is this the same one I use for the full Game?

    9. Jon Folkers on

      Just had a chance to play this on Xbox One X -- it's really awesome on the big screen. I have a Steam key from my original pledge, but is there any chance of getting another one for the "Xbox Play Anywhere" feature so I could go between console and PC?

    10. Adam Mohammed

      Pre-ordered my copy. Getting the Galactic Edition.

    11. Adam Mohammed

      Just saw the PS4 trailer on youtube, thank you!

    12. Fabrice Rossi

      Still zero linux version on Gog and no official linux version on steam. I've to add another developer studio to my black list, I guess. Could studios become honest and stop claiming to support linux? I understand all the difficulties there are in supporting linux and I'm completely ok with having access to a super reduced game library because of that, but I'm tired of those half baked linux "support". Anyway, fool my once...

    13. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Andrew Baxter: Your key has been sent again via DM
      @Adam Mohammed: We will announce more details about the release on PS4 very soon, stay tuned! ;)


    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Baxter on

      Could you resend my backer key please?

    15. Adam Mohammed

      Hope to see it on the PS4 later this year.

    16. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Raymond Chan : Your Steamkey have been resent via DM.
      @Simon Baldinger and Julian Staack : Your deluxe key have been resent via DM.


    17. Missing avatar

      Raymond Chan on

      I never received keys for backing this game in DM.
      Can you confirm this was sent?

    18. Simon Baldinger on

      Hallo Zusammen

      Habe das Digital Artbook nie erhalten :). Wo erhalte ich dieses?


      Ein Backer ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      Julian Staack on

      ich glaube, ich habe meinen Key oder Downloadlink oder was auch immer für den Soundtrack und die Wallpaper verloren oder nie bekommen, keine Ahnung, ich tippe aber eher auf verloren/übersehen ^^

      Könntet ihr mir das vielleicht nochmal zuschicken? Das wäre richtig schnieke :)

    20. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Michael Roberts : Your Password have been resent via DM.


    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Roberts

      Hi, been playing around with the game and I'm liking it (a lot :D) . Only one small issue: the password on the email for the dropbox wallpapers is showing as invalid. Could you resend it?

    22. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Stephen A Hollingdale: Your key have been resent via DM.


    23. Stephen A Hollingdale

      Hi guys, just checked my email and I never received a key either. Could you check please?

    24. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Dablue, @Alex Veysey, @Phelan Hood: Your keys have been resent via DM.
      @suk w. yu: That’s what we have already been doing since April 2016; however, we only give promo keys to influencers with at least 1k subs on twitch or 5k subs on Youtube as we don’t want to dilute the value of a game copy too much, especially in regards to the financial support from our backers ;)
      @Hans Hamm: Haben wir alles bereits per DM geklärt.

    25. Dablue

      I seem to have the same problem

    26. Alex Veysey on

      Hi. It seems I never got a key emailed to me, could I have it sent, please?

    27. Missing avatar

      Phelan Hood on

      Could I please have my key resent via DM

    28. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on

      Developer@ why don't you give free game codes to VR Youtubers and let them review and spread words about your game?

    29. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on

      i highly highly recommend try this game in VR. you would never go back to monitor. If feels like you are actually in the REAL space and spaceship cockpit. Field of view in VR seems much bigger than IMAX movie theater screen size. You can sense the size of universe in VR. Oculus bundle is only $379 with 7 free games. Free return at Amazon if you don't like it.

    30. Hans Hamm on

      Hallo Michael! Danke für das Paket, das Art-Book sieht fantastisch aus, und auch habe ich mich über all eure Unterschriften sehr gefreut. Ich habe in meinen Emails versucht die restlichen Baker-Objekte zu aktivieren und dabei festgestellt, dass das nicht problemlos geht. Zwar ist nun mein EVERSPACE auf Deluxe umgestellt, aber ich kann die Soundtracks nicht finden. Auch funktioniert der Link zu den Wallpapers scheinbar nicht mehr. - Und war da nicht noch die Rede von einem speziellen Accapella SoundFX vom Team?

