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DWARVES OF IRON PEAK is a tactical board game for 2-4 players where a squad of courageous Dwarves battle a huge Troll for a lost Relic
DWARVES OF IRON PEAK is a tactical board game for 2-4 players where a squad of courageous Dwarves battle a huge Troll for a lost Relic
DWARVES OF IRON PEAK is a tactical board game for 2-4 players where a squad of courageous Dwarves battle a huge Troll for a lost Relic
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Storm Giant!


There's a storm a brewin'!

As you may know there is a Giant of a hurricane named Irma heading straight up Florida, USA. I wanted you to know that all files are secure for Dwarves of Iron Peak as well as physical Finals for miniatures.

The Dread Sky Gods are angry with the denizens of Florida but we will survive!

- Greg



Hail Dwarves & Trolls!


We are at 95% on getting everyone's information on BackerKit. It's time for Lockdown! What that means is you will no long be able to make further changes to your responses on BackerKit but you can still update your shipping address. If you are the 5% that have not completed the survey, make sure that you've answered any questions and hit the Confirm button at the end of the survey. 

For anyone still on the fence, looking into the Troll cave, undecided on whether to buy Dwarves of Iron Peak, here are some more images of the prototype that got very heavy play at the Dice Tower Convention here in Orlando last week. 





Some components not show:

  • MurkMaw cardboard pieces and MurkMaw player mat! 
  • The Bog flipside of game board!
  • 8x10 Rule and Quest Books!
  • More cards!
  • Poison and Spider Hatchling tokens!


You can add the base game and other add-ons to your pledge through BackerKit

You can also direct new backers to our RocketSlug Games Store


And now a moment of silence...

. . . for the many, many Dwarves that were crushed, twisted apart, and most likely eaten during last weeks gameplays of Dwarves of Iron Peak at the Convention.  -  Forge forever in the Mountain my brave brothers!


Thank you again for your support!


Giant Tasks


Hello Dwarves & Trolls!


90% of the Surveys have been completed, but you don't really want to hear about that! Thank you for filling them out! I will be locking the surveys down so please make your final selections soon.

Giant Prototypes

Here are a few prototype images to show some of the DoIP miniatures with the new Giant Feet & Club. The Giants foot is a bit more to scale in the image on the right. You can also see the Dwarven Crossbow.


Crud's Skills

Crud has learned to survive in both the Cave and Bog. He's developed certain skills to survive, which aid him against the nasty dwarves. 

> Stealth - Crud's primary defensive skill is his ability to use the Bog to his advantage. Spend Action Points to add three Crud Stealth tokens around Crud's miniature, then move those tokens independently to reveal him at a more opportune moment. 


> Mushroom Spores - Need to make a quick retreat? Smash these beauties into the ground to escape! (discard. Yes! More cards!)

> Slime Poultice - Mmmmm! Smell's great! A quick rub of your Slime Poultice will heal almost any wound from those filthy dwarves. (discard)


See how I slid this in-between a nice Crud and MurkMaw icky sandwich? I've progressed a lot with the new Rule and Quest books but there is still work that has to be done. I am hoping there will not be a delay, but I want to put out the best game I can and make sure all of the new additions are 100%.

MurkMaw Lives!

Here's a quick look at one of the other creatures added to Dwarves of Iron Peak. MurkMaw! On the left is a prototype of his cardboard version. On the right are some prototypes of his miniature (minus 3 tentacles) which will be available at a later date.


Valiant goods!

The first bit of manufacturing for the Khorum King Bust, The Protector Shield and the Giant's Feet and Club have been finalized. Samples have been sent to an awesome US based company called Valiant Enterprises Ltd who will handle the manufacturing for the above items. 

Thank you for your support!




Hail Dwarves & Trolls!

Thank you very much for making Dwarves of Iron Peak a reality! I can't thank you enough for your patience on the...


Charge! Onward to the Surveys! Please fill these out so I know where to ship your stinky Troll feet, or else they will go to the bog with MurkMaw! I've sent out some test Surveys already, but if you have not gotten yours, you will soon. So keep an eye out for the Survey in your email or even in your Spam folder.

I am using BackerKit to send the Surveys. It has been rough setting them up, but the fine Humans on BackerKit support have helped immensely. You will not need to create a BackerKit account to answer your survey. The invitation email will contain a link to your personal survey. 

If you need to change your survey responses, add or remove add-ons, or update your shipping information, you can click on the link in your survey email again or request your survey link under "Lost your survey?" on our Dwarves of Iron Peak BackerKit project page

You can also just message me and give me your information, but answering your survey will help us get your rewards out to you quicker. Message me on Kickstarter or on the RocketSlug Games website and I will get back to you. 

If there are any issues, just back out of the survey and message me. 

Your patience has been awesome and as always your support is incredible!


Thank you!


You've found CRUD!

Posted by Jaidek

Hail Dwarves & Trolls!

I want to give you a quick update on the status of things with Dwarves of Iron Peak. Manufacturing chats and re-quotes are going well and the rest of the artwork and component finals are being worked on as we speak. 

And now...

A look at some Crud!

Crud hides in the Bog of MurkMaw spending most of his time poisoning his arrows and eating small critters. He is able to hide from almost anything, unless they get really close to him. Crud uses his action points to hide, three Crud Tokens are placed adjacent to his miniature, then his miniature is removed from the board. Crud is then able to use the rest of his AP for moving each token in any direction. Only one of these tokens hide the true Crud! He is never alone though so watch out for his nasty Spider companions!


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Hidden and Revealed Crud. Artwork not final.
Hidden and Revealed Crud. Artwork not final.



Surveys are going out soon. I am still working with BackerKit to get everything situated. I want to make sure that backers don't get charged extra shipping and everything is correct before I put these out. I appreciate your patience!

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The RocketSlug Games Store is open. Check it out!


Thank you very much for your support!