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A simulation-based settlement-building strategy/management game set in a fantasy world, for PC, Mac and Linux.
A simulation-based settlement-building strategy/management game set in a fantasy world, for PC, Mac and Linux.
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October 2018 Update - Ironman

Posted by Rocket Jump Technology (Creator)

Welcome back to the King under the Mountain development updates! 

The past month (and more really) has had me hard at work on a surprisingly thorny problem for a game of this complexity - saving and loading the game! I'm very happy to say that - while it's not perfect and I'm certain there's some bugs still to be ironed out - there's a new build of the game publicly available to help test this big new feature! As always, you can grab it from 

Unfortunately it doesn't contain any new gameplay features as all of the recent dev effort has gone into making saving and loading work. However, now when you quit the game, your settlement and everything in it is saved so you can continue next time you load the game. If you'd like experiment, you can press F5 to perform a quicksave, and F8 to load the most recent saved game. As with most things in the pre-alpha, the UI is not as fully featured as it is intended to be - right now you can only maintain a single save file (starting a new game and saving will overwrite it), although the intention is there will soon be a UI to let you manage multiple save files across multiple settlements.

If you do experience any crashes and would like to help get them fixed, please email me at (or message me on the usual platforms) with a link to your save file which should be found in the "King under the Mountain" directory in your user area (I'd recommend dropbox or Google Drive to store it as its a large file) and a description of what you were doing at the time and the specs of your computer (Operating system, amount of memory/RAM, and graphics card are the key ones). Alternatively jump into the discord server at and I'll be around at some point to help out!

So what's next? Well I've still some bugs to squash and there's the UI around saving and loading to be added, but past that I can now finally focus on the feature set of Alpha 1 described in which I'm very excited to get started on to really flesh out the basics of gameplay.

Past that you may have noticed a new entry on the roadmap - Alpha 2. The current intention is that after the first major Alpha release (slated for February), the second big release will be to open up modding on the game properly. Supporting mods as strongly as possible has always been one of the central pillars of King under the Mountain so I want to get this kicked off as soon as possible so that the community can help shape the tools and support that is available for modding. In the meantime however, a few enterprising community members have already started messing around in the game files to make changes. At it's simplest, King under the Mountain has its game assets (sprites, sounds, data files) laid out in the /mods directory (with the intention being that each mod lives in a separate directory within there) and these are combined and compiled into the /assets directory. 

Until today you had to modify the compiled data files in /assets and there was no good way of modifying images and sprites. Along with the new release (Pre-alpha 7) there's a secret command if you do want to start messing around with mods early. You'll need Java 8 or later installed, and then you can run:

java -jar undermount-desktop.jar --repackage 

to repackage the files in /mods to /assets. This lets you play around with the current set of base data files, although this still won't support additional mods (outside of the "base" directory) just yet - watch out for Alpha 2 for a whole new world on modding!

Finally I want to help share and promote another great-looking indie game currently getting to the end of their campaign on Kickstarter: 

Between the Stars

Here's a short blurb from the developer: Between the Stars is a space action video game with traces of RPG, management and roguelike elements. In it, we’ll live our adventure advancing in the universe and upgrading our ship, Captain and crew in order to be able to withstand the space war that is currently being fought.

And most importantly, you can check out their campaign at

See you next month!

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    1. Rocket Jump Technology 2-time creator on

      @Marco S: I also really like the idea of unlocking things for future playthroughs, though not perhaps the main races to support people playing the way they want to play. Perhaps as you discover rare resource and other items these will be unlocked to embark to a new settlement with, or as you adventure to unusual locations these can be a destination for a new map rather than the basic one.

    2. Emmanuelle Saulais on

      Can't wiat for the game to launch, keep up the good work :)

      @Marco S : I like the idea unlocking too :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on

      I kinda like the idea of discovering other races through playing the game and then it unlocks them to play once you discover them, I'm probably a minority in that idea. I just remember playing old games and beating them and it unlocks a new character to play. I know it's a long way off but I cannot wait to see how different a new start will be playing an entire different race, from buildings/food/ interactions with animals...all sorts of that stuff.