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Watches from another world. The dial is original rocket material - from Soyuz MS-02 & MS-04. Powered by a swiss mechanical movement.
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Launch event, user manual & shipment information

Posted by WERENBACH (Creator)

Dear all 

What a day. It almost felt like when apple starts selling a new product.... We were completely overrun by approximately 400 watch lovers. They came from Norway, Holland, Germany, France and Austria.

Those guys flew all the way from Norway to us!
Those guys flew all the way from Norway to us!
A big thank you to all who waited patiently to get their watches. And thank you for all the kind words & wishes as well as for the passion you showed for the whole project.
Queue in front of our atelier.
Queue in front of our atelier.

The shipment is underway and already 2/3 of the watches have been sent out to their new owners. We aim to complete the shipment by December 8. Christmas will be early this year! We thank all of you for your patience. 

User manual: Please read instructions beyond.

Talk soon!


Please operate the winding button with the requisite care. You are handling a fine mechanical device. The winding button can easily be pulled off or “mangled” with the application of force. Keep the watch away from from magnetic force. Do not place the watch near sources of heat. Ensure that the winding button is pressed in before placing the watch in water. Rinse the watch with freshwater after swimming in the sea. Water resistance to 5 ATM corresponds to a depth of 50 m. Special precaution for water sports: The impact of water (e.g. when water skiing, diving etc.) can mean that water pressure is rises briefly above 50 ATM. 

 Date & time 

The winding button is screwed into place. Before you can set the watch, the button must be released. Turn the button carefully in an anticlockwise direction until the button “springs out”. The button is now at level 1.

Level 1: Winding up the watch If your watch stops, it should be wound up by rotating the winding button alternately in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction for 15-20 seconds. Note: The watch will begin to tick with even the smallest of movements. At this precise moment, however, the winding stem still has too little energy to enable to watch to keep accurate time. As such, where possible, the watch should always be kept wound up. The watch has a power reserve of almost two days. 

Level 2: Setting the date Before setting the date, point the hands (second and minute hands) downwards. (If the hands are pointing upwards, it can occur that the date mechanism becomes blocked.) Locating the second level and rotating the date wheel requires a little sensitivity. Turn the winding button in an anticlockwise direction. The date can only be adjusted in one direction - forwards. Caution: Your watch is mechanical. It doesn’t know whether the time you’ve set is in the morning or at night. The date changes after two times twelve hours. In order that the date changes at midnight, you should pay attention to the following when setting it: Always set the date to the previous day, then move the time forward until the date changes. If you’re setting the time in the morning: Set it as normal. If you’re setting the time after noon: After changing the date, move the watch forward another twelve hours before setting the time

Level 3: Setting the time Pull the winding button out fully. Set the time. Caution: After you have set the date and time, the winding button should be screwed back in. Make sure you do this gently - no force is required. Use gentle pressure to twist the winding button back to its original position. If the winding button is not properly locked in place, the watch is not waterproof. Should the winding button be extended, it is also at risk of snapping off if the watch suffers an impact. 

Launch sequencer

The adjustable launch sequencer dial on the inner ring of the watch indicates the flight phases of the rocket in orbit. Information about the time, height and stage (for rocket stages 1, 2 and 3) is presented here. Set the launch sequencer: The winding button for the launch sequencer is located at two o’clock. To set the dial to the correct time, the crown must be released. Turn the crown in anticlockwise direction until it springs out. It’s now possible to rotate the inner ring. Turn the launch sequencer dial to your desired lift-off time. The minute hand shows you in which phase the rocket is located: at minute 1:58, stage 1 is jettisoned; at minute 3:10, the rocket crosses the boundary with space (Karaman Line) and at minute 4:48, stage 2 is jettisoned. After minute 8:49, the spacecraft detaches from the rocket. It is now in orbit at a height of 2,000 km and coasting at a speed of approx. 27,000 km/h. 

Caution: After you have set the launch sequencer dial, the winding button should be screwed back in. Make sure you do this gently - no force is required. Use gentle pressure to twist the winding button back to its original position.

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    1. Danny Kelley on

      @ WERENBACH Thanks so much for the quick follow up! I'll reach out to this evening to coordinate.

    2. WERENBACH 2-time creator on

      @ Danny Kelley: We will exchange your watch. Please send an email to to organize exchange. Pack it the way you have received it. A courier will contact you to pick up the malfunctioning watch. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.
      @ Aidan: We will integrate your feedback in our continuous product improvement. Thank you for the compliment

    3. Danny Kelley on

      Hi. Please help! I received my watch - it's beautiful and I'm excited to use it. I have set the date, time and careful wound the watch per the instructions and still, the second hand will not budge. I have gone as far as to wear it on my wrist and walk around with it but still no movement. Can someone please help? Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Aidan Ng on

      Received model 2. First look it's a good quality watch (vs my Swatch Irony, Citizen and Seiko 5) but the textile strap feels a little cheap :-P

      STP movement feels hardy and smooth when winding. So far keeping good time. Am quite sure it'll last.

      Only complaint is the date window. The date complication is supposed to be practical but the window is just too small (estimated 3mm diameter?), basically rendering the date function useless. Suggest you remove the date altogether (a more sysmetric dial).

      Overall happy with my purchase. Well done, team! Looking forward to your next project :-D

    5. WERENBACH 2-time creator on

      @ max: We have sent the crowdox survey asking for delivery addresses every week from (March until September) to those who didn't reply to it. Finally we wrote to the last five guys who didn't reply personal emails asking for their address. If you are one of them please write to: and tell him your address.
      @ Daniel: Wir verschicken bis am 8. Dezember die Uhren. Diese Woche geht eine grosse Sendung nach Deutschland raus. Wenn Deine Uhr dabei ist, wirst Du eine Mail von UPS bekommen. Übrigens bei UPS sitzt ein Spezialistenteam, das sich um jede einzelne Sendung kümmert. Bis jetzt sind alle Uhren angekommen.
      @Hesham: Please accept that I cannot give information on specific orders. Trust us: we are working on the delivery on full capacity. You will get your watch soon.

    6. Missing avatar

      Max on

      When will the keychains be shipped? I have not recieved anything asking for a shipping address.

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel Ufrecht on

      Hi Patrick,

      kurze Frage (evtl. steht das auch bereits irgendwo, ich hab's dann leider nicht gefunden - sorry):

      Sobald der Versand erfolgt ist, bekommt man dann Trackingdaten von euch? Welchen Paketdienst verwendet ihr?
      Ich weiß ja nicht, ob ich bei den ersten 2/3 Glücklichen dabei war/bin oder nicht, habe aber jedenfalls noch nichts bekommen.
      (Leider ist die Zustellrate vieler unserer Paketdienste unterirdisch... Deshalb meine Sorgen :-) )

      Besten Dank vorab.
      Grüße aus Deutschland.

    8. Missing avatar

      Hesham Hassounah on

      Dear Werenbach Team,

      I still have not received my UPS tracking #.
      Can you kindly look into this and get back to me?

      Thank you


    9. Missing avatar

      Destroyer of Worlds on

      Looks like a great turnout! I would have made the trip if I hadn't been scheduled for a couple other things, work included, over the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend.

      Thanks for the update and the official instructions.

    10. Jason Shaw on

      Some YouTube videos on how to operate the watches would be highly appreciated.