    31. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Hans Hamm: Nachdem Du nun am 5.11. Deine Versandadresse bestätigt hast (wir hatten bereits mehrfach und erstmals am 25.7. dazu aufgefordert), haben wir Dein Paket heute zur Post gebracht (wir sammeln die Nachzügler, um nicht ständig zu Post rennen zu müssen). Die Release-Party haben wir auf Februar geschoben, da wir Everspace auch dann erst auf der PS4 rausgebracht haben werden. Bevor wir einen festen Termin bestätigen, wollen wir aber erst einmal das Feedback von Sony zur ersten Submission in der nächsten Woche abwarten.

    32. Hans Hamm on

      Wann kann ich denn mit meinem Baker-Paket rechnen und wann ist die Release-Party?

    33. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Saladien: Your key has been resent via DM.

      @Cian and Derek: Sorry for the late response ! Your key has been resent via DM.


    34. Missing avatar

      Saladien on

      I would like my key resend aswell.

    35. Missing avatar

      Cian on

      Same for me. I backed at the Space Optimizr Level and could test the alpha, but now Steam wants me to purchase the game...
      Pls help :)

    36. Derek Pomreinke on

      Hi there, I *finally* have a PC that can play this game, but I don't have my backer code. Can you please resend?

    37. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @all: In case you missed the info, the wallpapers are ready to download here (requires to sign up with your backer email). Posters and postcards have been sent out a while ago. If anyone misses his or her delivery please follow up via DM here on Kickstarter. However, before you reach out to us, please double-check if you actually are eligible to receive certain physical rewards. This will speed up the process. For the print version of the art book, we fist had to produce several proofs and samples from various print services until we eventually were happy with the quality. The final production has already started and we expect to hold some 500 copies in our hand by end of September and will send them to all eligible backers, ASAP.
      @Christopher Kornosky: We just sent the code to unlock the Vendetta Online ship skin via DM on Kickstarter, again. Also, thanks for reporting the issue below. I can actually see you signed up with your correct email address at the forum, so you should be good to create a new entry.
      electr0nz: We sent your key(s) via DM on Kickstarter.
      @Fabrice Rossi: We just released an unofficial version for Linux on Steam:


    38. Missing avatar

      Austin Harris on

      I backed as a space rouge and haven't received any in game or real life rewards. I sent in my address to the survey on kick starter but I haven't gotten anything. Any idea when the art book, wallpapers etc will ship?

    39. Christopher Kornosky on

      Hi! I'm so glad I backed this project. A few minor issues though:
      -I haven't received a code for the Vendetta ship
      -I am unable to get on the forums to report the bug where you are picking up objects but you reach the max and the stack still exists, so it then hits you and sends you flying. Which isn't bad, it's actually kinda fun until it ends your run when you're low hp with your ship and you're in a cramped space and you get flung into the wall.
      (Fantastic game by the way.)

    40. Missing avatar

      Kobe Degrijse on

      Hey, I backed as a space cat and just found the link for the backer exclusive wallpapers.
      But the password doesn't seem to work anymore. Can I still get access to them?
      Thanks in advance!

    41. electr0nz on

      I don't believe I ever received a message with key(s).
      What should I do?
      Thank you in advance!

    42. Fabrice Rossi

      When will we see a Linux version?

    43. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Daniel Holland: Your key has been sent via DM.
      @Sparky Wilson Rose: Please check your inbox on Kickstarter.
      @Jordan Parlow: Your second key has been sent via DM


    44. Missing avatar

      Daniel Holland on

      Hey, I backed to the space optimizr level but when I look on steam it says that I have to pay to upgrade to the deluxe version with the soundtrack. Am I missing something?

    45. Missing avatar

      Jordan Parlow on

      Hey guys I'm enjoying the game, but I can't find the KS skin or the other rewards from the space rogue tier.

    46. Sparky Wilson Rose on

      What key do I use for Xbox one? I only ever received an alpha key for steam....please assist

    47. ROCKFISH Games Creator on

      @Ryan McDonnell : Posters are beeing produced now and will be sent out later this month
      @EMZIVAT : Your key has been sent via DM.
      @Mike Wilson : Your key has been sent via DM.


    48. Ryan McDonnell on

      I got my key for the game and the in game credits but no poster. anyone have posters yet?

    49. Missing avatar

      EMZIVAT on


      I think I've never receive email with any keys.

      Please let me know what I have to do. Thank you!

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