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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 11 2017
pledged of £45,000pledged of £45,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Apr 11 2017

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    1. Adam 'George' Bicknell on

      If you want to get this game infornt of more people, Message W4stedspace and and or Captain Shack (of XPgamers) on youtube, im sure with a free alpha copy they would love to show this off, its exactly their kind of game.
      Good luck!

    2. Xinef on

      On the pricing, I have to say the problem is many developers ignore the fact that people should pay for what they get, so to speak.

      If they pay for a non-finished product, and a promise of receiving the finished product in the future, they shouldn't have to pay for a finished product. They should pay for a non-finished product and for a promise.

      I think promises are worth less than finished products, and as such should be priced accordingly.

      This is NOT a jab at Rocket Jump Technology. This is a jab at those who have yet to learn their lesson.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lance Megyesi on

      :( .. I will be waiting for the new kickstarter and will pledge again. Looking forward to seeing this get developed.

    4. Luke Humphris on

      Just wanted to say that I am sorry to see this get cancelled right now, but I am super excited for this project and will definitely be pledging again when the new kickstarter gets relaunched. Don't get discouraged, you have my support.

    5. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      I think I echo what other people here are saying. The project itself looks great, it's getting the game known.

      - Maybe don't talk about DLC until after release! That can be off putting. Although it's a good way to get those failed stretch goals out, and lots of people like spending more money on a game they enjoy for more content, at this stage it sort of comes off as deliberately missing out features. (Although, I know that's not the case - budget/time etc)

      Hopefully Rock Paper Shotgun and maybe some other indie devs (Ludeon) can support. Maybe work on the demo a bit more and get some Youtubers promoting.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ruben Jannes on

      Oh man I was really looking forward to this. I do look forward to the next kickstarter and my wallet hopefully has recovered a bit by then so I can spend more to show my support to this awesome project. And do try to get the Ludeon community manager to spread the word among the rimworld fans, they would love this aswel :-)

      I'll be keeping my eye out for the new kickstarter. Really want to see this get made!

    7. Xavi P.

      You need more advertising and some video with the unique features you are including in the game. I'm sure a lot of rimworld fans or just fantasy management lovers will back this game.

    8. Rocket Jump Technology 2-time creator on

      Unfortunately the tiers can't be changed once there's at least 1 backer.

      Given the current course of the campaign we're now considering cancelling and re-launching it in the near future. This will have a much reduced goal (having to reduce the initial scope a little) as well as cheaper tiers. While the pound has always been relatively expensive, it's at pretty much an all-time low thanks to Brexit.

    9. LadyAth on

      Might also be useful to review your tiers if you can. There might not be enough incentive for backers to choose a higher tier (and the pound is an expensive currency for some of us).

    10. LadyAth on

      Still a long way to go to reach the funding goal. I would really suggest you guys take to social media and get the game exposed. Depending on what engine you are using, also post on their forums to get support. This game must be made!!!!!

    11. Michael Facciola on

      Took the leap, thanks looks fun!

    12. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Ah. Okay. Good luck!

    13. Rocket Jump Technology 2-time creator on

      The community manager for Ludeon got in touch a while before the campaign saying they'd be happy to help share it when it went live, so I sent them a message but don't know if or where that has happened.

    14. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Doesn't look like we're going to make it at this rate. Has anybody tried to reach out to Tynan Sylvester at Rimworld? Seems like his following would love this.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kevin Young on

      the Mac demo didn't work until I renamed the main folder with .app on the end.
      Once I got it running, I was very impressed.
      Looks like exactly the game I've always dreamed of building.

      Love all the JSON

    16. Rocket Jump Technology 2-time creator on

      Thanks guys!

      If we don't get ridable, mining giant moles in the game ourselves that's the kind of thing we'll make sure to be possible via mods :)

      We'll apply any future sales/funding towards the stretch goals too so if they're not hit as part of this campaign we plan to get there eventually. That said, it would be massively helpful to share the project with your friends/communities so we can be sure of hitting our goal and getting the game made!

    17. Jason on

      Holy awesome stretch goals, Batman! I'm going to have to work extra hard to get people to back this with me now. I really hope we can annihilate that goal.

