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A side scrolling platformer with a powerful level editor. Create, share and play a multiverse of games.
A side scrolling platformer with a powerful level editor. Create, share and play a multiverse of games.
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Super Demo Land

Posted by RobotLovesKitty (Creator)

We wanted to give you first hand experience of what kind of awesomeness you can find in Super Tony Land...  So we built a little demo for you.

click here to download!
click here to download!


The demo is our playable Title Screen, a series of Weird Levels to showcase the kinds of things you can make, and full access to the Level Editor. The demo won't be able to access the Steam Workshop, but anything you make with the Level Editor can be transferred to the real game, or shared with other people playing the Demo on our discord.

If you want to mess around in the editor I highly recommend reading through our work in progress User Manual

It's important to note, this is still an Alpha, it's going to have bugs and weirdness. But hopefully you can still get an idea of what we're trying to create.

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    1. RobotLovesKitty 3-time creator on

      Oh, and definitely isn't coming across as complaining... I'm just happy I have an opportunity to test and fix bugs :D

    2. RobotLovesKitty 3-time creator on

      Slight mistake in the demo. Add a folder called "Test" in the same folder as the program. I forgot to include it, thats where red data saves. :P sorry about that.

    3. Jalen Wanderer on

      Hm. Yes, I definitely set a name for the TronicRedData, but whatever I do, I can never get a circuit to set its value. Are you sure there's not a bug? Maybe I have a bad installation, or maybe I'm not explaining the issue well, or maybe I'm just misunderstanding how the TronicRedData is supposed to work. But whenever I hook up the output of any other tronic to a TronicRedData, not only is the TronicRedData's value not set, but the flow doesn't even continue from the other tronic.

      (I'm not sure what you mean by hooking up the input and output backwards... does the TronicRedData even HAVE a separate input and output? I thought it just had one node. If it does have a separate input and output, I'm not sure how to tell which one I'm attaching a wire to... or did you mean you'd hooked the input and output backwards on a different tronic?)

      I've set up a simple level to try to demonstrate the issue I'm experiencing; I made it available for download here: It contains two circuits that are completely identical except that one uses a Red Data where the other uses a blue. What the circuits are supposed to do is repeatedly increment the value on a display. But when I play the level from the level editor, the circuit with the blue data works as intended, and the one with the red data does nothing. If both circuits work correctly when you play it, then I guess maybe I have a bad installation. If not, do you have any idea what's going wrong?

      (I hope it doesn't come across like I'm complaining... I know this is an early alpha and, like you said, it's going to have bugs and weirdness. I just wanted to bring this to your attention because I figured if there IS something wrong, you'd want to know about it. Again, I really appreciate your sharing this alpha version, and I'm looking forward to the full game!)

    4. RobotLovesKitty 3-time creator on

      Double checked on the Red data, when I tested and replied it looked like there was a bug... but I hooked up the input and output backwards :D when I went to see why it wasn't working the code looked correct so I was really confused for a bit. But it's definitely working, double check that you've got the right nodes hooked up, and that you've set a name for the Red Data in the rightclick menu.

    5. RobotLovesKitty 3-time creator on

      Oh weird, that's definitely a bug. Thanks!

    6. Jalen Wanderer on

      Hm... I think I may have found a bug in the alpha level editor... the TronicSet doesn't seem to be able to set TronicRedData. (I can have the exact same Tronic circuit except for whether there's a TronicData or a TronicRedData hooked up to the TronicSet, and it works for the TronicData and not the TronicRedData.) Unless I'm misunderstanding something about how it's supposed to work and there's a reason it's not able to set the TronicRedData...

    7. RobotLovesKitty 3-time creator on

      I thought I'd throw in a challenge at the end :D

    8. Jalen Wanderer on

      Wow, okay, I was going through all the demo levels, thought I was getting the hang of it, and then I got to Moon Land 4... must have taken me about thirty tries to get past that. That level was HARD!

      (Or I'm just... really bad at platformers. That could also be it.)

      Now that I've got through the demo levels, tomorrow I'll give the level editor a try. Thanks for sharing this!

    9. RobotLovesKitty 3-time creator on

      Be sure to extract the whole folder from the Zip before you run it. What are the contents of your STLDemo folder?

    10. Kit Spindler on

      The demo doesn't work for me :( pretty much everything gives the same blank screen and i cant do anything in the level editor.