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Legend of Dungeon is a 4 Player Co-Op Roguelike-like Beat'em'up with dynamic lighting on awesome pixel art.
Legend of Dungeon is a 4 Player Co-Op Roguelike-like Beat'em'up with dynamic lighting on awesome pixel art.
1,823 backers pledged $32,999 to help bring this project to life.

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Legend Heroes Expansion!


We've added Classes, Pets, and VR! 

Now you can find and save 8+ lost heroes from within the dungeon! Return them to the Tavern and they will unlock as playable classes.

Tame wild animals (or die trying) and they will help you. By petting some creatures within the dungeon you can Tame them and they will follow you from room to room, fighting monsters for you and other things!

If you posses the mystical helm of Oculus Rift, you can explore this game as a unique 3D diorama! Take this 2.5D game to a whole other 0.5D!  

Along with these new features we've added more Monsters, Bosses, Weapons and Hats! Overall, the game is more fun than ever!

Thanks again to all of you backers who helped make this game, and these stretch goals, possible!

April Update, PAX, Unicorns, and Secrets!


Ahoy everyone!

Sorry for having fallen silent the last couple months, we've been trying to multitask, and unfortunately it made things like talking to humans fall into the abyss.

We don't have a Booth at PAX East this year, but we'll be around at a panel or two and helping other indie devs, so say hi if you see an awkward couple with Robot Loves Kitty shirts on ^_^

We've been working on a secret project, a new game idea that we are itching to talk about but can't!!  We've also been trying to get the LoD Version Unicorn up, right now you can check it out in beta through your Steam Library. We are putting the updates out slower now that the game is released because we don't want to break things after release. After Version Unicorn goes live we'll be working hard to make one massive update that will include the Pet and Character Stretch goals, I'll try to keep you all informed!

We'll be talking more about our secret new project very soon, right now all I can tell you is that we are really really excited, and that it's something they don't have a genre for!

Thanks for being awesome!

Happy Anniversary! Tormenter Update is now live!


In honor of the 1 year anniversary of our Kickstarter getting 650% funded by you guys, Version Tormenter is now live on steam, and should be on the humble download any time now!  

Since Legend of Dungeon's release in September, we've been working on the features we promised you during the campaign, and a few features we wanted simply because we love you all and want the game to be the best it can be. 

This update brings you additional game modes: Impossible mode, Daily Dungeon, and Seeds(non random), a few more Dungeon tiles, 2 Hotkeys for your inventory(so redefine your controls!), and a help screen! 

You might also stumble across a bit of holiday cheer in your travels. 

We are working on the android etc. stuff and Kickstarter stretch goals as well.. see! look at this pet! 

 Full Change Log: 

  •  Revised Menu Added Holiday Stuff! 
  • Added a help screen 
  • Added game modes: Impossible, Seed, and Daily Dungeon 
  • Added Dungeon tiles
  • Added Inventory Hotkeys 
  • Door use now gradually colors doors 
  • Added Enable\Disable 60fps Target framerate
  •  Fixed the Book of the Devil summon bug 
  • Improved switch hitbox (so its easier to hit with most weapons) 
  • Fixed monsters from the previous room making aggro noises 
  • Moved the first step for downward stairs Fixed a handful of colliders 

Thank you for the immense support and for believing in LoD and in us! May your deaths be swift and plentiful!

-Robot and Kitty 


P.S. Happy Zombiemass! 

Release Day!!

Ahoy there! This is your co-pilot Kitty here!

The release version of the game is now out! We can't thank you enough for the amazing support that literally made this game possible. You fine Kickstarter folk are the most amazing people in our universe, you really are our heroes. 

If you want to go around today giving everyone the link to the game, it's right here:  We are trying to impress Steam so that they will continue to show our game on the front page after today, so if you want to help, we'd really appreciate the mention on FB, Twitter, forums, etc. 

Version Skeleton
  • Fixed a Secret thing Fixed the 
  • Vampire not re-aggroing after bats 
  • Added Minotaur's rare item 
  • Added the Devil's rare item 
  • Added Shotgun 
  • Added Sickle 
  • Added Katana 
  • Added tons of new sound effects 
  • Made light potions more awesome 
  • Doors now tint if you have been through them once. 
  • AI is now aware of Lava! (finally!) 
  • Made some tiles not spawn at the ends of rooms (like the lava bridge) 
  • Blacksmith Upgrades suck less 
  • Moved version name into the options menu

We still have a lot more to add!  Unfortunately, we returned from PAX Prime with the PAX Pox AND the Nerd Flu ;_;  and that set us back... on the plus side,  it just means updates with more content are coming, including the eventual Stretch goals for Pets and classes!

We also have a new launch trailer! LEGEND OF PARTY

If you haven't gotten your Steam key yet here is how you get it:

Don't forget to recommend it to your Steam friends too!  
Thanks again everyone, you all played a part in changing our lives forever, and helping us make a game we love, and we will love you all forever.


Beta Potion + Steam Keys! + Release Date! + PAX Prime

Legend of Dungeon Beta Potion is out!

But more importantly, we launched on Steam yesterday @_@ and it's been crazy... but awesome. And today we just got our Kickstarter steam keys! If you want to get Legend of Dungeon on Steam, here's how:

Alright, that out of the way, here's the Beta change log:

  • Made The Blacksmith actually work again... >_> sorry about that
  • Blacksmith is now only 25g so... thats awesome.
  • Gambler is now worth it? Gold returned is always more then 50g... instead of nothing, you get a random crate (may contain monsters)
  • You can now get coins that fall under the Gambler
  • Stuff that drops from Gambler crates now stays in the room if you leave and come back.
  • The Traveler now attacks if you hit him.
  • Fixed the red secret doors.
  • Fixed Secret doors getting stuck... again.
  • Fixed the low ceiling big tile bounding boxes.
  • Fixed a spelling error.
  • Firesword fire doesn't spread now.
  • Fire no longer burns out if the game is paused.
  • Fire spreads slightly slower.
  • Did some optimization that should speed the game up a little.

It's mostly bug fixes, but we have a few more things to add before Beta is over...

Which brings us to our Release Date!

September Friday the 13th

(friday the 13th has always been lucky for us)
That might seem really soon, and it is? But we are knocking out bugs left and right, and I'm confident we'll have it ready by then.

Oh, one more thing! We will be at PAX Prime this month at booth 784! So if you are going, be sure to stop by, we'll be giving out HIGH FIVES... and maybe cool new posters... and maybe have a cardboard pixelated Dwarf with a cutout face that you can stand behind and get your picture taken with?