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A visually provocative film about a Korean woman, whose move to Canada sets her on a darkly comic journey to self discovery. Read more

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A visually provocative film about a Korean woman, whose move to Canada sets her on a darkly comic journey to self discovery.

Rob Leickner
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The Story

Lost Lagoon is a feature film about Mi-Ran, a long-distance runner born in Korea who moves to Vancouver, Canada under the guise of studying English. Unbeknownst to her family, she is in Vancouver to be closer to North American underground music, easily accessible running paths and her internet friend, Georgia. Before arriving in Vancouver, Georgia shared music and photos with her. Mi-Ran focused in on one song and a photo of Lost Lagoon (in Vancouver’s Stanley Park) and these became her singular vision of Canada. Will her fantasies of the West be fulfilled? And will this new country provide her with the happiness that has eluded her thus far?  

What will make this film stand out?

The film will be shot in 2:35 anamorphic wide-screen by Ryan Glover and Krista Dzialoszynski and there will be a dreamlike score by Crystal Dorval. It will also feature live performances by some the the best indie bands in Vancouver. Just like Rob’s last film, Everything Louder Than Everything Else, the local underground music will serve as one of the characters.

A Proven Approach

The style of the film will be further driven home by the approach: the film will use a guided improvisation style. No makeup, no costume designer and no set construction. This film will be made in the bedrooms, clubs and streets of Vancouver, just as they are. The only way to get this story across is to let the accidents happen as it's being filmed. Most of the films we see today make sure no accidents happen but Rob feels that is where beauty and inspiration lives.

Why we need your donations

We have already assembled the actors and the crew for this film. Unfortunately, the Cinematography team is on the other side of the country. We need to fly them here and house them for a month. That is where YOU come in. With even a small donation, you are helping to make this small personal story a reality and you can feel pride in helping our vision get to the screen.


Trailer for Everything Louder Than Everything Else

Ryan and Krista (cinematographers)


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    We will give you special thanks on our website!

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    You will get an HD download of the film once it's completed

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    We will send you a DVD of Lost Lagoon (US shipping, please add $2, int'l please add $4), as well as the HD download

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    On top of an HD download and DVD of the film, we will send you a poster which will be designed by Byron Bowen, the creator of the poster for Everything Louder Than Everything Else (US shipping, please add $6, int'l shipping please add $10) & high quality download of the soundtrack!

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    A 10K run with Director Rob Leickner.

    Rob will join you on a run around Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC (approx. 10k). You'll be able to discuss running and film making with him and enjoy one of the best running paths in the world (Transportion and accommodations not included). You'll also get an HD download and DVD of the film. Rob has over 20 years of running experience, including 12 marathons and 1 ultramarathon (50k).

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    We send you a signed, donors only DVD, LOST LAGOON t-shirt (also designed by Byron Bowen), and all of the above! (US shipping, please add $10, int'l shipping please add $15)

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    Get your own Available LIght session.

    In the film, Mi-Ran and Georgia film verite style rock videos of their favourite bands. You can get one of these for your band. Director Rob Leickner and Producer Shelby Gaff will film and record sound for 3 of your songs (Filming will take place in Vancouver, transportation and accommodations not included). Availability, late fall.

    Here is an example of an Available Light session:

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    Mi-Ran will be your running coach!

    Are you training for a 5k, 10k or Marathon? Let Mi-Ran be your coach. She will tailor a training program for you and give you feedback via email. As well you'll get an HD download of the film, a donor's only DVD and a special Lost Lagoon t-shirt made from moisture wicking material.

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    2 tickets to the private cast & crew screening in Vancouver, BC (transportation & accommodations not included). Hang out, take pictures and chat with the cast & crew! And of course, all of the above!

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    YOUR STORY ON THE BIG SCREEN! Your film idea will be included in a scene where one of our actors playing a director is pitching a film idea at a party PLUS all of the above! BONUS - You'll also get an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit during the opening credits of the film, on the IMDB page and your name/credit will be included in all press associated with promoting the finished film.

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