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Watches from another world. The dial is original rocket material - from Soyuz MS-02 & MS-04. Powered by a swiss mechanical movement.
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Shipping started. We are about to send out the first watches today!

Posted by WERENBACH (Creator)

Finally, the time has come: You will soon get your rocket watch!

As soon as your watch is ready for shipping, you will receive an e-mail from UPS. If you cannot receive them at the suggested time or there have been any last-minute changes to your address, you can answer the e-mail and make alternative requests.  

Important: Please remember that where watches are delivered abroad, the local sales tax is chargeable. That means that you have to pay this in cash to the courier. If taxes have to be paid UPS charges a small handling fee for paying the advance to the custom. 

German Residents have to pay 19% VAT taxes plus the handling fee of UPS. 

US Residents are excluded from VAT taxes due to the "minimis - rule" of 800 USD: All goods imported under a value of 800 USD are not taxed. In case you are from US and you have ordered a total value of more than 800 USD, we send multiple packages. (This is the reason why you might get several deliveries).

Many of you have requested a certain serial number. Unfortunately we cannot fulfill this request. (Serial numbers 1-10 of Models 1-4 will of course be delivered according to your order.)

We are planning to send out all watches until end of November. 

Kind regards, Patrick

The first 100 watches - ready for shipping.
The first 100 watches - ready for shipping.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Li Yeng Teng on

      Hi I haven’t received any UPS email. Need it as Christmas present... will it be on time?

    2. Missing avatar

      Johan Sjölin on

      @WERENBACH Thanks a lot for the update! Looking forward to receiving my watch!

    3. WERENBACH 2-time creator on

      @ all: Sorry guys... for not answering those comments. I was only checking the general comments.
      @ all: Thank your all for the patience.
      @ all who received their watch: I am happy to hear that you like it.
      @ Johan: No, don't be worried we are permanently shipping watches. At this moment we sent out only 30% of the ordered watches. We hope to finish delivery by december 8.
      @francois&Roberto: In Europe VAT Taxes vary between 19 -25 %.

    4. Missing avatar

      Johan Sjölin on

      Haven't gotten any email yet, should I be worried?

    5. Missing avatar

      Nefhril on

      Wow super fast shipping got mine today! Very nice packaging and an awesome watch!

    6. Missing avatar

      Peter Ridgway on

      Got mine today! First impressions? Absolutely love it ... thank you!

    7. Amyn Farooqui on

      I am not on the address i gave earlier. I need it in dubai now as thats where I am now. Can you please tell me how can we do that.


    8. Missing avatar

      Toni Skinner on

      Thank you for the update Patrick.
      Can't wait for my Christmas present to arrive.
      Pat on the back for all involved.

    9. Missing avatar

      ROBERTO on

      Could you please provide infos about VAT taxes when shipping to Italy?
      Thanks and congratulations!

    10. JP on

      Wahoo! Just got my shipping confirmation. Can't wait to wear it! Congratulations to the team.

    11. Missing avatar

      Matt Kinder on

      I wish i could edit my previous post.... Backer #58 I purchased a early bird not early seriel number, either way very excited.

    12. Missing avatar

      fRAN9OIS fAVIER on

      Ok fine for this news
      what about terms of shipping to france ?
      also tax to pay? (for prepare it)
      best regards

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt Kinder on

      This is beyond exciting, looks like seriel number 2 for model 2. Backer #58

    14. Missing avatar

      Andre on

      good news! Werden die Uhren innerhalb der Schweiz auch mit UPS versendet oder macht ihr das mit der Post?

    15. Missing avatar

      Keaven Pineau on

      Great ! I can’t wait to wear my model 5 ;). Any idea what custom taxes we can expect for Canada?

      Thank you Patrick.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rob Lisowski on

      Amazing Patrick. Thanks for the smooth updates, and looking forward to getting this amazing watch.