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Robotic Empire is STACKED. Lets juice things up, make some room AND get weird with it: CUSTOM CARE PACKAGES now available!!!
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Robotic Empire

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BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY kickstarter launched?!

You read that right: amazingly, Robotic Empire's latest kickstarter campaign is for the world-famous BONE THUGS N HARMONY!

This is really and truly happening, and very exciting! Please visit our new page if you can!

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DONE + Surveys Sent + Easter Egg!

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WOW! So far REAL goood, plus ANOTHER 30-title reward added...

Holy moly, this has gone off better than expected. THANK YOU mega to everyone who's contributed, shared, spread the word, laughed at us, etc. 4real, much appreciated!

We've sold out of most of the vinyl at this point (still a couple bundles left) and much of the CD-combo options as well.

Due to the popularity of the 30-titles-for-50-bucks reward going pretty darn quick, we modified it a little with some extra (and solid) titles that we were able to muster... so there's now a 30-titles-for-51-bucks reward, to keep it clear which is which. Pretty dag good, but only 5 available so please hop on it if ya want it!

PLEASE consider posting on your frequented forum(s), social media BS (twitter, facebarf, etc) as if you do, we're happy to kick some additional BONUS SHWAG your way at the end of this campaign. Just let us know somewhere in the notes of the "Kickstarter Survey" thing that we'll be issuing at the end of the campaign and we'll juice it up if you've spread the word.

THANKS AGAIN, Robo-comrads are seriously the greatest! We lubb ya!

-Team Robo

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