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Watches from another world. The dial is original rocket material - from Soyuz MS-02 & MS-04. Powered by a swiss mechanical movement.
1,231 backers pledged CHF 768,039 to help bring this project to life.

Please read the CrowdOx-Email to get your watch!

Posted by WERENBACH (Creator)

Survey: Today you will get a email from CrowdOx. It contains a very important survey: you can upgrade your pledge, buy an additional watch (at supporter discount rate) and select your strap. VERY IMPORTANT: You must give your complete shipping information. If you do not fill out this survey, we don't have enough information to send you the watch. 

Movement upgrade: The new Swiss Made movement is much better than the SEIKO movement (Precision -1/+16s per day) and has a very nice finishing. Of course this movement is also more expensive. The price you have payed is based on the price of the SEIKO Movement. As you can see on our webpage, the final market price has been raised by 140 CHF. In the survey we ask you for a voluntary donation of 70 CHF. This covers the extra costs for the movement upgrade.

Production & Delivery date: We have already started the production. Because of the huge quantities we face some bottlenecks. This is why we will send out the watches one month later in November.

Model 5: This model is no more available at the kickstarter price. Demand is to high and the material is getting short. The next rocket we will get is Soyuz MS-05 which is launched in July 28.

Kind regards, Patrick


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    1. Missing avatar

      BETHUNE on

      Hi, no email for the survey from crowdox. No answer to my email to Is there any issue?

    2. Missing avatar

      DEBUR on

      Bonjour, je n'est toujours pas de mail de la part de crowdox, est-ce normal?

    3. Missing avatar

      Julia Schüler on

      Hallo, ich habe auch keine email bekommen und mich an die gewandt. Keine Antwort bisher.
      Bitte um weitere Hinweise. MfG Julia Schüler

    4. Missing avatar

      Austin Webb on

      I bought one of the pieces of the ship so that I could "Donate". I am sure that will help you guys as I know an engraved piece won't take $70 to make. Good luck and thank you very much for the awesome survey and watches! I also went with the Orange faced watch, so the most expensive. I can't quite donate anymore. I hope I helped however.

    5. WERENBACH 2-time creator on

      @ Mike: please contact them they will help you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Hello! I have not received the announced email from crowdox. Any ideas? thx!

    7. WERENBACH 2-time creator on

      Alle Uhren kommen mit dem Schweizer Uhrwerk. Die Beteiligung an den Mehrkosten ist freiwillig. Ja, die Uhren werden aufgrund der grossen Bestellmengen erst im November geliefert. Ja es kommt ein Email in dem Sie Ihre Wünsche (Armband etc. ) angeben können.
      Freundliche Grüsse

    8. Missing avatar

      Brigitta Wegmann on

      Ist das angebotenen neue Schweizer Werk für weitere 70 EURO eine Variante, die ich jedoch nicht nehmen muß? Oder sind die Uhren jetzt mit einem neuen Schweizer Uhrwerk. Welches Fabrikat? Ich bin mit Seiko sehr zufrieden.
      Verstehe ich es richtig, dass der Ausliefertermin auf Ende November verschoben wurde?
      Zur Auswahl des Armbandes bekomme ich noch eine Emailabfrage, richtig?
      Besten Dank für Ihre Antwort zu meinen Fragen!
      Schöne Grüße aus München
      B. Wegmann

    9. WERENBACH 2-time creator on

      @ Lietard: During the campaign it was not possible to raise the prices of the watches. I thought that people would estimate the value added and pay voluntary for the upgrade.

    10. WERENBACH 2-time creator on

      @ Lietard: During the campaign it was not possible to raise the prices of the watches. I thought that people would estimate the value added and pay voluntary for the upgrade.

    11. WERENBACH 2-time creator on

      @ Jean-Marc: The survey will be send out in the next minutes.
      @ Lietard: Please relax. The donation is voluntary. I communicated this option from the beginning.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jean-Marc Brechbüler on

      How can donate my extra 70 bucks?

    13. Missing avatar

      Lietard Jonathan on

      Hello, I'm very surprised because i don't receive the mail from CrowOx. In addition, you asking a "volunteer donation" for a new upgrade ? I don't understand because in the timeline of the project you changed the movement at the 22 mei 2017.. May you explain this because when I buy the watch I believed that this watch were sold with a Swiss movement... ?

    14. WERENBACH 2-time creator on

      @ Ingo: Thank you. :-)
      @ Ian: What can I tell more that the pledge is voluntary or my answered to scott. If you feel uncomfortable don't pay for the upgrade and be pleased about the good purchase you have made.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ingo Muller on

      I'am agrée with the upgrade.
      Can you give me any information about the Swisse made movement?
      Best regards

    16. Missing avatar

      Ian Clydesdale on

      I am confused as well. I understood from previous messages that you were supplying the Swiss movement at no extra cost. Please be clear about whether we are required to pay the extra 70 to get the Swiss movement or if this is now what the watch we already paid for will have. Thank you

    17. WERENBACH 2-time creator on

      Yes. I am asking you to pay for it if you are feeling generous. Everyone gets the Swiss Made Movement. The decision to upgrade this movement is certainly a bit unconventional. So is the question to ask for a volunteer upgrade.

      Most important for me is that you are happy with the watch you are going to receive.

    18. Missing avatar

      Scott Johnson on

      Im confused, are you saying we have to pay an extra 70 to get the swiss movement? Or will we get the swiss movement regardless (as stated in previous updates) and you're just asking for us to give more if we are feeling generous?