    18. Troy Lonergan on

      I hope I'll be able to ride giant moles one day. Mount them and have them dig at increased speeds. Make it so.

    19. Mark Grubich on

      I just watched Kage848 play the prototype on his Youtube channel. It looks interesting to be sure and the parts about the necromancer and the other mage using golems as your 'race' piqued my interest even more so had to back it!

    20. Benjamin Whorton on

      Best of luck with the kickstarter. :) I've been waiting quite some time for this and I look forward to seeing you all succeed.

    21. Rocket Jump Technology 2-time creator on

      Brilliant, thank you so much!

    22. LadyAth on

      I saw it and just knew that I had to back this one. AWESOMENESS!!!

      Good luck with the campaign :)

    23. Rocket Jump Technology 2-time creator on

      There isn't a way to save/load the game in the prototype available now - but it'll definitely be there in the first (alpha) release to backers :)

    24. Justin Hunton on

      In the current release, is there a way to save the game? Because when I close out and go back to the game, the continue button is not there.

      But if I leave the game open and exit game to main menu, I can press continue and it pick back up :/

      If not will backers get a version of the prealpha / alpha that we can save with? Or does anyone know?

    25. Missing avatar

      PineLeaf Studio on

      Looks badass, love both the game concept and your artists! Keep Dwarfing on!

    26. Rocket Jump Technology 2-time creator on

      @Mahaku Completely agree, there's something missing there which we'll look to fill in in about a week or so, completely open to suggestions as to the kind of rewards people would like to see! There's a balance to be struck between keeping things "in universe" and in-keeping with the random generation without them sticking out. Possibly "design a recurring villain" if we drop/give away the Nemesis system stretch goal. Going to re-evaluate things after a couple of days.

    27. Missing avatar


      RimWorld in Fantasy? awesome...

    28. Missing avatar

      Mahaku on

      Could you perhaps consider an additional pledge tier between "legendary artefact" and "select an animal"? I don't care about particular animals enough to go the extra mile to 250 £, but up to 125/150 £ or so it would be nice to have additional options, e.g. helping to name a forest, river and/ mountain (!), or additional artefacts (power gems maybe?). Just my 0.02 €... ;-)

    29. Rocket Jump Technology 2-time creator on

      Great questions and thanks a lot for the video! Think we'll have optional middle names which might also double up as nicknames in quotes that the settler becomes known as if they have one (or earn one through in-game deeds).

      The challenging problem to solve when it comes to connecting to other worlds is supporting mods in that mode, which we're intent on doing, rather than only supporting umodded "vanilla" maps. To do that the current plan is to have our own managed mod repository (something like a light version of Steam Workshop or Curse.com) so that the moderators or even community can vote mods to be "balanced for multiplayer" so worlds using them can show up for people without the mods (which would be opt-in probably). That way the mod repository will be directly integrated to the game too making things easier. Early days yet but that's the plan and its the kind of system the developers on the team have done before. If there's some unforeseen technical hurdle, the fallback would be Steam Workshop if necessary.

    30. GamePlaySpotlight(Grumpy) on

      Any chance the connecting though others worlds will be in Steam Workshop? With Steam Cloud saves?

    31. GamePlaySpotlight(Grumpy) on

      Or even Grumpy Old Gamer?

    32. GamePlaySpotlight(Grumpy) on

      If we get a level that includes naming, can we have middle initials? Like Paul C Papp?

    33. Rocket Jump Technology 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much for the lovely comments! Now to keep spreading the word :)

    34. GamePlaySpotlight(Grumpy) on

      Been telling everyone everywhere about this.. gonna make a demo video right now to post on youtube

    35. Missing avatar

      Cody Jenkins on

      Strike the Earth!

      Looks amazing, can't wait!

    36. Barry Pitcher on

      Looks fantastic, good luck

    37. Jeremy Vyska on

      I'm super happy to see this project launch. There's a LOT of potential here and the dev team has been amazing so far at planning mod support, as well as just the great core game.

      I really hope some of the stretch goals are hit - there's some excellent goodies waiting.